Christmas Deliveries

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All I can say is I'm so glad I did my online Christmas shopping fairly EARLY!!!

Obviously its because of the weather ( I think ) that items which usually take 3-5 days to arrive are taking around 7 - 10 days + at the moment...

And we are due ANOTHER cold snap so people who leave it lateish thinking it will arrive as normal - It looks like they haven't cleared this backlog yet so I reckon some / alot of people may even be disappointed this year and have items NOT arrive before Christmas

H&M and BHS in particular are taking AGES

Apparantly H&M dispatch from SWEDEN and are reputed to deliver late...

So just a little WARNING to get all your online orders in SOON - Especially if we have another cold snap

Plus I don't know whats going to happen if we have more heavy snow re supermarket deliveries!!!

I'm trying to be one step ahead but I can't be one step ahead of the WEATHER so my food shopping I will do instore I reckon!!

Just imagine some people who don't read the forums about late deliveries are going to assume everything is back to normal when it isn't - And there may be more snow and serious delays to come!


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    I hope my home grocery shopping delivery will still be coming on the 23rd lol ive done all my xmas shopping now, my bf hasn't i keep telling him he needs to get it done this weekend or face not having things turn up because of bad weather, some of my things have taken nearly 2 weeks to arrive, but luckily ive been shopping for presents since september so only had to order a few things this month just to finish off.
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    Weather forecast says things are getting worse - Another icy spell / snow forecast from Thursday onwards - Great! lol

    Good advice to your boyfriend..

    Same here with things taking approx 2 weeks to arrive = 13th Dec today ... So we are cutting it fine those who want to do some more online shopping

    I have a few more bits and pieces to get - But am a bit scared now...

    Still waiting for toiletries from Brand Alley which should have gone out straight away

    BHS ... taking AGES

    H&M ... Getting ridiculous now!

    Matalan were FAIRLY quick ... were LIGHTENING SPEED fast , Warehouse were quick , Next took a while / were slow and am still waiting for some items from them which supposed to be sent seperately..

    Don't even BOTHER with Look Fantastic

    Amazon have been pretty good!
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    debenhams have been taken ages to send their stuff out to

    h&m is widely regarded as having poor deliveries and website

    im hoping my online grocery order will be ok for the 27th (was the only date they had left after theycancelled my order for earlier this month)

    i think it would be a great idea for users to post their onlinbe deliveries experience ie good or bad
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    I've been waiting 16 days for a package off ebay, i only got a recorded delivery package on saturday that had been sent two weeks earlier.
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    I haven't bought much this year, although I have shopped online since 1997. I have a few items still to come, and must admit its a but slow this year. I put it down to the weather and every year more people shop online

    I do have a LED tv coming for my daughter its her present but that may not come until after xmas, to be fair I knew when I ordered, if I hadnt taken time to make my mind up which one to get I could have got it before xmas, She understands and doesnt mind. I did pay more than I wanted to but she has had a difficult year given her disability is getting worse I just wanted best for her
  • I've had major problems with BHS and marks and spencers.

    BHS still havent even dispatched my order from 10 days ago and sent me an email saying this was due to severe weather in my area - there isnt any!!
  • I've just spoken to BHS re despatch email received on 7th Dec - my parcel is still in the warehouse and hasn't one anywhere "due to the snow" - correct me if i'm wrong but most of the snow had gone by then hadn't it? I asked if i would receive it before xmas and she said she "couldn't comment"
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    My Amazon parcel ordered 28th Nov has been sitting in Scotland distribution depot since 3rd Dec and not budged... am hoping it will be here by Fri, if not I shall be getting a refund and buying them on the high street. My other orders have taken a while too.. Waiting for 2 play parcels and a firebox one, fingers crossed they'll arrive in time and no snow arrives this week.
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    kt21 wrote: »
    Waiting for 2 play parcels and a firebox one, fingers crossed they'll arrive in time and no snow arrives this week.

    I'm waiting on Firebox too, was dispatched last Monday, not here yet.
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    Is Amazon generally affected across the whole country? I live in an area that hasn't been affected by snow at all, yet amazon seem to be struggling with stuff getting to me. In my account the various items are dispatched, but still waiting!
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