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What Dont You Iron ?



  • Sharra
    Sharra Posts: 751 Forumite
    I don't really iron - I tend to buy stuff that the creases will fall out of. I have a few work clothes that need it but thats it, apart from posh occasions :)
    I refused to even iron my son's school clothes as he always hangs them up on the floor!
  • lady_isa
    lady_isa Posts: 183 Forumite
    i also iron as little as possible. DH says the clothing stretches when he puts them on! so there is no point.
  • Pooky
    Pooky Posts: 7,023 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Nice to see you posting Pennineman and Nels - wondered where'd you'd both got to....

    I don't mind ironing but do draw the line at underwear, bedding, towels etc..... My mum on the other hand irons my dads socks and his pants and even irons the dusters........bless her....I think she'd even iron her pop socks if she could.
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  • spiddy100
    spiddy100 Posts: 582 Forumite
    angie_baby wrote: »
    My own theory is that if you hang most things a certain way they dont need to be ironed.

    I'd love to know how to do this. I dry most of our clothes outside on the line (rather than a tumble dryer) and it all looks fairly creased when it comes in.

    I hardly iron anything though :o I don't iron: towels, bedding, underwear, jeans, my own T-shirts (I do DH's and the kids' though which probably says a lot about pecking orders!).

    I didn't used to iron the kids' clothes as they roll about and mess it all up anyway, but my Health Visitor said something pointed about it once and stupidly I listened to her and started ironing all the kids' stuff.
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  • celyn90
    celyn90 Posts: 3,249 Forumite
    I try to avoid ironing! I iron my shirts (usually the night before I wear them) and any trousers that show the creases, DH does his own :D

    Anything else tends to get crushed flat by the weight of the clean laundry I haven't put away :D
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  • black-saturn
    black-saturn Posts: 13,937 Forumite
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    Simple answer is I don't iron anything!!! Lifes too short and it never looks any different when it's done.
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  • juno
    juno Posts: 6,553 Forumite
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    I don't iron anything, except on the very rare occasions I need to wear a shirt
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  • Penny-Pincher!!
    Penny-Pincher!! Posts: 8,325 Forumite
    Anything that needs ironing, but not towels, underwear etc.

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  • carol_a_3
    carol_a_3 Posts: 1,104 Forumite
    I never iron a thing. I use Comfort easy iron concentrate. Dry outside if it's sunny, on a rack in the kitchen if it's rainy and use the tumble drier for emergencies only. When the clothes are dry I fold them carefully, smoothing with my hands, put them in a pile and leave for a few hours then share them out to their various owners. By the time you come to wear them they look fine. Kids school uniforms always included polo shirts rather than formal shirts so that was easier too.
  • black-saturn
    black-saturn Posts: 13,937 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Can't help noticing theres lots of people who don't iron. I wonder why this is? Have peoples lifestyles got so busy they don't have time or have is it an old fashioned method which you don't need anymore :confused:
    2008 Comping Challenge
    Won so far - £3010 Needed - £230
    Debt free since Oct 2004
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