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What Dont You Iron ?



  • Linda32
    Linda32 Posts: 4,385 Forumite
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    I lile ironing so the only thing I don't iron are tights.

    However, I do do the ironing whilst watching TV ;)
  • TKP_3
    TKP_3 Posts: 522 Forumite
    I hate ironing - so I do as little as possible.
    The list of what I DO iron is shorter...

    OH's work shirts and trousers.
    My trousers that crease (only have 3 pairs that crease)

    That's it really.
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  • Hapless_2
    Hapless_2 Posts: 2,619 Forumite
    What's an iron?
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  • traciekan
    traciekan Posts: 68 Forumite
    i recycle 2 purplenotes to a lady who does it for me! complete heaven:j
  • sonee2405
    sonee2405 Posts: 1,451 Forumite
    I love to iron- I am in charge of ironing for mum and dad ,brothers + sis + my dh.I iron everything including sheets, linen, towels, tea towels nightwear and most undies except gel bras!My dad refuses to wear shirts that have not been ironed by me and he can tell the difference,My younger sis detests ironing and burns most clothes if she trys so i prefer to do it myself for her.I do everyone elses as i always find faults with their attempts and get irritated.I own 4 irons and 1 enormous steam generater iron -It doesn't take long and i can relax and be at peace while doing it.
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  • chardonnay_2
    chardonnay_2 Posts: 2,201 Forumite
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    everything lol:eek:

    lol we only iron when we deem stuff too creased to be seen outside with
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  • balmaiden
    balmaiden Posts: 623 Forumite
    Well I dont know?

    I have followed this thread with interest as I iron most things and can never see how people get away without ironing,but I have, this week followed what everyone says took the washing straight out of the machine, shook it, smoothed it, but im afraid to my eyes most things still needed ironing when dry.

    Dont get me wrong I am not a fanatic I certainly dont iron things like towels but I still think you can tell the difference between ironed and non ironed clothes.
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  • bluedog
    bluedog Posts: 502 Forumite
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    Someoneasked how to get away with it ... here goes from my perspective.

    Ironing is my most hated as well viewing ironing as the most laborious and thankless task of all household chores in my book. Spend hours over a stack of laundry and in 2 seconds of looking for a particular item, the effort is ruined! I don't do it unless needs really must such as clothing for going out somewhere special, interviews etc.

    I am a naturally "lazy" person and get past it by opting for items that don't need ironing in the first place. I empty the machine and fold washing as soon as possible after the cycle finishes before hanging it out. I prefer to hang the laundry out on the line and once again, I fold it as I unpeg it from the line. it does take slightly longer to put it out and fetch it back in, but in the long run, most creases are erradicated by this alone and hours standing over the iron are saved.

    I also taught ds how to iron because of my arthritis (another solid reason for finding ways to cut the task because of the pain) and now he's 18 yrs, have told him that it's now part of his responsibility although I will step in where need is ....... but don't tell him that!;)
  • jackieb
    jackieb Posts: 27,605 Forumite
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    JackieO wrote: »
    I like ironing I find it relaxing, and I'm afraid I do iron everything.My kids think I'm daft but it makes me happy so why not.There is nothing like the smell of freshly ironed sheets just off the washing line .Smells far better than those plug-in thingys
    I also sit down whilst iron and usually have the t.v. on whilst I'm doing it .

    Here was me thinking I was about the only person in the world who felt like this! :o Watching TV without sitting at an ironing board doesn't feel right to me - I usually fall asleep otherwise.
  • seven-day-weekend
    seven-day-weekend Posts: 36,755 Forumite
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    I don't even have an iron.
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