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Make 2013 a year to remember with Slimming World (Part 2!)



  • TakeItEazy
    TakeItEazy Posts: 2,664 Forumite
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    WI yesterday with .6lb loss then spoilt it all by having a Chinese curry :o oh well today's a new day :p
    Its not what you do but the way that you do it, thats what get results :T
    Keep the Faith All

    Heartbroken 12.12.13 :cry:
  • mumoftwo
    mumoftwo Posts: 1,903 Forumite
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    frogga wrote: »
    Morning All :j

    Am amazed that I got to today without bingeing. I really wanted to last night. Some days have been easier than others. Sometimes I've hardly thought about it at all, and others like last night, were torment.

    I'll have to have something soon. I talked myself out of binge last night by telling myself that I'd just get to the end of the Six Week Summer Challenge and then I could have something. I didn't want to give in so close to the end, but it's heartbreaking not having anything.

    We always have goodies at the weekend. I refuse to stop Mr Frog and the Tadpoles having their treats as they don't need to lose weight, they eat sensibly and healthily all week so why shouldn't they? They have got it right, why would I make a fuss? That is what I am trying to achieve for heavens sake.

    Tadpole 2 could see I was struggling and wanted to help. He offered me ' a little' bit, and I feel like such an idiot telling a child that I wouldn't be able to stop, because I've managed to teach both my children that it would be greedy to go on and on and on, but I can't/won't do it myself.

    I just need to remind myself that I can have chocolate again, I will have goodies at the weekend again, I just need to lose some more weight first, or I'll never make any progress. When I weigh in tomorrow it had so better have all been worth it! :mad:

    Have a good day people xx

    Well done Frogga, I wasn't that strong, ate lots last night, watching movies with DD. Just didn't stop at all. :o:mad: Had terrible heart burn during the night, that will teach me.
  • joedenise
    joedenise Posts: 16,788 Forumite
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    Having an EE day today:

    B - bacon, egg, mushrooms, beans, 2 slices WM bread (HEB)
    L - tuna, boiled egg, salad, FF vinigarette
    D - roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast carrots, sweetcorn, brussels

    HEA - 250ml SS milk in teas throughout the day.

    Been drinking mainly black coffee this morning
    Snacks - fruit - but will be laying off the grapes as they've been giving me heartburn the last couple of days - think it might be because they're a bit sour/sharp/not ripe enough!

    Will probably have a couple of drinks later for syns. Have only had a couple of syns so far: 10g of low fat spread.

  • teaandcakeordeath
    Didn't get on to post yesterday so here's yesterday's and today's food:
    B: 2 x toast (heb) & 2 x eggs
    S: banana
    L: too busy cleaning- i blame whoever it was on here for shaming me into it.
    T: pitta (6.5 syns) chicken, salad, rice, mayonnaise (4 syns)
    P: amaretti & almond terrine (3.5 syns)

    14 syns.

    B: 2 x toast (heb) 2 x eggs
    L: pasta pomodoro. 8 olives (1 syn)
    T: s/f meatballs and pasta.
    P: amaretti and almond terrine (3.5 syns)
    S: might snarf some proscuitto and may add some cheese to meatballs... Will update tomorrow!

    I'm thoroughly fed up. I just keep gaining weight. I think i'll give insanity 2 more weeks and if i keep gaining i'll have to jack it in which i'm not happy about. Bloody hospitals and their criterias. Gah.
  • wizkid1
    wizkid1 Posts: 1,833 Forumite

    Don't even think of giving up.
    Try more veg more fruit and lots of water.
    Try another week or two and you WILL LOSE
  • magicbucks
    magicbucks Posts: 257 Forumite
    wizkid1 wrote: »

    Don't even think of giving up.
    Try more veg more fruit and lots of water.
    Try another week or two and you WILL LOSE

    I'm with wiz kid don't give up we will all support you lots of the above and also how about some fish in diet too ? That helps I'm also drinking dandelion team and HATE breakfast tea with a passion but this is ok and meant to be a natural diuretic and detoxifier

    Grab one of the success express sheets and give it a go for a few days it seems to make a big difference and have delightful scan bran as a healthy option

    All you need is one good week ( I mean good on the scales) to give you the will to continue

    Sorry if it makes me sound like a goody two shoes what I should do and do dont always match:):

    We are all supporting you in this :grouphug:
  • frogga
    frogga Posts: 2,217 Forumite
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    Don't give up Cakey :beer: stick with it mate, it does work, we've all had odd gains that are not explained? Keep the faith :beer:

    Frogga’s Diary Day 28 Week 4, last day of week 4 (just got to hold on a bit longer and I’ll be in week 5!)

