Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use



  • guidarufino
    i think life's too short to skimp on loo roll. i suffer from colitis and during a recent very bad flare made the move to the shea butter infused stuff. you probably all think i'm mad but it really made a difference, it's lovely! life's too short to have a sore bum all the time just to save a few pennies. all this "3 wipes" business is fine for those of you with healthy bowels but would never work for me and many others i'm sure. i'm a scruncher, i don't get the whole folding business and using one or two sheets, eugh!

    what i would love is if all bathrooms in this country had bidets like they do in europe. it's more hygienic, would save money on paper and would save the environment. if i ever have a new bathroom fitted (not bl00dy likely!) i am going to have one fitted. they're great for many things but washing your nethers is the best thing. i've never understood why we don't have them in the uk.
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  • hellienellie
    Anja , be careful , we blocked the soil pipe by flushing wet wipes away . :(
  • flybynight
    take 1 sheet, fold it in half, now refold it in half again ( as if you are making cut out snow flakes), now rip the corner off and open out to form a circle ( keep hold of the circle). unfold the paper and place over your index folder. Now wipe away happily to your hearts content. use the removed circle toclean your fingernail. :D:D
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  • FrugalFranny
    I've used the 'hand only' method in the past when times were tough, it's not pleasant but it works, just wash the hand carefully afterwards lol.
    Other than that, the Icel*nd paper at £1 for 4 rolls if wonderful, use three/four sheets folded for the 'back' after 'dragging' through the front to dry it. From what I gather men only need to shake off the drips for a pee.

    As for wet wipes, they are excellent for when you're having the bum runs , pre/post 'bedroom sports' or need a good clean up during a period and so on.
    I buy the cheap own brand baby wipes from As*a and the cheap own brand nappy sacks, just use the wipe if needed after using loo roll (or not if you're just after a quick freshen up), pop in the nappy sack, into the bathroom bin and there you go. Not a good idea to flush as we know.

    Tried using a rag for a while for number 1s but it didn't work out, used more water cleaning the rag afterwards £ wise than using loo roll!
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  • 41_and_i_know_it
    Right then, problem with cheaper brands, too thin, not so many sheets per roll, sheet smaller size, rips easy etc. Buy good quality when on offer in bulk. For big jobs use kitchen roll or newspaper. Buying toilet roll is a headache for me because the supermarkets make the comparison of prices so confusing but it is definitely worth checking. I heard of someone wrapping one sheet around their finger but it sounds too extreme. Make sure kids don't get hold of toilet rolls. You could just put one roll in view because that isn'tt so tempting to splurge on more toilet roll than you really need.

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  • Mark_Beech
    I always buy Cushelle from Lidl (or anywhere) when the price drops below 30p per roll. I've learned from experience that loo roll NEVER gets cheaper than this - so when the mega offers are on I buy in bulk.
    I've also worked out that if you REALLY want a clean bum then unless you're a bidet fan baby wipes are the way to go. Not toilet wipes - they charge too much for those. "Sensitive" baby wipes from ALDI are about 85p or so for 80 wipes.
    Thing is I was using far too much loo roll to get really clean. Pre-wipe with loo roll and then use one baby wipe ... wrap in a couple of pieces of loo roll and then in the bin (they DO block the drains).
    Job done ..... and a lovely bum!

  • Sparkle_66
    I wont compromise on toilet roll and buy Andrex but stock up when it's on offer. I compare prices per roll depending on whether there's 9, 12 or 18 rolls in a pack. Also I only keep 1 roll in use, 4 stored away in the bathroom & keep the rest in my bedroom.
  • vikki_louise
    My grandpa kept saying about the rate the carers get through toilet roll when looking after my nan, it became a running joke so I made this for his birthday!
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  • Isatou
    Isatou Posts: 52 Forumite
    Having spent quite a lot of time in Africa with only water available for the job, I can honestly say that its far better, does the job efficiently and is free!
  • Tropez
    Tropez Posts: 3,696 Forumite
    I just wait until the loo paper I use is on special offer and then buy in bulk.
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