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What Dont You Iron ?



  • Hello

    I don't iron underwear, socks, towels, bedding, certain woollen clothes and my DS footie shirts!!

    If I can get away with it I will!! Ironing is my worst chore - I hate it.

    LMS xx
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  • emma396
    emma396 Posts: 760 Forumite
    the question for me should be: what do you iron? the answer is nothing!

    i only iron when i can see that the clothes r creased. i dry my washing hanging up, and it looks pretty straight so i don't bother.
  • FRUGAL_4
    FRUGAL_4 Posts: 159 Forumite
    bizzylizzy wrote: »
    My Mum ironed everything except underwear - for some reason she ironed towels, tea cloths, hankies, jeans and sheets. She always had loads to do and when I was old enough I helped too - it was never ending!

    So do I, although I dislike ironing but it needs to be done. I don't know how anyone gets away with hanging it up carefully, my comes off the line quite creased..:confused:
  • teapot2
    teapot2 Posts: 3,262 Forumite
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    I have a few tops I wear to work that need ironing but other than that don't iron anything......
  • vaio
    vaio Posts: 12,287 Forumite
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    FRUGAL wrote: »
    So do I, although I dislike ironing but it needs to be done. I don't know how anyone gets away with hanging it up carefully, my comes off the line quite creased..:confused:

    You need to take your glasses off when inspecting to see if it needs ironing, or try squinting
  • Horasio
    Horasio Posts: 6,676 Forumite
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    Underwear, towels (it flattens the pile), items that say 'non iron', bedding except pillowcases.

    My OH irons jackets if they look tired, his shirts, some t-shirts and pillowcases - the less the better!
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  • Iguana
    Iguana Posts: 1,780 Forumite
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    AMIE399 wrote: »
    I Have Just Done Yet Another Huge Pile Of Ironing,
    I Dont Iron.. Towles, Sheets, Socks, Knickers, Tea Towles, Fleeces

    What Dont You Iron ?

    Underpants, knickers, tea towels, socks' nras.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 17,413 Forumite
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    I like ironing I find it relaxing, and I'm afraid I do iron everything.My kids think I'm daft but it makes me happy so why not.There is nothing like the smell of freshly ironed sheets just off the washing line .Smells far better than those plug-in thingys
    I also sit down whilst iron and usually have the t.v. on whilst I'm doing it .
  • woofwoofwoof
    woofwoofwoof Posts: 244 Forumite
    Only things I iron are my shirts for work and OH shirts - I tumble dry EVERYTHING (except trousers which get hung over the radiator) and then fold it all nicely when it comes out. A colleague of mine in work irons towels - so does her sister and mum - we did a bit of a poll and found someone else who not only irons towels but also her knickers!!!!!
  • sandieb
    sandieb Posts: 728 Forumite
    Iron towels, socks, knickers???? Crikey

    I use conditioner (or white vinegar) in washing machine. I tumble dry for 5 minutes anything which looks as though it's creased to shake them out and then line dry. I always fold large items immediately from the line and put shirts on clothes hangers until ready for a quick once over with the steam iron.

    I normally only iron shirts/blouses/trousers.
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