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Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use

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  • My old granny always had the 'Kent Messenger' cut into little squares in her loo. Maybe we should cut up copies of 'The Sun', it would seem a fitting end to a carp newspaper.....

    As someone who works for one of the KM's competitiors... this sounds like a great idea :T
  • AlikayAlikay Forumite
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    Bellow "3 sheets is enough for a wee!!" every time one of your kids goes into the bathroom.
  • kingfisherbluekingfisherblue Forumite
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    We use Nicky toilet paper - nine rolls for £2 from Home Bargains or B&M. It is thick (three ply), quilted, and pretty. Some colours have added aloe vera lotion. At just over 22p for a decent sized roll, there is no need to economise or to give up your comfort.
  • luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    R.I.P Izal....


    The only positive thing about it was that it made brilliant emergency tracing paper ;)
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    Why waste money on wet wipes which might block the drains anyway? Simply get a few sheets of bunched-up toilet paper wet & use those. This is easy if your loo is in the bathroom. or near a handbasin. When I first started doing this, after the last ostensibly clean dry wipe, I was amazed at how dirty in reality my bum still was.
  • I buy Andrex Shea Butter (stock up when it's on offer). Comfortable wiping's one of the few luxurys in life I can afford. :)
  • Go on holiday to India...where you will most probably eat curry every day whilst there....... (!!) then use a public toilet where they give you one super thin sheet of paper (for a price) to use....!!! When you get home, you will realise that you can manage with less sheets and you won't want to go back to using reams of paper every time!! Worked for me!!
  • Before I retired I worked for a tissue manufacturer. We were always told that the average usage is 12 sheets per flush. The stuff has to be strong enough so your finger doesn't go through it, but soluble so that it doesn't block your drain. Never put facial tissue or kitchen towel down your loo.
    There are two types of users; those that scrunch it up into a ball, and those that fold it into flat sheets. The former tend to use more paper.
  • I 've always been curious as to why each individual loo sheet is the size it is. If you could buy rolls with smaller individual sheets you would get more sheets per roll, if the roll was as long as the others. But there doesn't seem to be any competition between manufacturers about this. Why are the perforations as they are ?
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    lostinrateslostinrates Forumite
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    I actually diliske the very soft papers, not as much as the thin ones though. I find supwrmarket own standard loo rolls pretty good tbh. They are not too thin, they are absorbant enough, but not too fluffy and like wiping with a small puppy (which has always seemed an odd parallel for advertisers to have drawn imo.)
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