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  • ash005ash005 Forumite
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    Bank: halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: 586.00
    Amount they paid: 781.00
    The story:
    got as far as a court date before they wrote to me offering to settle in full (inc court costs) without accepting any liability

    ash .
  • dixie_dean_2dixie_dean_2 Forumite
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    I just think its quality DC. Is your background legal? I find it strange that they keep letting it get as far as moneyclaimonline (at which point the figure they eventually pay goes up by 8%pa). They obviously feel that the deterrent/fear of going to court/losing puts enough people off to make it worth while paying the extra to the people that go to court. Or they're really thick. Anyway, just realised I'm in the wrong thread for a chat - sorry all. One last thing, I agreed to the confidentiality thing but when I pressed Lloyds' legal people about it they more or less said it was not binding. I wish I'd have told them they could pay for that commercial arrangement. Quality, again.
    And if, you know, your history...
  • Hi,

    Massive thanks to Martin's Money Tips - I got my statements through from Nationwide very quickly under the DPA and claimed £778.50 plus £80 court fees - Nationwide intended to refute the claim in the court and then refunded the entire amount very quickly - effectively an out of court settlement. I have to say they were very professional all the way down the line. Entire process took less than 6 weeks - last correspondence was a letter stating that I am "clearly unwilling to operate the account within the terms of the contract" and gave me 30 days to zero all balances before account closure. I did this within 2 days, as luckily I had opened another account with a "more risk-preferring bank" before commencing legal action. This was nationwide's suggestion at xmas 2005 when I asked them for a debit card on my account having sweated for 6 years getting my credit file back in order. So thanks to MMT - I shall raise a toast tonight!
  • Halifax

    Amount claimed: £2922.00
    Amount paid: £2922.00 :beer:

    Got to Moneyclaim online stage, paid in full within 10 days of claim, I had received a couple of offers before it got to that stage too.

    With the help of CAG of course :A
  • webwizwebwiz Forumite
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    Claimed £80 plus £30 costs
    Paid in full.

    They did not reply to any letters including last one which threatened to sue, so I did. Simple on-line form, very easy. They did not defend so I got judgement and suddenly they woke up. They paid up but closed my account is spite. And this is a member owned Building Society.
  • polajoopolajoo Forumite
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    Bank: halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: 1 x £30.00
    Amount they paid: 2 x £30.00 (charges due to be applied after I wrote first letter)
    The story: They paid up after first letter, and as a goodwill gesture (how kind!) refunded both £30 charges. I'm chasing them for copies of my statements going back the last six years now.

    Oh, and they also wanted me to sign a form saying
    1. this is full and final settlement in regards to those charges
    2. I accept that charges will stand in the future

    Scribbled out section two, put a signature next to section 1, sent it back, got my dosh in my account days later. Result. Thanks, MSE!
    semper in faecibvs svmvm, sole profvndvm variat
  • Hello Folks!

    I have popped over from the Bank Action Group to tell you guys how simple it is to get your money back.
    I claimed back over £3,500 from my bank, it took about 6 weeks.
    I am now moving on to all my credit cards and store cards.
    If you are a bit scared about claiming back unfair bank charges, then don't be!!!

    Go for it!!!!

    see you there!

    Crusher :D
    A visitor from consumeractiongroup, here to help you reclaim unlawful bank charges! Go get your money back!
  • Nationwide

    claimed £1,774

    refunded £1,728

    Had to send in moneyclaim but they caved in after filing their defence, they knew they were never going to win!!!

    Just popped in from Consumer Action Group to let everyone know!!:beer: :beer:
    Don't push me cos i'm close to the edge!:mad:

    Anything posted on here by me is my opinion and my opinion only.......... allegedly lol ;)
  • mechsmechs Forumite
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    Bank: Halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: £2091.66
    Amount they paid: £2091.66

    Hiya, after being directed from here to the consumeractiongroup we got back all our bank charges from Halifax to the sum of £2091.66. We followed the CAG procedure and though it was nerve-wracking the waiting ... hey it was suddenly there in our account! So go for all your unlawful charges ... for if the banks had played fair and above board at the beginning they would not find themselves in the predicament they are now in!
  • RebelRebel Forumite
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    Got charged £25 for being a day late on payment, phoned and explained it was a due to weekend bank hours (A polite conversation with a pleasant Customer Services officer) and they OFFERED to refund in full without me even requesting it. As someone else has said, its worth trying to be nice before getting snotty.
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