Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use



  • minicooper272
    What a strange question!

    I don't know how to make it last longer, but I did learn a few things the other week; The more 'luxury' the brand, the less bio-degradable it tends to be (Also wet wipes aren't bio-degradable, and make a big mess of the pipes). Flushing anything like that means you're more likely to block your pipes, and ultimately, because it has to be removed from the water when it's being treated, it makes it more expensive to treat. Using cheaper stuff costs you less, and will stop your water bills will go up!

    As for me, I tend to buy mid-range (whatever's on offer) but live in a house-share - I pay for my fair share, so I'll use it thank-you-very-much :p
  • claire16c
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    j.e.j. wrote: »
    Lidl used to do a 10-pack of loo-rolls for about £1.30, not sure if they still do?

    These days I just look out for loo roll whenever there's a multi-pack on offer.

    This thread reminds me of a programme that was on BBC4 recently about the history of the toilet :rotfl: I recommend watching it, if it gets repeated, it was quite fascinating! The super-duper high-tech japanese loos were the best :D

    I used one in a public loo in Japan, they had a button you could press to make a flushing type noise, so that you could pee without others hearing, I just pressed it for pure amusement but it was so loud and fake sounding I thought surely it just attracted more attention! I was so embarrassed and didnt want to come out for a while :rotfl:
    andygb wrote: »
    When I have visited Arab countries, they very often have an "Aftebet" or their version of a bidet, which after a little pracice, I found to be great - very easy on the bum. It is a hose with a tap, and you wash your botty after proceedings have been finalised. Much better and far cleaner than paper.

    yeah except whenever Ive been to the countries that have those, they tend to be hot so youre wearing sandals or flip flops, and then walk over a soaking wet floor of god knows what in the water. Totally gross. One toilet didnt have a hook on the door so I had to sit with my handbag on my lap or it would have got wet too!

    I by triple velvet/cushelle when its on offer in Costco. The packs are huge though 40 rolls or something so we have to keep them in the loft as last time the offer meant you had to buy 80 :rotfl:
  • Bilbobaggins_2
    I use Cushelle and although it isn't the cheapest I find it is much better than Andrex which in my opinion has become very poor quality, however, my grown up son lives with me and is very extravagant with toilet paper so unbeknown to him I also buy a cheap own brand for his use which sits on the holder while mine sits on a floor stand (he prefers to use whatever is on the wall) after all I don't think a man needs as absorbent paper as a woman does (for obvious reasons) ;)
  • pearl123
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    Getting tight with toilet paper is a step too far IMHO.
  • lostinrates
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    pearl123 wrote: »
    Getting tight with toilet paper is a step too far IMHO.

    I suppose it depends on how desperate or how tight you are. Others might feel....wasting money on the most expensive toilet paper is simply wasteful...you are after all, just flushing it away!

    I am a middle of the road gal on loo roll, but i wou.d skimp on loo roll before i would a skimp on, for example food for kids if i had them, a few pence extra on a really tight budget can make a huge difference.
  • tenuissent
    I have lived in southern Arabia, and in the small towns they had not hoses but jugs that you filled with water to wash yourself. Have to say it made huge messy splashes on the floor, but they soon evaporated.

    In the desert and dry wadis, there was no water, so we used sand, as they did. The left hand problem was taken quite seriously (the one you washed with) so the right hand was the one to eat with.

    A book illustrated by an aquaintance was printed back to front, meaning people were shown eating with the left hand - whole print run had to be done again.

    People we talked to thought that using paper (not water or sand) was plain disgusting.....
    I think we are scraping the bottom with this thread!!
  • Angelfeathers
    4nnabella wrote: »
    I use cloth nappies and washable wipes on my baby girl and I know some of my cloth bum mum friends use washable wipes on themselves, usually just for no1s, not 2s. Then they just go in the wash with the nappies. Wipes are just squares of fabric like terry towelling, fleece, microfibre or bamboo. You can use them dry or damp.

    After years of getting through mountains of loo roll and hating the way it disintegrates into tiny pieces, I finally decided about a year ago to start using my son's old cloth wipes for myself. And what a relief! Finally I can get properly clean without the wipe disintegrating, and they're softer than paper too! For no. 2s I use paper first but use the cloth to get properly clean after.

    And they don't cost anything once they're bought (or made; old t-shirts are great for this!) because you can just sling them in with any washing load that's not full as you do cloth nappies. No extra loads of washing - and no smell, either, as long as you rinse them before putting in a lidded bin (again, like nappies).

    I have saved so much money with this, and it's so much more pleasant too: I would advocate it to anyone!
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  • Mrs_Ryan
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    I've read some bizarre threads on here but this is taking the.... :D

    We use Asda Shades. My Dad jokes that when I go home they have to stock up on loo roll supplies as we use so much :rotfl: Personally, I use whatever it takes to get clean and then a wet wipe in the vicinity which then goes in the bin. :)
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  • poacherp
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    Reduce your loo roll use by 50% immediately - use both sides! ;)
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