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What Dont You Iron ?



  • balmaiden
    balmaiden Posts: 623 Forumite
    Please guys, tell me what you do so that you dont iron. If I dont iron my clothes I look just like I have not ironed my clothes what the heck is the secret?
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  • spendaholic
    spendaholic Posts: 1,535 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud! Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post
    Yes, if I fold stuff up straight off the line I find there are no creases.
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  • taplady
    taplady Posts: 7,184 Forumite
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    I iron only the minimum no bedding, underwear, towels, teatowels fleeces,etc.
    School trousers I hang straight out of the machine and polo shirts so they never need ironing. i do iron other t shirts as I like them to look nice and jeans if they havent been in the dryer.

    I quite like the satisfaction of a pile of ironed clothes ready to put away( am a bit sad!:p )

    Using hangers to hang stuff on straight from the machine helps as does taking it out of the machine as soon as its finished and not leaving it in there to crease.
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  • :eek: :eek: well I hate it ...abs hate it,:eek: I will wash less clothes or stand there waiting for the wash to finish so i can whip it out and hang it on a hanger, I have even been known to re rinse things to make them less crease:p :D
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  • newleaf
    newleaf Posts: 3,132 Forumite
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    No ironing for me thank you. It isn't necessary if you hang out carefullly to dry.
    I always examine prospective clothing purchases carefully, if it looks like it would need ironing I don't buy it, such is my loathing for the pastime :D
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  • beemuzed
    beemuzed Posts: 2,188 Forumite
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    I used to enjoy ironing (very sad!)...but not these days. I don't iron much bedding, except for a couple of cotton pillow-cases which I try not to use, no underclothes or towels, and I do try to hang shirts etc, carefully from line or tumble-drier. In winter, if DH is wearing a jumper I never iron his shirts as they won't show!
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  • comping_cat
    comping_cat Posts: 24,006 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker Mortgage-free Glee!
    I only iron things if they need it. I find if i hang things out straight from the WM, then fold and put away as soon as they are dried, they dont need any ironing.
    I do have the odd dress/skirt/top that does crease and needs ironing (i wouldnt let any of us out in scruffy clothes!!!), but if i can get away with it, i dont do it!!!!
  • Justamum
    Justamum Posts: 4,727 Forumite
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    My mum said that when she was a young wife (about 50 years ago!) she had a neighbour who never ironed anything. She would hang things up carefully and smooth them out on the line, then carefully fold them when she took them down. My mum thought she was a very sloppy woman! Now my mum has got to the stage where she can't really be bothered too much herself!!!

    I iron as little as possible - just DH's shirts, hankies (so they line up neatly on top of each other - we have loads because of hay fever!), school polo shirts if I feel like it (the collars sometimes get stuck in a funny position). And that's about it really. I avoid ironing my hubby's trousers because he only ever wears the type with loads of pockets on them which I can't be a***d to try and iron - and he couldn't care less about creases anyway. I don't see the point in ironing bedding. Who's going to see it? I find that if I'm hanging stuff on the line I'll spin it at about 600 instead of the usual 1000 or 1200 - it seems to smooth out better on the washing line that way. If I tumble dry I get it out asap and fold it then it won't need ironing.

    I have an aunt who irons everything including dusters, tea towels and knickers.
  • Moneybubbles
    Moneybubbles Posts: 136 Forumite
    I dont mind ironing but tend to iron the least as possible.

    Errmm, do iron (shorter list!!), t-shirts, kids trousers, dresses, jeans, skirts (why do kids have a great wardrobes!!)

    For me and dh, tops/t-shirts thats it reallly, I fling out my jeans to put on clothes horse, or line and smooth them down LOL:p

    I make dh do all his work stuff and golf stuff (whats changing the setting on the iron:rotfl: , whoops as I burnt a very good t-shirt) so he also has to do dh school uniform as I don't iron it right:mad: oh well your job now

    it costs nothing to smile:D
  • zippybungle
    zippybungle Posts: 2,641 Forumite
    I am really surprised at how many people don't iron :eek: :p
    I iron all clothes - except pj's, underwear, bedding and towels. I have 2 Children and a OH, so have quite a lot of ironing to do :rolleyes: . I don't use a dryer (use the line).

    Zippy x

    PS, A few years ago my OH went out to the pub with a half ironed shirt on! He had got distracted halfway through ironing it and thought he had done it all! lol
    :p Busy working Mum of 3 :wave:
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