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working children paying keep - how much?

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  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    I think you are absolutely right.
    Pack your bags and leave. Your Mum supported you through university and gave you a far better life than many of your fellow students. Why on earth should she subsidize you any further-you presumably left university with a degree and have or intend to have a job.
    If I were your Mum I'd be helping you pack and wondering how I raised such a selfish spoiled brat.
    Before you burn your bridges with your Mum completely though perhaps you should find out just what rent, council tax, gas, electric will cost you in your area and you might realise that £150 a month is a bargain and if you have plans to save to travel it's your best bet-assuming your Mum still WANTS you in her home !
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  • ChollitaChollita Forumite
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    You are kidding us. You ARE kidding us. This cannot be real ...
  • reehsetinreehsetin Forumite
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    this has got to be fake, surely no one can be this spoilt
    Yes Your Dukeiness :D
  • MrsE_2MrsE_2
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    katfishh wrote: »
    What do others think? I have told her I am not paying a penny and I will move out.:confused:

    Dead right, don't put up with it a moment longer.

  • duchyduchy Forumite
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    Xmas Saver!
    University education and doesn't have an iota of common sense-How sad.
    I wonder what age she thinks her Mum SHOULD support her until.
    Retirement or maybe until she can find some poor bloke to leech off instead.
    If it wasn't so pathetic it'd be laughable.
    If I was her mother I'd be utterly ashamed to have raised such a waste of space.
    I Would Rather Climb A Mountain Than Crawl Into A Hole

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  • HC_2HC_2 Forumite
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    katfishh, what is your net monthly income?

    I presume you're working if your mum has asked for £150 per month.

    Your first paragraph does seem to suggest that you're on a wind-up (you didn't share a flat with Student Phil, did you?) but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for the time being.
  • RikkiRikki Forumite
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    katfishh wrote: »
    What do others think? I have told her I am not paying a penny and I will move out.:confused:

    There's your bags. Your Mum packed them for you. :p
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  • save-a-lotsave-a-lot Forumite
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    katfishh wrote: »
    I'm 21 and just finished Uni. I have worked previously but lived at home whilst at Uni and Mum paid for everything;. I stayed at home for free, and she paid for my toiletries, as well as food, gas and electricity and a private medical insurance (that I never asked for!) . She also paid for holidays abroad for me and my brother every year (brother is two years younger).
    Now I've left Uni Mum says she cant afford to subsidise me and wants me to pay a third of the mortgage, council tax and food bills. I am really angry as its not fair!! :mad: She is only 50 and is used to working full time so I dont see why I should subsidise her so she can work part time (what she wants now). Its funny how now I leave Uni she says she is 'tired' and needs to slow down! She moans about her commute (3 hours a day) but she should be used to it by now. I want to travel and save up to go out with my friends more. I also need money for clothes and going out and I have expensive taste.. I am angry that I have to pay a share towards her mortgage - and wants £150 a month!!! She says the house needs expensive repairs (roof, etc) and she needs to remortgae to do this but why should I pay for her house whan I get no benefit? I told all my Uni freinds and they said it was so unfair and they dont have to pay to stay in their homes, My mother is a single parent but she has a full tme job and I dont see why I should subsidise her house!!! What do others think? I have told her I am not paying a penny and I will move out.:confused:


  • Night_KDNight_KD Forumite
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    I'm 18, work part time earning about £130 a week (well unemployed now..) and my mum asks for £150 a month.

    Yes it's hard to pass on that hard earned cash, but she pays £700 rent, some ridiculous amount of council tax + bills etc, coming to around £1200 a month. So really I'm paying a meger amount of that. If I was living away from home I'd be paying at least £300 a month rent (shared with BF) plus all those bills etc, so I'm just glad to have that extra money for the moment...

    £150, if you are working is NOTHING compared to how much you'll be paying if you move out.

    If you're not working, get a god damn job! Save up that dosh that you're saving by living at home and be GRATEFUL that she paid your way during uni, there's no way my mum would've done that.. It must've cost a fortune.

    Sorry, where do you intend to live if you move out? Have you arranged for someone else to take you in, or will you be getting your own place? I wonder what you'll get for less than £150 a month...
  • advent1122advent1122 Forumite
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    Move away - Nothing to see here.
    People people people it is a wind up.
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