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Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use

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  • I always "re-use" my toilet paper, by wiping and then folding it in half and using it for another wipe. As an IBS sufferer, I spend a lot of time on the toilet and although I dont buy the cheapest brand, I refuse to buy the luxury stuff unless its on offer :D
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    cottonheadcottonhead Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    OK - To begin with I am a Muslim and certainly don't use my bare hands - scrooze247..... not sure where you got that little bit of inaccurate info from. I can take a joke but thats a bit offensive and a needless thing to bring into the forum. In fact I could really bore you with a few facts - Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day. Each time you pray you must be clean, so if you have been to the toilet you are required to wash in a special way ( washing your hands, arms, face, feet 3 times each - my maths is bad but I calculate that as 15 lots of washing a day....... so not that unclean really... )

    Apologies to everyone else who just wanted to read about toilet roll !

    Sticking with the actual topic - I buy my toilet paper from Aldi- its called Saxon. 9 roles for £1.99 its 220 sheets per roll and its quite soft. Have tried some other brands but they didnt actually work out cheaper as the sheets per roll were far less. This one is also quite strong.
  • I support cottonhead on both the counts he/she raised. There are too many myths and assumptions about what 'other people' do.

    Sticking with the TP part of the post, I buy its equivalent from Lidl and it has much better 'wet strength' than a similar product from Sainsbugs. Hence fewer sheets needed.

  • j.e.j.j.e.j. Forumite
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    Lidl used to do a 10-pack of loo-rolls for about £1.30, not sure if they still do?

    These days I just look out for loo roll whenever there's a multi-pack on offer.

    This thread reminds me of a programme that was on BBC4 recently about the history of the toilet :rotfl: I recommend watching it, if it gets repeated, it was quite fascinating! The super-duper high-tech japanese loos were the best :D
  • I have memories from when I was a kid (still in the parents-wiping-your-bottom stage) of my father's meticulous method for saving on toilet paper.

    He would take a length off the roll and carefully concertina fold it on the perforations. He would then do a wipe and discard only the top sheet of his concertina. This would be repeated until he was down to the last one or two sheets.

    I wonder if he still does it...
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    Barneysmom wrote: »
    That's quite a bad thing to say actually.

    When I have visited Arab countries, they very often have an "Aftebet" or their version of a bidet, which after a little pracice, I found to be great - very easy on the bum. It is a hose with a tap, and you wash your botty after proceedings have been finalised. Much better and far cleaner than paper.
  • andygbandygb Forumite
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    If you want the ultimate loo paper then this has to be the way to go:

    No worries! :eek:
  • Bluebell1000Bluebell1000 Forumite
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    I really notice the difference in toilet roll use when my husband is away. I've never felt that I can ask him why he gets through so much... maybe I should send him the link to this thread :) Though he knows my ID on here, so he'd know I'd been posting about him...

    We usually buy supermarket mid range own brand, as I can't stand the value stuff. Oddly, hubby is quite happy with the value type. Maybe we should get his and hers loo roll.
  • Lidl recycled paper. The best, end of. Never blocks the loo, cheap and comfortable. Next best - whatever Home Bargains has (Dixcel, Nicky...).
  • Li0nheadLi0nhead Forumite
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    Buy offers.
    Do it at work.
    Do it in public toilets.
    Do it in shops.
    Hi there! We’ve had to remove your signature. It was so good we removed it because we cannot think of one so good as you had and need to protect others from seeing such a great signature.
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