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Reclaimed Bank Charges SUCCESS stories



  • icefallicefall Forumite
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    Bank - Barclays Bank

    Amount reclaimed £2950

    Wrote the 2 standard letters requesting charges back got standard letter back offering me half.
    Issued claim on Moneyclaim website, in late March, the bank waited till the last possible minute to go through system.

    Received another letter from my local court giving me hearing date of July 06. Received an offer out of the blue from bank that was £950 short of claimed amount. (THESE ARRIVED ON THE SAME DAY!)
    Wrote letter back to bank, requesting full amount, 10 days after that received letter offering me full amount, ... nearly 2 weeks later they finally transferred the money into my account, very very close to hearing date.

    It took around 5 months! I did it with the help of the CONSUMERACTIONGROUP FORUM (letters and advice).

    I started thinking about taking action after reading a thread about illegal charges on this site just before Christmas, it was gradually getting longer and longer and more and more fascinating, I'd have a look every week at that thread, as it was like a story, but with real people and real results!

    I always wanted to be a procrastinator, never got round to it...
  • bakeragbakerag Forumite
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    Bank - Alliance and Leicester
    Amount - £75 charges + £35 for online claim

    Although it was only £75 I still had to go as far as issuing a claim through
    the website

    It was worth it in the end I got my charges and the costs paid back.
    I've since been told that I was entitled to claim £5 for each letter I had to write.
    Is there anyone out there who can verify this, it would be useful for anyone else wanting to claim.
  • Co-Op Bank
    Amount Claimed £1331.50
    Amount Paid £1331.50

    Wrote to the Co-op explaining their charges were punitive fees and therefore irrecoverable and not recognised in court.

    Paid up in full, took about 3 weeks.
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  • Success after three letters!

    1st Letter - as template in library claiming £529
    Result - £100.00 'Goodwill Gesture'
    2nd Letter - (after keeping the goodwill gesture in my account long enough to get a tiny bit of interest from it) Bit more personal asking them to remove the 'Goodwill Gesture' and asking again for my charges to be refunded.
    Result - A letter with no offer in it (they didn't remove the money from my account)
    3rd Letter - similar to the 1st letter
    Result - a £450 refund after I have signed the letter stating that I have no other claim against the bank regarding my current account charges and they still haven't removed the £100 'Goodwill gesture!) so hopefully a total of £550.00 refunded

    Next on the list - my credit card I've had for six years from being 18!

    My advice is to keep to your guns and sit tight!!!
    Many thanks to everyone on this forum!
    :snow_laug [STRIKE][/STRIKE]:mad: Stick to your guns! Demand your bank charges back! :beer::snow_grin
  • ruthiejaneruthiejane Forumite
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    Bank: First Direct
    Amount Reclaimed: £2785
    Amount they paid: £2785 + 120 court fees
    The story: Lots of great help from the consumer action group. Wrote and asked for the money back, wrote and told them I would go to court if I didn't get the money back, issued claim through, was offered half back, refused, offered full refund. :D :T :T :T - give it away don't throw it away :)
  • I am posting this on behalf of Seminole, Moderator on the ConsumerActionGroup:

    £ 10.235

    from Abbey.

  • camkickcamkick Forumite
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    Alliance & Leicester Bank
    £2848.62 inc court Charges
    full amount paid

    Received cheque yesterday for charges had to file claim in Count Court
    Thanks Martin for putting me onto this xxxx

    Hope I've posted this in the right place:cool:
  • Bank: Lloyds TSB
    Amount Reclaimed: £2082
    Amount they paid: £2082
    The story: Sent letters as per Consumer Action Group, filed claim with MoneyClaim - received notice of intent to defend, and Court Allocation Questionaire - paid additional Court Allocation fee (£100) then received letter from banks solicitors offering to settle out of court for claim and court costs.
    "A simple life freely chosen is a source of strength. Do not be pursuaded into buying what you do not need or cannot afford." Quaker Faith & Practice 1.02.41
  • Can I suggest that this is posted in the Debt Free Wannabee board aswell (if poss) as we have/had loads of people claiming unfair charges? :D
  • Bank: Halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: About £300, inc 8% interest + court fees
    Amount they paid: 100%
    The story: Prelim, LBA, MCOL. Paid within 10 days of court summons, and i got them to remove all charges that had been added since issuing claim and the ones in the pipeline.

    Bank: Natwest
    Amount Reclaimed: £496.17 inc 8% interest + court fees
    Amount they paid: 100%
    The story: Got missing statements on 41st day of my Subject Access Request, after a good deal of nudging. Prelim, LBA, MCOL. Sent me a cheque 7 days before they were due to lodge a defence, and said if I cashed cheque, it meant I accepted confidentiality. I said "hell no, see you in court". They caved with 2 days to spare to their lodging a defence. :D

    Store Card: Ikea
    Amount Reclaimed: £128, inc 8% interest + court fees
    Amount they paid: 100%
    The story: Subject Access Request to get my information, obtained after a great deal of table thumping (well, I was the first to do this with them! lol). Prelim, LBA, MCOL. Acknowledged claim and paid up, "uneconomical to defend".

    More claims in pipeline, TBA.
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