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What Dont You Iron ?



  • Can't help noticing theres lots of people who don't iron. I wonder why this is? Have peoples lifestyles got so busy they don't have time or have is it an old fashioned method which you don't need anymore :confused:

    It's not so much not having the time or that it's old fashioned; I don't iron for the same reason as I don't hoover the garden- it's utterly pointless, unnecessary and, IMO, a bizarrely eccentric pastime .

    So the question, IMO, is why does anybody do it at all?
  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    lemontart wrote: »
    anything I can get away without ironing....................
    Same here :D
  • floyd
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    I don't iron anything either, OH and myself both wear overalls/labcoats all day which creases everything underneath. When not in work we both wear Dickies workpants which are guaranteed not to crease and t shirts.
    Since I work 7am til 7pm most days we are generally too tired to go out anywhere and I don't think the cat is too bothered if we are creased. When we do go out its usually to a gig which is dark and sweaty so again it doesn't really make much difference if we are crease-free ;D
    On the rare occasion we wear 'smarter' stuff, I do iron it. I don't actually mind ironing, I just generally don't have the time or see the point given our lifestyle.
  • otterspasm
    otterspasm Posts: 338 Forumite
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    I don't iron anything unless its a complete disgrace and we're going somewhere it's important to look especially nice eg a wedding.
    I think that with modern fabrics things often don't need it. Hang them right and occassionally tumble dry and nothing needs doing!:p
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  • bizzylizzy
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    Only iron any shirts, T shirts, tops that need it and pillow cases.

    My Mum ironed everything except underwear - for some reason she ironed towels, tea cloths, hankies, jeans and sheets. She always had loads to do and when I was old enough I helped too - it was never ending!
  • Psykicpup
    Psykicpup Posts: 1,398 Forumite
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    I very rarely iron anything - i have a couple of summer dresses that I iron & my work trousers get ironed it they are badly creased - have to admit if I do decide to have an ironing 'session' then everything that doesnt move gets done lol
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  • Jet
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    I don't iron.............. anything that doesn't need ironing. :rolleyes:

    Bedding, tea towels, underwear, towels, feeces, some sweat tops, some t shirts, some trousers and some blouses. It all depends on the fabric and how things are hung on how creased they are.

    Life's too short to iron a dish cloth. :eek:
  • Churchmouse
    Churchmouse Posts: 3,004 Forumite
    I don't iron anything that doesn't need it. But all my bedlinen is 100% cotton, I wear mostly cotton, linen or other natural fibres (can't bear most synthetics) and these do crease quite badly. If I didn't iron them my clothes would look like I'd slept in them:rotfl: People say they hang out carefully etc but I've just never mastered the art well enough that things would look remotely wearable:o I would not iron towels, underwear, socks etc unless my life depended on it, but good luck to those who do:D Each to their own I say, it'd be a boring life if we were all the same!
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  • spendaholic
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    It would be easier to ask me what I DO iron. I used to iron everything when I was first married and eager to please ... but that was a long time ago (1985). These days I iron shirts, trousers (but not jeans), t-shirts (but only if I have to). I love to iron hankies because they're so easy and fold up so tiny when they're flat. I don't iron sheets, underwear, sweatshirts, fleeces, socks, towels. I don't wear dresses or skirts.
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  • paddy's_mum
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    I also am with the life's-too-short brigade. I only ever iron a best shirt or perhaps a cotton-mix summer dress.

    I find that with careful folding/smoothing and putting the whole pile into the airing cupboard for a day or two, any slight creases that remain get pressed out by the weight of the pile.

    My mother always said that you shouldn't iron anything made of towelling as the pressing flattened and hardened the fabric making it far less absorbent.

    I can ALWAYS find something I'd much rather do than stand over an ironing board for hours ... now where did I put that half-read Jilly Cooper ....!
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