    Breakfast~ baked beans onopened wholemeal roll (HEB) with 6 mushrooms & 2 poached eggs & grated cheese (HEA) on top sitting on a huge bed of leaves

    Snack ~ nectarine & banana

    Lunch~ punnet of raspberries, corn on cob & yog

    Snack ~ plums, lots of them(possibly 40)

    Tea~ jacket pot and cheese ( HEA) Hm spicy chili beans (spicy beans, toms, onions, celery,mushrooms) loads of carrots, stirfry veg (bean sprouts, white cabbage, green cabbage, carrots and onion

    Ff yog

    Dog Walk ~ 2 miles

    Bike Ride~ none today but will do loads tomorrow, for sure
    Say it once, say it loud ~ I'm an Atheist, Anti-Royalist, Socialist, Tea-Total Veggie Frog and PROUD!:D

  • frogga
    frogga Posts: 2,217 Forumite
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    We live in the countryside. The field right next door to my house has carrots growing in it. The farmer harvested them yestersay but he dropped LOADS so Tadpole 2 and I have pickled up 2 bag fulls of them :j It's not stealing becasue they'll only get ploughed into the ground in a few days. I'll be eating them for weeks, hope they don't go off ;)

    Also, there is a HUGE plum tree down the lane, and we picked bucket fulls of them :D and I've eaten lots and lots and now I've got a belly ache :o I hope they don't make me weigh 'fat' in the morning :eek:

    No more food for me now until weigh in in the morning.

    Hope you're ok Beanie :A Not seen you for a while?
    Say it once, say it loud ~ I'm an Atheist, Anti-Royalist, Socialist, Tea-Total Veggie Frog and PROUD!:D

  • MrOrchard
    MrOrchard Posts: 207 Forumite
    edited 18 August 2013 at 7:17PM
    Hello all,

    Another weigh in, another loss, 1.4kg this week, about 2.6lbs. Not a good as previously but I had a terrible week in terms of self-control and demolished three bags of crisps during a long wait for a flight on Thursday. Once I started I thought "f*** it, i've started now" and just wrecked the rest of the day. Luckily I had the car at the airport to drive myself home otherwise I may have hit the wine on the plane as well. Not proud of that.

    Picked myself up on Friday though and behaved myself, and again on Saturday at my best friend's house warming in Blackheath and despite my automatic designated-driver (aka Preggie Mrs. O) I opted for the sparkling water over the cocktail waiters offerings, though my son was fascinated watching them throw the bottles around. Gin could have reared it's head but waited until today.

    We were at my neighbours earlier today and she is my official bad-ginfluence as she poured me a G&T as soon as we walked in, so today is another bad one. Have a curry simmering on the stove (a take on the SW Chicken curry, but using a courgette from the garden as we've grown some whoppers this year) which will be sin free.

    Last week was a good one for exercise, ended up cycling 79 miles in all with another 17 yesterday morning up some killer hills.

    All in all C+, must try harder.

    Have resolved this week to cycle commute at least three times as I'm in my London office all week with a shower to make use off, so should have 95 odd-miles of commuting, along with any extra fun rides I squeeze in. Now I'm 7.5kgs lighter I really notice the difference, it's equal the weight of my road bike and hills are easier (not easy!).

    In total 1 stone 4lbs down in 4 weeks, pretty good going. I'm also just 6lbs from being the lightest I've been in a decade, which I'm looking forward to.

    Well done everyone else on here, I do read every day, even if I don't find the time to post and love following you all along and willing good numbers for all on the scales.
  • Skint_Catt
    Skint_Catt Posts: 11,548 Forumite
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    Oh I love plums - Frogga you're so lucky!

    You could blanch the carrots in matchsticks & then freeze them if you think you won't use them all? I don't like raw carrot & dips like some people do, but if you do then that's your 'picky' nights sorted - I'm sure people have some idea for low syn/free dips other than a HEa of soft garlic cheese!

    Been at my FIL's since yesterday so haven't eaten perfectly, but haven't actually done too badly. Scales still showing a gain after the 3 day bikkie binge earlier in the week :( Hope I can fudge it tomorrow with lots of fruit salad, yoghurt & water for WI on Tuesday :o
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