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Make 2013 a year to remember with Slimming World (Part 2!)

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Welcome to the 2013 Slimming World support thread :j Part 2....!


  • Flat_Eric
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    Hello all and welcome to the new Slimming World support thread. This is a continuation of the fab previous SW thread which you can find HERE!!
  • Flat_Eric
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    The link for the most recent Slimming World thread can be found in the post above. Click here for the older thread :j and HERE for the thread before that !!

    and finally, a copy and paste of the text from before...

    Dear all, as the last thread grew so long here we have a new one. I am simply copying all that Consultant31 put in the introduction to the pre-Christmas thread for you here. There have been a few changes on SW in the past couple of months - cereal allowances have gone up slightly (but very slightly - by a gram or two, don't get too excited) and some of the Muller yogs now have syns, but the basics remain the same - eat lots and lots of healthy food and treat yourself to a few syns each day!

    Food Optimising is a plan for life, it is not a quick fix and you should look at weight losses over a period of time. There are no prizes for speed of weight loss.

    You need to commit to making changes to the food that you buy and how you cook it, because what you have been doing in the past has not got you to where you want to be.

    You cannot use parts of the plan that suit you and forget the rest.

    If you are not prepared to make a commitment to change the behaviour that has got you into your current situation then nothing is going to change, and above all things, you need to be honest and accountable for every single mouthful of food that passes your lips.

    You need to care enough to take time out to pre-plan your slimming campaign. Look again at the menu plans and see the variety and volume of food you can eat. All you have to lose is the weight.
    Slimming World has been successfully helping people lose weight for over forty years, so trust them and read your Food Optimising and Choose Success books again and again.

    Food Optimising is easy but life isn't. Losing weight is a battle but you have the battle plan in your food optimising book, your secret weapon is free food, and that, together with your healthy extras and syns add up to a healthy way of eating that can (and should) be a life plan. Success is there waiting for you………go for it!

    The Original (Red) and Green plans are still going strong but most people may well have heard of the Extra Easy plan. If you've ever wondered if it works, I promise you it does. If you've ever wondered how it works, just trust the experts at SW, they wouldn't send you on the wrong path.

    If you fancy having a go at EE, here are the official 'rules' to ensure that you not only lose weight regularly but get all the nutrition your body needs to function well:-

    Extra Easy:

    1: Choose your Free Food

    Anything that’s Free Food on Green OR Original – so that’s pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat, poultry, fish and all the Superfree food – is totally Free on Extra Easy! Yes, you can eat unlimited meat, potatoes and veg, fish, chips and mushy peas, and chicken curry and rice with no measuring, no weighing, no counting – no kidding!

    And for super-fast, super healthy results, fill one third of your plate with Superfree Food!

    2: Choose your Healthy Extras

    Each day select one Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice and one Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice from our simplified list of calcium and fibre-filled foods, including milk, cheese, bread and cereal.

    3: Enjoy 5-15 Syns each day

    And if the Syn values for Green and Original foods are different on the standard Syns lists, count the lower one!

    If you find your weight loss has slowed down or stopped, check:-

    1. Whether everything you're counting as Free, is Free

    2. Whether you're under-estimating Syn values (over-estimate if guessing)

    3. Whether you're counting everything that should be counted

    4. Whether you're measuring everything that should be measured

    5. Whether you're sabotaging your success in any other way (using SAS logs will help uncover individual long-term self-sabotage patterns) and, if none of these is the culprit, either...........

    A: increase the proportion of Superfree Foods to half of your plate


    B: switch to more Speed Foods

    And above all, if you follow the plan, any plan, 100% you will lose weight!

    Link to recipe thread:-


    Remember we are all here to support each other, and to have fun, and to share in any little disappointments. Oh, and also try to remember not to quote wholesale from books or the SW website as there are copyright laws and we don't want Slimming World seeing us as nasty rivals, this is more for support :A

  • Flat_Eric
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    Awards achieved
  • Flat_Eric
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    useful links
  • Flat_Eric
    Flat_Eric Posts: 4,060 Forumite
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    more useful links!!
  • beanielou
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    Thank you Flat Eric for our lovely new thread :j :j
    Hope all is well with you?
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  • Skint_Catt
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    Oooh good thing I spotted this! :D
    Just had a lovely jacket potato with a tuna mix on top - fat free fromage frais, tuna, tom puree, dill & lemon juice (& salad of course!) scrummy!!
    C xx
  • tbear06
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    Thanks for the new thread! x
  • jinny
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    Hi everyone I'm back on track have been a little bit poorly. I hope it hasn't stopped the weight loss. Just been living off mug shots n water.
    ”Pour yourself a drink, (tea for me now)
    Put on some lipstick
    and pull yourself together”
    - Elizabeth Taylor
  • mich_city
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    ohh, lovely new thread :-)

    1lb loss for me this week, 4lb to go for 3 stone so am gunning for that now.. hope everyone is well x
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