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PPC Letter Chains & Court Papers (discussion & comments)

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This is the archive for old letter chains from before October 2012, however, they are still applicable to PPC tickets in Scotland.

Current letter chains can be found HERE.

PPC Letter Chains (alphabetical order)


Letters 1-5 (including Roxburghe and Zenith letters)

Letter 1 from Graham White

Letter 2 from Graham White

Debt Collection Letters (Debt Recovery and Zenith)

Aspect Parking Solutions

Ticket (front)

Ticket (rear)

Letter 1 - Charge Certificate

Letter 2 - Final Notice


PPC Letter 1

PPC Letter 2

PPC Letter 3

"Collection Agency" Letter 1 P1 P2

"Collection Agency" Letter 2 P1 P2

No further contact reported (thanks to member for posting update)


Enforcement Notice


Britannia Parking

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3

Letter 4

Capital 2 Coast Security

Notice to Owner

Letter (from TNC on behalf of Capital 2 Coast)

Car Parking Enforcement Company Ltd

Letter 1 (from TNC Parking Services)

Letter 2 (from TNC Parking Services)

First Final Demand for Payment

Second Final Demand for Payment

Car Parking Partnership (Northumbria University)

Civil Parking Notice

Letter 1 - Notice to keeper

Letter 2 - Final Reminder

Letter 3 - Notice of Legal Proceedings

Letter 4 - Threat of Legal Proceedings (from ICC Legal Services UK Ltd)

Letter 5 - Debt Collection from PS&P Ltd
(view rear of letter)

Care Parking

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3 (from Thomas Higgins Partnership Solicitors)

Central Ticketing

Letter 1

Letter 2 (from 'debt collectors')

Letter 3 (from 'Graham White' solicitors)

Phone call received from 'Graham White' solicitors. Have some fun with them! :D

Letter 4 (from 'Graham White' solicitors again)

Another phone call received from 'Graham White' solicitors.

Civil Enforcement Limited

Letter 1 (enforcement notice)

Letter 2 (notice before legal action)

Letter 2 (new version - Final Notice Before Legal Action)

Letter 3 (new version - sent with court papers)

Letter 4 (claiming registered keeper liable)

Archived letters:

Letter 3 (from Newlyn PLC)

Letter 4 (from Newlyn PLC)

Letter 5 (from Newlyn PLC)

Letter 6 (from Newlyn PLC)

Letter 7 (from Newlyn PLC)

County Parking

Final Letter

Philips Debt Recovery Letter
(requires login at Pepipoo)

Court Proceedings Ltd.

(see Letter 4 under UKCPS)

CP Parking

Parking Charge Notice

Letter 1

CP Plus

New Style Charge Notice

Charge Notice Reminder

Legal Action Pending

Letter from Debt Recovery Plus

Letter - Notice of Intended Litigation

Letter - Reduced Payment Offer

Notice of Debt Recovery Assignment

Notice of Intention to Commence Legal Proceedings

Archived Letters:

Parking Ticket

Parking Charge Notice (front)

Parking Charge Notice (back)
Letter 1Slideshow

Elite Management (Midlands) Ltd


Empark UK Ltd


Euro Car Parks

All Letters (including older letters that are no longer sent)

Graham White Letter

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3 (Debt Recovery Plus)

Letter 4
(Debt Recovery Plus)

Letter 5
(Debt Recovery Plus)

Sent with Letter 5
(Office of Fair Trading)

Letter 6 (Zenith) (August 2012)


Car Park Sign

Parking Ticket

Notice to Owner (front)

Notice to Owner (back)

Letter 1 (special payment offer) (August 2012)

Solicitor Letter from Flint Bishop (May 2012)

Archived Letters:

Reply to MSE Template Challenge Letter (Page 1)

Reply to MSE Template Challenge Letter (Page 2)

Reply to non-specified correspondence

(see article for template letters and further info)

Roxburghe Debt Collection Letter

Graham White Solicitor Letter 1

Graham White Solicitor Letter 2

Graham White Solicitor Letter 3

Graham White Solicitor (Final Warning)


Parking charge notice

Second parking charge notice

Second Letter (newer version)

Final Notice (newer version)

CCS Collect first letter (July 2010)

CCS Collect Second Letter (Notice of Intended Legal Action) (July 2010)

CCS Collect Third Letter (recommendation to litigate) (August 2012)

> Also see taxiphil's post for details

Final Demand

Highview Parking (Tesco)

Parking Charge Notice

Letter 1 (sent with Tesco letterhead)

Inner Guard Security


Letter 1

Letter 2

Roxburghe Letter 1

Roxburghe Letter 1 (rear)

Roxburghe Letter 2

Graham White Solicitors Letter 1

Graham White Solicitors Final Warning

ISS Facility Services


LCP Parking Services Ltd

Letter 1

LDK Security Group Ltd

Letter 1

Letter 2 (from Roxburghe)

Letter 3 (from Graham White Solicitors)

Letter 4 (from Graham White Solicitors)

LPS (Local Parking Security)

Ticket (front)

Ticket (rear)

Final Demand Letter

Solicitor Letter 1

Solicitor Letter 2

Solicitor Letter 3 (from GPB Solicitors LLP) [submitted October 2012]

MET Parking Services

Parked in McDonalds & received a MET ticket? Watch this (courtesy BBC Watchdog)

Parking Charge Notice

Rear of Parking Charge Notice

Letter 1 (Notice to Owner)

Rear of Letter 1

Letter 2 (Reminder)

Letter 3 (Final Reminder)

Letter 4 (Debt Recovery Plus)

Letter 5 (from Zenith Collections)

Letter 6 (from Zenith Collections)
(this letter is sent on behalf of several PPCs)

Archived Letters:

Letter 5 (from Debt Recovery Plus)

Letter 6

Letter 7

Letter Chain

Meteor Parking

Letter from Roxburghe

New Generation Parking

Parking Charge Notice P1

Parking Charge Notice P2

Letter 1

Response to Appeal

Litigation Letter 1 (Graham White)

Litigation Letter 2 (Graham White)

Roxburghe Letter 1

Roxburgle Letter 2



First Letter

Second Letter

First and Second back of letter


All Letters

Notice to Owner

'Debt Purchased' Letter (appears to be a new tactic)

ICC Legal Service Notice of Legal Proceedings

Newlyn Letter 1 (court action pending)

Newlyn Letter 2 (final notice - court action)

Alert (Feb 2012): It appears NCP are now using Newlyn - see Vinci Parking entry (below) for an example of their letters)

Newlyn Collections

(coming soon) :j

(continued in second post)
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