working children paying keep - how much?



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    Hmmm, I dunno, I've been unfortunate enough to meet some people who are actually like this... A little bit younger than this mind.
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    My advice to you young one is to be glad that the day has come to pay your own way.

    My advice to your mother is that she has spoilt you long enough and should pack your bags and dump you out the door!

    You know, years ago I had a spoilt !!!!! for a lodger! She never could pay her £30 a week rent on time, never could buy her own food (so myself and other lodger ended up having to lock our food away) and never left any hot water for anyone else after her hours in a baby oil bath (which of course, she never cleaned when she got out!). She lasted all of about 3 months - and was then 2 weeks in arrears - she really did have a nasty tantrum when she came home and found her bags outside the front door and my locks changed! Especially p**d off with me that I kept her stereo until she could come up with the rent she owed. Does she remind you of anyone you know?

    Start learning now - life is not a free ride!
    "there are some persons in this World who, unable to give better proof of being wise, take a strange delight in showing what they think they have sagaciously read in mankind by uncharitable suspicions of them"
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    ok so you are cheesed off that mummy won't financially support you now you are working.....

    I am so sorry, I mean mere mortals like me, a single parent too, have to struggle all my working life until my son is able to support himself,

    You are either a Troll or a pampered little madam who needs to grow up and see this from your mums side, she has done so much for you and now she wants to go part time you throw a tantrum?

    my 13 year old son has more sense and maturity than you have in your neatly polished big toe. Get outta here

    katfishh wrote: »
    How will she ever learn the value of money if you keep bailing her out?

    I found one of your quotes from a thread of parents bailing out their kids, lol sooooo funny your not real are you
    Life is about give and take, if you can't give why should you take?
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    The clue is in the name people, stop biting.

    The way it is worded also is meant to cause reader anger and frustration.

    Leave it alone.
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    I don't know if it is a wind-up, I've met very many similarly naive people - so I'm happy to answer (and it doesn't make me angry or frustrated to give my perspective :o )
    katfishh wrote: »
    I'm 21 and just finished Uni. I have worked previously but lived at home whilst at Uni and Mum paid for everything;. I stayed at home for free, and she paid for my toiletries, as well as food, gas and electricity and a private medical insurance (that I never asked for!) . She also paid for holidays abroad for me and my brother every year (brother is two years younger). So she went out of her way to look after you and make sure you had everything whilst you were studying and presumably had no income? She sounds very lovely. :o

    Now I've left Uni Mum says she cant afford to subsidise me and wants me to pay a third of the mortgage, council tax and food bills. I am really angry as its not fair!! :mad: But it is fair for her to spend her money supporting you when you should be self-sufficent?

    She is only 50 and is used to working full time so I dont see why I should subsidise her so she can work part time (what she wants now). Its funny how now I leave Uni she says she is 'tired' and needs to slow down! She moans about her commute (3 hours a day) but she should be used to it by now. She may have been tired long before that but chose not to tell you. She may have been struggling to make sure you had everything and now realises that she shouldn't have to fight any more as her giving has put you in a position where you have better prospects and earning capacity. She may have thought that you were adult enough to understand the responsibilities of life and would want to contribute rather than watch her continue to slave away in order to watch you waste your income on travel and socialising. This is a very fast way to alienate people; one of the reasons my OH left his ex-wife because she expected him to pay everything from his salary whilst she wanted to spend hers on expensive shoes and handbags and not contribute to the household if she could help it. I used to have a similar commute and I hated every second of it. I was so happy when I found another job :) It doesn't mean you want to spend 3hrs a day travelling if you don't have to.

    I want to travel and save up to go out with my friends more. I also need money for clothes and going out and I have expensive taste.. Well, no sympathy, sorry. There are things that have to be paid before the things you want get purchased. The money you have left once the bills are paid and the essentials bought is the money you have to spend on frippary.

    I am angry that I have to pay a share towards her mortgage - and wants £150 a month!!! This is truely nothing compared to what you will pay in the private sector - which would also be for a house that you don't own. In my area, rent for a tiny 1-bed flat is around £700 a month, a room in a shared house £350. Then factor in all the bills you'd be responsible for and you easily see 3/4 of you income evaporate.

    She says the house needs expensive repairs (roof, etc) and she needs to remortgae to do this but why should I pay for her house whan I get no benefit? Whilst I'm hoping that she does indeed spend your inheritance :D renting anywhere is paying someone elses mortgage. You either do it and live with it or save and buy for yourself. Paying £150 a month gives you a good opportunity to indeed start saving for a deposit - which is a greater luxury than many have who have to shell out a daft amount in rent.

    I told all my Uni freinds and they said it was so unfair and they dont have to pay to stay in their homes, My mother is a single parent but she has a full tme job and I dont see why I should subsidise her house!!! Again, why should she subsidise you? Why should she work to pay for your keep? She could get a lodger in.

    What do others think? I have told her I am not paying a penny and I will move out.:confused:Best of luck. I hope the real world is as pretty as you think it is. I wish all of lifes problems had confronted me when I was your age and knew everything. I think you owe much more to your mum than you realise.
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    whether a wind up or not, it is a VERY common situation and a lot of good posts have come from it....
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    Either this is a joke or the responses thinking it's a joke will tell the OP something :)
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    £150 a month OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i used to pay £250 a month and id love to be able to go back to when that was all i had to worry about. when i didnt have a mortgage, rent, bills and children. gosh i earnt as much as i could still went out and paid rent. now going out is a treat. i atually felt for you when you said a third of mortgage but if all that equates to is £150 i think you have some growing up to do.
    my husband had to give a quarter of whatever he earned to his parents wich ment some months he was paying £400 in rents.
    seriously grow up or move out. im sure you will soon be begging for her to let you back in.
    back to comping in 2017, fingers crossed :beer:
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    I presume you didn't do mathematics at university?

    Choice 1: stay & pay the required amount
    Choice 2: move out & pay more than double!

    Yer a muppet!
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    Assuming you are asking a genuine question:

    If you have a look around the boards you will find several threads posted by parents asking what others think is a reasonable amount to charge their adult, wage-earning children for rent and board.

    How much housekeeping for 19 year old?
    Charging rent for 21 year old
    What's the going rate for 'keep' from your children once they start work?
    working children paying keep - how much?
    Kids living at home.
    Once your kids are earning should you charge them Housekeeping?
    How much should I charge for my son & daughter @ home (age 23, 20)
    How much to charge 18 year old for board & lodge

    I think your mother is being extremely generous with £150 a month! If you were living alone, the bills alone would exceed this. As for you having expensive tastes - well, so do I. But you can't always have what you want. I certainly couldn't at 21 when I was just out of university and had a poorly-paid temp job.

    Perhaps your mum has been foolish in the past and not made it clear to you that once you were out of education and earning a wage, you'd be expected to contribute to the household. But she's talking sense now.
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
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