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Reclaimed Bank Charges SUCCESS stories



  • emmamawemmamaw Forumite
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    Bank: Halifax
    Amount reclaimed: £1030
    Amount they paid: £1030 + £290 in costs and interest

    I followed the step-by-step instructions on the Bank Action website. It was really straightforward and I've already started on my next claim.

    One tip - Put something in your first letter to the effect of "I would prefer to deal with this matter via letter, and request that you do not telephone me" or you will be harrassed with phonecalls - we received up to 40 a day!
  • AddyBAddyB Forumite
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    Bank: Natwest
    Amount Reclaimed: £715
    Amount Paid: £715
    The Story: Saw article on MSN about reclaiming bank charges followed instructions and sent 1st letter, took a few weeks for them to reply but i recieved my statements and worked out bank charges and sent 2nd letter Natwest replied within 2-3 weeks and refunded full amount straight into my account! They called the refund a 'goodwill gesture'. Wheyhey!!
  • FirstDirect have offered a full refund of £330. This was within a weak of sending the preliminary letter - easy!!!!

    Really hoping for the same from Halifax now asd the charges on two accounts amount to close on £3000:eek:

    They have so far offered £345 :mad:
    Bank charges reclaimed - FirstDirect - In Full £330 :j

    Halifax - In Full - £3533 :T :j :T :j :T :j

    Still awaiting - MBNA
  • jd35jd35 Forumite
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    Hi all

    New here so forgive me if i'm not posting in the right place but my question is can banks keep on charging even you are on benefits as they are being paid into my bank account but the problem is that i have suffered a few bank charges in the last few months.

    Which for a example because i had no money in my account i got a charge of £39.00 and then a further charge of £28.00 as pulled my account

    any help would be great

  • Bank: Halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: £643.58
    Amount they paid: £643.58
    The story: Followed all the instructions given on the consumer action group website to the letter. Ended up having to fill a claim in court, but they paid in full within 5 days of doing it even though they stated they intended to defend the claim!!

    :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j :j
  • jd35 wrote:
    My question is can banks keep on charging even you are on benefits as they are being paid into my bank account but the problem is that i have suffered a few bank charges in the last few months.

    Diane, get yourself over to and start reading what to do. Before you know it, you'll have your money back. Good luck.
  • Bank - Halifax
    Amount Claimed - £391
    Amount Received - £391 + small claim costs

    Story - I took it as far as claiming online to the small claims court. The bank said they did not admit liability but they may as well pay it anyway because it would cost them to defend the claim! They had previously offered me £70 as a 'goodwill' offer but I refused. The whole thing took some months but was worth it. Thanks, Martin!
  • Got my O/Hs £6193 returned...had to send in the bailiffs...with Stephen,s help, we are off the Penaltycharge site..i have several near completion,and several in the pipeline,i also mod on the site now,any help any one needs we are there for you,CAG also great i pop in and out,come and have a read about my fight with Lloyds on the Penaltycharge site.


    Bank Lloyds
    £ claiming this years charges over £700
  • Is it possible to reclaim charges on secured loans?I cannot seem to find anything in the forums,FAQs etc specifically relating to this.
  • dchurch24dchurch24 Forumite
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    Yes, but it's a little more risky as presumably they have a clause in the contract where they can recall the whole debt at any given time with reasonable notice.

    If you werre to start going after the charges while the debt was still outstanding, it could get messy.

    However, in answer to your question, yes, if you are penalised for a breach of the contract (i.e. not paying on time etc...) and the sum you are asked (or made) to pay is inexcess of the amount of your breach to the second party, then it is an unlawful charge and can be challenged through the county court system.
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