Spill the beans... on how to minimise loo paper use



  • I buy cushelle - and never anything else. I send my OH to get it in Wilko's near where he works as it's often on offer at about £6 for 16 rolls. Any thicker paper (andrex, triple velvet etc) I find tears too easily as it's very stiff. Any thinner & it just dissolves after minimal usage. 3 sheets of cushelle have the perfect absorbancy vs strength ratio!

    On another note - wet wipes (as another poster wrote) are incredibly bad for the sewage system, they don't dissolve & clog up drains a lot. However, "moist toilet tissue" does the same job & actually dissolves like regular tissue so have a pack of them handy - they will definitely save you in the long run!

    And I also remember the tracing paper toilet roll - I blame it entirely for me never using the school toilets when I first started school - I was petrified of it at as a 5-yr old! Who on earth thought that was a good idea??
  • Go on a camping holiday to a country that asks you not to throw the used paper in the loo.. The overflowing buckets of used paper soon teach you how to use the fewest number of sheets possible! Then when seated on the throne at home imagine you are in Spain/Argentina/Chile or wherever...
  • I get excellent loo roll from "builders buddy" http://www.builders-buddy.co.uk/P/products/9468/361/toilet-roll-10-x-4-rolls.aspx - It flushes clean away despite having low water pressure - OK its not Andrex, plus I buy in bulk - but at less than 30p a roll, it more then serves its purpose !
  • azzabazza
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    Triple Velvet from Costco when on offer. Like another poster the toilet roll usage decreases considerably when OH away.

    Izal was fantastic with combs when making music!

    No wipes as I am paranoid having seen tv programmes like Grimebusters where they have to unblock drains.
  • Aldi Everyday Essentials Toilet Paper 12 for £1.79
    that 14.9p EACH!! And its not bad stuff either. (200 sheets per role)

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  • Follow the advice given to Royal Marines; 3 sheets only, one up, one down and one to polish with! Boom boom.
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    Look for the price per 100 sheets; buy "12 rolls for the price of 9" type offers; always keep a spare pack in storage, so that you are never so desperate to get the stuff that you have to get it when it's not on special offer. (Keeping a stock put by also comes in handy if someone in the household is unfortunate enough to get a gastric infection).

    As an aside, when I worked for the Civil Service, the staff loos were provided with the tracing-paper variety - and every sheet had "Government Property" printed on it. One assumes they wanted it back when we'd finished with it.:eek::rotfl:
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    Change to a higher fibre diet which leads to a much cleaner, more solid evacuation. Lots of fruit will definitely have the opposite effect!
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    andygb wrote: »
    When I have visited Arab countries, they very often have an "Aftebet" or their version of a bidet, which after a little pracice, I found to be great - very easy on the bum. It is a hose with a tap, and you wash your botty after proceedings have been finalised. Much better and far cleaner than paper.
    I know what you mean.
    I don't understand why they don't have them here.
    No more having to use wet wipes or wet toilet roll which sticks to your bum.
    I agree that wet wipes are bad for the drains, it was mentioned on a tv program about a blocked drain in a street once.
    I put mine in a used carrier bag and out to the bin.
    I'm very uneasy about fortnightly rubbish collections regarding hygiene, but that's for another conversation.
  • This is the first time MSE has been funny enough to have the tears streaming down my face.
    Well done to all.
    Excellent suggestions take your pick
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