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Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use

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Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use

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Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use

Toilet roll's expensive, so using less saves money & the environment. So do you go up a brand for quality, stick with savers, or even use old-school style tracing paper type? And any special techniques for reducing the amount used?(warning not for the faint hearted).

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  • Use paper and then a wet wipe. You'll find you're cleaner too!:embarasse:embarasse
  • Yorkie1Yorkie1 Forumite
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    Go for the deals in the supermarket - compare prices per 100 sheets.

    Generally take one sheet at a time and make maximum use of it within the realms of decency and hygiene.

    Certainly don't go for the shiny tracing paper as there is absolutely no absorbency there!

    I think the cheapest, thinnest brands also mean you can't maximise usage from the sheets and they tear easily, so a false economy to a certain degree.

    Not sure about wet wipes - think they would block my plumbing (there's been quite a few posts on the DIY boards about drains being blocked by these).

    Over to others ... !
  • I don't use anything but Triple Velvet which I've found to be superior to any other brand and lasts much longer.
  • SystemSystem
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    When you put a new roll on,' flatten' it slightly. This makes it harder for wasteful children to pull off several sheets at a time!
    Linda x
  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    Regulate your bowels so you go during working hours as much as is possible! ;)
  • I buy my toilet rolls from farmfoods....18 rolls for £4 and decent quality as well.

    Always go before I leave work and if I have a wee then I I only use 2 sqaures.
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  • This is a bot bizarre. We have two rolls on the wall holder next to each other. We tend to use less because it is so noticeable against the other roll if you pull a lot off in one go.
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  • BarneysmomBarneysmom Forumite
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    Nope. I use what I need and will only but triple velvet. It's the one thing I refuse to cut corners with :)
  • Well for one thing "spilling the beans" won't help you reduce usage if ya know what I mean! :rotfl:

    I tend to leave the cardboard bit of the roll that has been used up by the loo so it's visible how many rolls have been used that week - seems to make you think about how much is being used so subconciously use less.

    Have read about the flattening trick on the OS board before, tried it on my OH but he still seemed to use loads!
  • alythalyth Forumite
    2.7K posts
    some things should never be compromised on - at £2 for quilted velvet in a supermarket, I'll stick to that - what a bizarre money saving question to ask!
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