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Less than 12 weeks pregnant club! Part 3

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Less than 12 weeks pregnant club! Part 3

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neneromanovaneneromanova Forumite
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This is a continuation of This thread which will be closed due to it's length.

It's a thread that came from the very different needs of early pregnancy and is the springboard for the main MSE pregnancy thread here...

I've taken some of the thread 'starters' from the main thread including the be careful notice below... Please let me know if there's more that should be on this opening post. ps thanks to Courgette for starting the original thread.

Ladies also please remember the following rules


Sorry, giving or asking for medical advice is not permitted on this forum as it’s not what this site is about. While discussing medical insurance policies, cheaper ways to see consultants, cashback for alternative health treatments and how to get specific medication cheaper (legally) are all perfectly acceptable we ask you specifically not to discuss what to do in the event of certain medical problems (please see this rule on the Health Board). If you have any questions about this policy please email [email protected]


Please refrain from requesting the exchange of personal details either on the forum, via PM or email; particularly for the purposes of selling/trading/exchanging/swapping or giving as gifts. This includes posting links to your ebay auctions, or other forms of advertising.

If someone appears to be selling items on the board it may be deleted by the board guides/forum team. The aim is to protect site users as however honourable the intention, your safety is paramount.

Its probably best to go to the main thread for these... all on the first page, thanks ticklepenny

Please don't forget that this is a public forum and anyone could be reading it. Don't let this put you off discussing anything personal, just please be aware that the people posting on the thread may not be the only ones reading (it may just be that these people, aka lurkers, are too shy to post). Now enjoy your pg natter

and lets hope all our little beans are sticky ones...
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  • amusamus Forumite
    5.6K posts
    Oooo a nice new thread! Was thinking the other one was getting rather long!

    If anyone wants to start a list im 8w 4d and scan is due 27th March.
  • I'm due October 10th and I'm 7 weeks 6 days - gosh this could be a very hard list for someone to keep!

    I'm feeling waves of nauseau today but it's still hard to tell whether it's IBS or pregnancy. Feeling sicky when I wake up is new tho.
  • edited 27 February 2013 at 6:04PM
    neneromanovaneneromanova Forumite
    3.1K posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    edited 27 February 2013 at 6:04PM
    It's probably best doing it like in the Pregnancy thread as when people repost they don't really want to be working out weeks :)
    1. nessie216 - 2nd October 2013 booking appointment 28.02.13
    2. Amus - 6th October 2013 Scan due 27th March
    3. BeNiceToMySelf - 10th October 2013
    4. lobey - 14th October 2013
    5. neneromanova - 23rd October 2013 First Midwife app due 14th March
    DD1 Born 31st March 2008
    DD2 Born 29th August 2010
    DS1 Born 28th October 2013
    Got Married 15th September 2012 :beer: Now Mrs Clark :D

  • pigpenpigpen Forumite
    37.8K posts
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    lol.. I've been on all 3 so far :p
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  • amusamus Forumite
    5.6K posts
    Ah that would prob be easier! Due date for me is 6.10.13.
  • Yippee a new thread :)!!! and my last post on here :(!!!

    I am now 12 +2, so need to move over.... scary, starting to feel very real now!!!! All the family told over the weekend and all very excited as it is my first!!!! OH's Mum was not too impressed, as it is his fourth, and said 'I thought my grand children were over and your too old to be starting over at your age', knew she would react like that, but did manage to get a kiss on the cheek from her!!! Also we had an offer accepted on a house, so a very exciting and magical weekend!!!!

    Congrats to everyone who has made it over from the TTC thread and to everyone else with scans and see you all over on the next thread!!!!

    PS. Pigpen tell your OH!!!!
  • BangtonBangton Forumite
    1.1K posts
    Just back from my booking in's been the longest 5 weeks ever to get to this. Should finally get a scan in 2 weeks as she dated me at 10 weeks (thought I was 9 weeks) ...

    My midwife was lovely. On 16th March she comes to my house for more form filling .. I'm not fussed but I did wonder why? Actually hardly anything happened at my booking in appointment..weighed, measured and asked to confirm if I wanted a down syndrome test. I just want a scan and some reassurance!
  • lobeylobey Forumite
    277 posts
    Hi Guys

    Good to start a nice clean thread!

    I think I'm due October 14th. Still haven't heard anything from midwife/hospital despite self-referring 3 weeks ago. Any advice? Was thinking of calling into my GP's surgery tonight to see if they'll chase. It might just be because I'm London based and the hospitals are inundated. Maybe I'm just being too nice?! I'm 8 weeks on Monday so would really like to have a confirmed date soon as I want to take it out of my annual leave before the end of March (don't want my work to know until I've had a scan).

    Hope everyone isn't feeling too rough with morning sickness, mine hit hard on Sunday and hasn't disappeared since :cool:
  • nessie216nessie216 Forumite
    839 posts
    Hi , :hello:

    Not sure whether i posted in the last thread - but have been reading for weeks

    EDD 02.10.13 with booking appointment tomorrow (28.02.13)

    This is my first, was planned, but still am nervous

  • I'm due mid September. Scan is on Wednesday 6th.

    Sickness seems lo have lessened. Fingers crossed this is the end of it!
    SPC no 046
    Now a MFW! :j
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