Great 'MoneySaving Apps' Hunt

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The Great ‘MoneySaving Apps' Hunt

Saving and even making money is now conveniently possible via your mobile phone, with paid surveys, discount vouchers and more readily available minus the cost of printing out dozens worth of trees.

Have you spotted a great app for your iPhone or Android phone that will save people money - if so let us know, as we're in the midst of compiling a list.

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  • richardw
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  • chris.p.bailey
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    'WhatGas petrol prices' for Android lets you view the best fuel prices in the nearby area. Several similar apps for iPhone.

  • jumblejack
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    'Whatsapp' is a brilliant app for iphone users as you can text & call other iPhone users (who have also installed whatsapp) for free!! At the moment the application costs 49p. I imagine it will increase though as word gets around. Save yourself a bomb folks!
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  • gavcooper
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    VoucherCloud, get discount vouchers delivered straight to your iphone for the area you are in.

    Nosey Parker, find the cheapest car parking for the area you are in.
  • gswart
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    PingChat2 basically does what Watsapp do (using data charges to chat (text) with any other user of the iphone), but it's free and more reliable I have found. The only downfall is it works by Ping ID that you create but you can just send this to your friends so you can connect. PingChat2 also states that in future you'll be able to chat to blackberry messenger
  • If you are going overseas, although roaming charges have been capped, you will still be charged roaming charges! So if you have downloaded a travel app which uses the internet to collect data whilst you are on holiday, expect a rise in your bill - even if you have not made any calls!

    There is a cunning way around this.

    Check the app does not need the internet AND download before you go! Digi-guide - who have GPS travel app guides to many European cities (Paris, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Seville...) put all the content directly onto your phone and using GPS does not cost money. So when you arrive at your destination, switch on and start sight seeing!

    Save time - you will find and get to what you are looking for quicker
    Save money - no roaming charges (or taxi as you can find places yourself)

    And as they have all been written by locals - get the inside information on the very best places to visit.
    Enjoy and save money!
  • m0nkeyb0y
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    I use an app called "Pandora Box" which allows you to store a list of apps in which you are interested. Pandora Box then monitors those apps and automatically alerts you when the price is reduced. I have managed to pick up a few apps I am interested totally free thanks to time-limited price reductions by the developers which I would have missed had Pandora Box not been monitoring them for me.

    There is also functionality built in which shows you a list of apps on sale each day split into free and paid-for views and the same also for brand new apps released that day.

    Not only has Pandora Box saved me a couple of quid but it has also allowed me to find some very useful free apps over time. Oh, and it is free too!

    There are similar apps available ("App Miner" is also free but IMHO not quite as good), the best known of which is "App Sniper" - but you have to pay for that one.
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  • Well as an avid user i have found several apps thaqt have been very useful that have saved me money in one way or another

    Natwest which is free and can monitor my money from anywhere

    Whatsapp which is 59p but great at sending free messages so you never go over your allocated balance (does require a wifi or 3g connection though)

    iwatchr cost £1.59 for the full version. This is a weight watchers point app which includes weight tracker and calculator etc. Much cheaper than the whole joining thing (unless you get a deal)

    Routeplanner by the AA. This is a much cheaper version of sat nav @ £1.19 and is really useful but to get a new route need 3g or wifi connection.

    Vouchercloud which shows me vouchers within a x-mile distance from current location.

    Hope this is useful for some people x
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  • ells2123
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    British Gas - saves your account details so makes submitting accurate meter readings and avoiding estimations simple!
    2011 wins so far: Radio Deal package worth £600 :)

    Best prizes ever:
    Two flights to Tokyo & a years supply of Gas and Electric !!! :D
    Thanks to everyone that posts! :beer:
  • FreeAppADay - a free app that gives you 1 free application to download per day, similar to PandoraBox. Have got quite a few applications for free from these apps.

    Both allow you to maintain Your Wishlist, where you can add applications of your choice to the list and wait for your wish to come true !
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