Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use



  • At home use water instead as they do in eastern countries. Much more hygienic and no mass of paper threatening to block the system. Try fitting a little shower type tube to your water pipes with a spray on the end. This might not be feasible if you have children who like playing with water pistols! Keep some small towels at hand that can go in the washing machine.
  • 4nnabella wrote: »
    I use cloth nappies and washable wipes on my baby girl and I know some of my cloth bum mum friends use washable wipes on themselves, usually just for no1s, not 2s. Then they just go in the wash with the nappies. Wipes are just squares of fabric like terry towelling, fleece, microfibre or bamboo. You can use them dry or damp.

    I suppose it costs more to wash the wipes (water, electricity, washing powder...) then to buy the toilet paper. Also, it's not that green at all (again, water, electricity, detergent).
    Not to mention this being pretty disgusting.
    From Poland...with love.

    They are (they're)
    sitting on the floor.
    books are lying on the floor.
    The books are sitting just there on the floor.
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Lexis200 wrote: »
    Another advocate of a decent paper here (cushelle for us) as when I use a cheap one I'm so worried about fingers going through it so I know I use more!

    Re wet wipes - I buy the own brand toddler wipes. They're cheap, often on offer, don't clog the loo and (not to be too graphic) are fab for ladies at certain times of the month...:D

    Plus they always seem to have a nice apple-y smell ;)

    Those of us not on mains drainage and responsible for our own waste or directly meeting the people who have to sort out such things mostly know better than to flush wet wipes (or feminine hygeine products) . Those on mains whop have themselves had no blockages often just don't think about the potential repurcusions and the people who have to sort out things that are flushed.

    Even things that say they are flushable can cause issues. :(.
  • ALWAYS poo at work, you save money on water AND toilet paper PLUS you're getting paid for it! :rotfl:
  • my son has OCD and has to use a whole role at a time :eek:
  • Eat a diet that agrees with you... my boyfriend gets through loads of loo roll, I swear he can use a quarter of a roll in one "sitting", but it's a bit better since we went low carb.

    The very cheap value loo roll is a false economy because you use more sheets when it's thinner. The supermarket own brands are usually decent quality without being too expensive.
  • I love the way they make quilted & similar rolls the same price & size as standard ones to try to make them look the same value, but they have far fewer sheets per roll. I suspect most people take the same number of sheets out of habit, whatever roll they use.
  • You only need to use two sheets - one to wipe and one to polish.
  • I am now spending nearly every lunch break on this website and loving it! Had to click on this thread and am now stifling giggles in the office.

    My Dad used to say you only need three sheets "one up, one down and one to polish off". Needless to say we ignored him. As one poster has already said, flattening the roll slightly stops you getting a good yank of the paper as the roll won't spin so easily.

    After I left home, Dad said the family loo roll consumption went down by a third. Not bad in a family of four!!

    Keep it coming money savers!!
  • I've never tried this but saw it on tv once.....

    1. Take 1 sheet, fold in half vertically then in half again horizontally.
    2. Rip off the corner of the folded square to make a small hole in the middle of the sheet. Save the piece you ripped off.
    3. Put your middle finger through the hole then wipe your bum with your middle finger.
    4. Wipe your bum with your middle finger then wipe your finger with the tissue as you remove it.
    5. Wipe your finger off as you remove the sheet of tissue.
    6. Clean under your fingernail with the little bit you saved from the middle.

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