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What Dont You Iron ?



  • Lyndsay_21
    Lyndsay_21 Posts: 816 Forumite
    i actually enjoy ironing once i get into it!! i dont iron fleeces, socks, underwear, bedding, nightwear and anything that is veloury.
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  • Crazychik
    Crazychik Posts: 1,994 Forumite
    Im with emmie1234 on this

    I iron on a daily basis, the clothes we intend to wear the following day, i.e - kids school uniform mine & OH's work clothes. I cant abide wasting hours on ironing then ages putting them away. As I find 9/10 they come out more creased thatn they was before.

    I dont iron, pants/knickers, socks, towela & t-towels, pyjama's (unless they are the kids and they are going away for the wk end with their dad - then I'll iron them)

    I do iron all the bedding though, including the sheets.
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  • Nelski
    Nelski Posts: 15,197 Forumite
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    AMIE399 wrote: »
    I Dont Iron.. Towles,
    What Dont You Iron ?

    Do some people iron towels then:eek: wouldnt that make then all flat and yuk:confused: As for the rest of that list you really would have to have time on your hands to bother I reckon.

    I with the "iron as least as possible" crowd - life really is too short:D (having said that I do have a few work things that need ironing but they only get worn when Im going to a hotel with an ironing service:rotfl: )

    Careful Saucepot doesnt see this thread as he will no doubt tell you everything needs ironing including The Times :whistle:
  • jovichick123
    jovichick123 Posts: 942 Forumite
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    I don't iron anything that I don't have to!! In our house, that includes most things!!!
  • HopeElizzy
    HopeElizzy Posts: 608 Forumite
    I don't iron much..... infact today my 2.5yo ds saw the iron & ironing board in the cupboard and asked what they were for! :D

    My mum bought my dd a toy iron and board, for christmas, when she was 3.5yo and she asked what do you do with that?

    Guess I really don't iron much!
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  • Jeneveve
    Jeneveve Posts: 19 Forumite
    I don't iron anything. OH does his work shirts, which I sometimes do for him as he hates it and I don't really mind, but nothing of mine needs doing. In my opinion anyway...:rotfl:
  • pennineman
    pennineman Posts: 1,973 Forumite
    We don't iron anything. Just wash and hang carefully.
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  • I'm with the non iron brigade I'm afraid, life is too short, I'd rather be out in the garden growing my veggies. OH and I don't have a lot that needs ironing, and if we are going out anywhere, I iron when it needs it, otherwise, shirts etc sit in the wardrobe getting creased up. I don't know how they crease, but crease they do!!!
  • misswig
    misswig Posts: 238 Forumite
    I tend to iron my things on an as and when basis, usually the night before if it is a weekday. I do iron all DS things though (including bedlinen). I draw the line at underwear, socks, towels, teatowels and Dishcloths:confused:
  • mandi
    mandi Posts: 11,932 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker Stoptober Survivor
    whats an iron ....................................:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :D
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