working children paying keep - how much?

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  • When I lived at home my mum asked for £40.00 a week which I thought was extortionate! My reasoning was that I bought my own food, mum didn't wash my clothes etc etc, and I was out most nights.

    Now I'm living on my own I would gladly pay £40.00 a week for keep, to include food and household bills! I didn't realise how lucky I was...!
  • 12 Years ago I had to pay 3250 a month + 25% of the council tax as mum wasnt getting single persons discount, plus buty all my own food and cook it and do all my own laundry and all the ironing for both of us. Moving to a rental wasnt a shock at all, I coped fine.

    OH has always paid £30 a week and saved everything he earnt but also eats a huge amount duwe to a physical job but now moans about our food bills because he always assumed his food bill at home was £30 or less when his parents were subsidising him. He also had no clue about costs of electricity, oil, council tax. We have bought a house and he now complains that he cant save £1000 a month and he panics about the £1000 he has to put into the joint (this is his portion of the mortgage, bills and food money so any left over is his own)
  • My DS aged 16 earns between £120 an £150 per week and pays £60 per week "keep/rent"
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    cedar16 wrote: »
    My step daughter's net pay is £800-£900 per month and she's 19 years old.
    We thought £100 per month was more than fair and for her to enjoy her youth still
    Now, she pays zero. What's mine is mine and you can't make me pay attitude (still knows where the food is and has her washing and ironing is done for her.
    I dont think it fair we have to still keep her and be the free loaders. It wound sound that im being unfair if i stop it or even show her the door.:(

    I think, under those circumstances, she wouldn't be having her laundry done, if she were living in my home.

    Personally I think you're being unfair to her not showing/teaching her that now she is a working adult she needs to take some responsibility. Hard for you, I accept, if you're the step-parent, possibly more so if you're the step-father.
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    Hi All

    Need some help please as we have had a major argument :eek:

    My daughter is 18 and has started Uni, I am a single parent just been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis which in turn led to me losing my job. At present I am not working but am actively looking for something I CAN do.
    My question is how much should I charge her for keep as she is still living at home, has got all the grants etc she can (due to low income family) and is working earning £400 pm.
    She does nothing in the house, comes and goes as she pleases, has full use of everything.
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