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A & L migration to Santander



  • PaulHUK
    PaulHUK Posts: 61 Forumite
    Money savers, this might be one bank you don't want to save with :eek:

    I will post more details (full, detail including names, dates, contacts in full) at the weekend if they have not sorted out my missing money. I've told them I will do this.

    £2000 of my money inaccessible to me since 27th June, so:

    - Letter with clear "Complaint" heading sent to Leicester HQ.
    - Financial Ombudsman complaint forms ready for sending.
    - Given A&L until Friday to respond (after 3 weeks of calls and branch visiting)

    I'll share the outcome if it's sorted out, otherwise it'll be the painfull detail published here for anyone looking for a review of this bank's services. So I'll update this weekend.

    If the other posts here haven't already put you off putting your money into this bank I think I'd wait to see what happens with £2000 of someone else's money, and how damned difficult it is to get it back. They really don't seem to care about the amount or how much I need it back.

  • PaulHUK
    PaulHUK Posts: 61 Forumite
    The following was of interest... I am going to do some research on this as an option to get access to my funds faster. I see there's a guy on the web site "LightBlueTouchPaper.org" who has done this.

    As a new user here I cannot post a link to the blog he wrote, but you can search for it in google using quotes around the words:

    "How to get money back from a bank"

    His blog is the top (under the google adverts)

    Anybody else here got experience of doing this?

  • PC_Gabriel_Kent
    Sadly A&L customers will be migrated from a system that works to Santanturds never ever works Partenon based systems. They will never function correctly as long as you or I have a hole in our a r s e..
  • WideWall
    WideWall Posts: 27 Forumite
    Hi PaulHUK........... I think this is the link you are referring to.

    Hope this helps in the fight against Santander.

    Tig........... witch31.gif ready for a fight especially when they are messing with 'our' money.
  • WideWall
    WideWall Posts: 27 Forumite
    Sadly A&L customers will be migrated from a system that works to Santanturds never ever works Partenon based systems. They will never function correctly as long as you or I have a hole in our a r s e..

    Hi............. being ignorant of thses names what are the systems for ?

    Tig......... witch31.gif
  • PC_Gabriel_Kent
    Partenon is what the donkey botherers in Spain use. It is a system that takes no account of logic nor how we in the UK would expect to use a system for banking. It was thrust upon Abbey in January 2007 and was riddled with bugs. It still is. It is in the main an internal system so the reason the branches pc's are always down or ATM etc is due to the !!!! poor IT systems.
  • Simongw
    Simongw Posts: 59 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    10 days ago A & L wrote to me apologising and saying they'd credit my account with £25 as a gesture of goodwill- and that I was to allow "up to 5 working days" for the money to appear in my account. It has just arrived!!! And not only has it arrived as Bank Giro- it is instantly credited to my account. :T

    So perhaps for them "5 working days" is the equivalent of 8 working days for the rest of us...might help to explain things......:o:o
  • misterfish
    misterfish Posts: 91 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    I finally had a reply to the secure message I sent early last week.
    Thank you for your e-mail.

    I can confirm our systems will be fully integrated as from Monday 26 July onwards.

    We hope you find the above information useful. Should you have any further questions, the answers may be found in the Help section of the login page of our website. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us again.
    This is the message I sent
    When I logged in yesterday I was greeted with a message telling me that my accounts had been successfully transferred to the Santander system.

    One of the accounts has not been transferred - my Mother's account (nnnnnnnnn) that I operate under a registered Enduring Power of Attorney.

    I rang yesterday to be told you had a system failure and to ring later.

    I rang this morning and was told that the account has not been transferred and that this would probably happen in the next week or two. I find 'probably' somewhat disconcerting. When I expressed concern that I could not monitor the account I was transferred to Customer Services, but after 10 minutes of 'please hold' the line went dead and I could not face another interminable wait listening to the 'please hold'.

    As I do all of the banking online, can you please ensure the transfer of my mother's accounts is undertaken as an urgent priority.
    As expected, no apology, just a one line terse statement of fact.

    I wonder if the integration will really be completed by next Monday?

    Anyway, I'm glad I sent the complaint letter earlier this week.

  • Cheesedoodles
    I bet they are lying!

    I got a message on my account last week telling me that it had successfully been migrated. I could log in, the sort code had changed and everything looked ok.

    Then, 4 days ago, I was greeted with the "unable to log you on" message. And it's been like that ever since. I've phoned "'Customer Service" every day and every day I've been told it will be fixed soon........Telephone banking does not work either!!

    I'm really worried about some direct debits I've got. Most of these are on the 1st of the month so this morning I changed them all to my barclays account! JUST inc ase the "migration"!
  • samwsmith1
    samwsmith1 Posts: 922 Forumite
    I have an account with A&L but it was only because of the 5% I got and wasn't my main account, so far no problems I don't think, but then again I don't check it that often, have people tried telephone banking?
    0800 056 6066
    Then if it won't let you in it'll transfer you to security, or if you get in you can select an option to be put through to an advisor - I usually find this the best way because then they already know who you are.
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