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What Dont You Iron ?



  • RugbyLisa
    RugbyLisa Posts: 35 Forumite
    I don't iron anything that people don't see or don't care about - so underwear, PJs, socks, towels, cosy clothes, sheets, sports kit, fleeces, tea towels.

    I do iron school uniform, work shirts, work blouses.
  • lindadykes
    lindadykes Posts: 391 Forumite
    Ironing is done on an as needs basis. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have ironed anything this year, and have fingers to spare! If DH or DD's want anything ironing they can do it themselves - they know where the iron and ironing board are. I will sometimes iron the odd pillowcase cos I have some vintage white cotton pillowcases which I love and they crease terribly. I also have some vintage white cotton sheets that I will sometimes fold into 4 and then sort of run the iron across. Otherwise I buy polycotton duvet covers, which if look a little creased initially look ok after an hour or two. Though I love the idea of crisp white startched bed linen, I usually bow to practicality and use poly cotton fitted sheets.

    Incidently it's not only ironing that I think life's too short for - while I love the smell of outdoor dried washing, I hate hanging out washing so much that I don't even have a washing line - it's everything in the tumble drier and damn the expense!
  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698 Forumite
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    iceicebaby wrote: »
    I dont iron anythng If I can help it.

    I wash, take it out the machine immediately. hang carefully to dry and then fold and put away.

    Me too, my DH hung some washing on the line a few days ago including a pair of my trousers, they are so creased now that I will either have to iron them (or he will) or wash them again. If you fold stuff and put it away it doesn't need ironing, ironing piles are the cause of the majority of creases in my opinion.
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  • emmaroids
    emmaroids Posts: 1,876 Forumite
    work shirts
    dont get ironed in my house.
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  • firesidemaid
    firesidemaid Posts: 2,129 Forumite
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    hey! i like this thread.

    we have no iron and no ironing board. no tumble dryer either. we just take things out of the washer quickly, shake well and hang up to dry (better on curtain poles over radiator!).
  • lil_me
    lil_me Posts: 13,186 Forumite
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    I find those door hangers handy, have many types, especially handy when the wears bad

    Like (but got mine in the £ shop) or those single ones. Hang it to dry then straight in the wardrobe!
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • Elsiesgirl
    Elsiesgirl Posts: 68 Forumite
    I iron as little as possible. I started ironing in the morning before getting showered for work a long time ago as clothes just crease up hanging in the wrdrobe. I'm retired now but still iron early on when it needs doing as I use economy rate electricity before 8am. We don't have much that needs ironing though
  • fatnan
    fatnan Posts: 132 Forumite
    When my kids were little, I ironed everything in the washing basket, even nappies and towels. Now I'm retired, I iron NOTHING. I buy things which will wash and wear without ironing. My 3-year-old iron has been used twice, neither time by me!:j :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • oldMcDonald
    oldMcDonald Posts: 1,945 Forumite
    I haven't read the rest of this thread, but strongly suspect there must be someone else who shares my opinions of ironing :D

    I don't iron.

    I believe it to be a waste of time, effort and electricity. I hang everything carefully and fold it as I take it off the line.

    I think this stems back to watching my mum iron everything - knickers, socks, tea-towels, dishcloths.........

    Madness :D
  • oldMcDonald
    oldMcDonald Posts: 1,945 Forumite
    fatnan wrote: »
    My 3-year-old iron has been used twice, neither time by me!:j :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


    The only point of an iron is to join together those horrid little plastic beads that, if not joined together into a picture, seem to get everywhere...all over the house, in the washing, in the dog (yup, saw one when picking up after her) :D
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