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What Dont You Iron ?



  • N71
    N71 Posts: 384 Forumite
    Sadly I iron everything (except towels) - and I quite enjoy it!

    Visitors/family often look at me with a worried look, when the catch me ironing knickers/undies/socks & pjyamas!

    I'm even thinking about starting an ironing service - they charge an awful lot you know!

    Anyone in the North West interested in having their ironing done by an OCD Ironer!!
  • natzini
    natzini Posts: 561 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I hate ironing, the only things I iron are shirts/blouses and even then I'll hang them in the bathroom during bathtime to get as many of the crease out as possible!!

    Perhaps it stems form when I was a student... I lived at home and did all of the laundry related jobs to 'pay my keep' so to speak!

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  • Dotmatic
    Dotmatic Posts: 71 Forumite
    This thread has been interesting, I'm amazed at how many people don't iron :eek: I wouldn't say I like ironing, more that it needs doing so I get on with it :rolleyes: , only when watching Tv though. I don't iron sheets, towels, undies, fleeces... only the essentials.

    Another thing I've noticed, I line dry and only use a tumble drier occasionally so if I don't iron some of the clothes have a damp feel to them (we don't have an airing cupboard).

    Although I must say after reading this thread I'm going to see if I can get away with ironing fewer items of clothing. I will try and hang more clothes straight from the line if I can. :beer:
  • dreams_R_free
    When first married (a long time ago:eek: ) I used to feel it reflected badly on me if DH's clothes looked crumpled. I always ironed anything that was likely to be seen so with his work shirts I just did the front and the collar. He had to wear a jacket all day anyway!
  • jeffwroberts
    It's only a social convention that forces us to wear freshly ironed clothes.If all ironing haters started wearing everything unironed,we can change a percept and become trendsetters.It can be done!---not many years ago any self respecting bloke would not be seen dead without a tie,now even the PM goes barenecked(not that that is any recommendation)So come on start the revolution!
  • kimbatty
    kimbatty Posts: 1,367 Forumite
    I used to hate ironing but I now do it every sunday morning whilst watching the Hollyoaks omnibus and Shipwrecked on channel 4. I do it upstairs away from the family and it's become real me time where I get some peace and quiet so I love it now

    I iron everything apart from knickers/pants and socks
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  • Lizbetty
    Lizbetty Posts: 979 Forumite
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    We have two kids and I don't iron. In fact, when dh moved in with me, I didn't even know where my iron was! :rotfl:

    Luckily, dh is ex-RAF and has been on an ironing course, so if he's desperate for shirt, he does it himself, but I can't remember the last time he needed to. We tend to hang stuff up and tumble dry stuff for 20mins on the cool cycle that might need ironing, that tends to knock any creases out.

    I can't iron very well cos my mum only ever let me do hankies. I have tried my best but it takes me forever and makes me dizzy cos I end up standing up for so long, lol!

    My Auntie Beattie (who died a coupe of years ago at 98) used put stuff she'd washed under the cushions on her settee, then have a lie down on it. She never looked creased. I think it I must take after her!

  • TaylorKat
    I may repeat some tips here, as there are so many posts, I cannot read them all, but here goes!

    It helps if you have an "anti-crease" or "rinse hold" button on your washing- machine, but make sure you hang the laundry up straight away once you spin it!

    Try not to overload the machine*, and if you must iron shirts, etc., take them off the line before they're totally dry, and they will be easier to iron.

    The tumble-dryer is useful to dry sheets, etc. when you can't be bothered to iron them, but want them as crease-free as possible. Remember to fold them as soon as they are dry (my tumble-dryer has an optional alarm for when the cycle is finished).

    *Get the right size capacity washing-machine for your household - I have re ently replaced my standard 6kg machine for a 7kg one, and can now wash my own (single) duvets!

    I hope these tips have helped anyone! :grin:
  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    Until today I had been ironing everything except bedlinen and underwear (apart from a very crumpled pair of pants!) because we had no drier. I find jeans and t shirts that have been through the drier do not usually need ironing, apart from some gap ones which seem to crease all over.
    Normally I iron the kids' school tops/shirts, and anything like shirts of mine and OH's. Mind you I did have a go at some tea towels and they look SO much nicer ironed :eek:
    One of my jobs I iron for someone and the charles tyrwhitt shirts are a nightmare, as is kingsize bed linen in egyptian cotton. Starch helps that along. I iron EVERYTHING fo rthem so that includes pants and socks. They are a CEO of a large company. I would want the same if that were me! Dad taught me to iron, and how to properly fold clothes, being ex army he knew all about that.
    I actually like ironing (especially when paid). Few things in life are so simple - from crumpled scruffy chaos to crisp looking good as new in a couple of minutes. If only other problems were so easily solved!
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    I have done reading too!
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  • rmg1
    rmg1 Posts: 3,132 Forumite
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    Am I weird being a bloke and enjoying the ironing? I find it relaxing.
    Don't iron towels, bedding, etc (there are limits), but most articles of clothing (except socks/underwear) and the curtains when they get changed get an iron.
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