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working children paying keep - how much?

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    hmm, tough one. I wasn't charged anything by my parents, as fortunately, they didn't need the money, but I did do the cooking every night and made enough for lunch for my dad for the next day (he works from home) as my mum really really hates to cook. I was also quite reasonable and if I saw the food stocks were a bit low, I'd go and do a big shop for them. I'm not sure it's necessarily about charging(unless you need to) but more about making sure everyone plays their part. As my mum said, it would have cost her a lot more to have a housekeeper (she really does hate cooking that much), plus, I think she secretly hates the fact that we've moved out at all (meditarrenean mothers eh, they're the best)
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    Thanks for all the advice. I have got one on side now as he has lived away from home for 6 months, and come back home. He understands how much it costs to just live. The other one is slippery, hasn't spent an evening at home since I mentioned money!! I am going to work out how much extra he costs me in car insurance etc and he can at least pay that amount.

    I would be happy to let them stay here for free if they then did bits of shopping or gave me lifts without charging me for petrol!
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  • DS left college last year and has no paid rent at all even though he is working full-time. It sounds awful but I am starting to resent the amount of money that he just wastes when we have to struggle to pay everything. How much do others pay and how do you approach the subject?
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    This is a tricky one isn't it? I have a son as well and he pays rent. We prefer to call it a contribution to the household expenses. He doesn't pay a huge amount but he does contribute. How much your sons pays is up to you and him and it also depends what he is earning. But you are doing him no favours by letting him live free while you struggle so don't feel bad about asking him for a contribution. If he were renting how much would it cost? What a shock it could be to him in the future. He probably has no idea about how much it costs to run a home I know my sons still don't!
    I would discuss it with him and perhaps agree on a little more than you think necessary and save that bit for him. That's what my parents did for me. They gave it to me when I got married.

    Good luck. :)
  • i asked my son for 20 pounds a week , he works about 14 hrs wk, he did moan but he does give it me !, hes off to uni in a few weeks and he is worried how will i survive now he wont be here, so i said well lets think , in the shower every day for 30 mins occas twice a day , uses at least 3 towels each time !, dry hair, staighten hair at least twice a day , sit in boxers put heatin on that high would kill a camel ! get hot opens window leaves heating on !, changes clothes at least 3 times a day if going anywhere !, try 2 see if every light in the house works leaves them all on to make sure !!!
    i think i may be in profit when he leaves, at the end of the day they will moan they cant afford to pay you i did with my mom and it didnt work she wanted a whole 7 pounds a week i couldnt afford that ! showing my age now lol ,
    i think it depends on your own personal circumstances how much you ask for and how much they earn, even if i was on a good wage i would still take something and save it for them for uni or something
    hope this helps !
  • when i started-working many many moons ago,my mother asked me for £40 a week, it was quite alot then,but it made me appreciate the value of money and budgeting and helped her albeit a little!
    This was 14 years ago.
  • Sorry, to add it also obviously depends on what your son is earning, i was on a graduate wage at the time which was a greatly reduced salary.
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    Typically.. aim for 1/3 of whatever he's earning
  • ixwoodixwood Forumite
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    As much as you can. It'll make him get used to lifes costs and you could put some of it away for him for a few years time when he's learnt, is less wasteful and looking for a house.
  • Thank you all for prompt, helpful replies. Teagan I think my son must live at your house as well! Sounds just like him!!
    I think I just need to remind myself that my baby boy is NOT a baby anymore and I'm not stealing his pocket money, just asking for a contribution.
    'Neither a lender nor a borrower be'
    Now why didn't I take any notice of the
    second part of that quote!!???
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