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Reclaimed Bank Charges SUCCESS stories



  • Requested £863 using the template letter from :beer:

    H.S.B.C responded with an offer of £863 but in the letter they had pointed out I was in fact entitled to £1063.

    I sent a second letter pointing out the full charges they had acknowledged and received a second offer of the full amount of £1063.

    This took around 6 weeks from start to finish :T

    " A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it "

    " A bargain is something you can't use at a price you can't resist "

  • Bank: First Direct

    Amount Reclaimed: £595
    Amount they paid: £675
    (they refunded £80 charges that they'd already refunded at the time :rotfl: )

    The story:
    I was claiming for 2 current accounts that have only been open for 11 months!
    Wrote first letter using template from Consumer Action Group and with thorough schedule of charge. Posted via regular mail on the 30th June. Received standard complaints acknowledgement letter dated 5th July that assured a response would be sent within 10 working days.
    Letter arrived 22nd July (dated 17th July) offering full refund with no strings attached. Sent back signed agreement form on the 22nd and money has arrived today - 27th July! I had just written my second letter, and was going to post it on the Monday, so they were just in time!

    Next I'm going to take on Abbey for a grand and then all of my credit cards...

    I'm really chuffed - thanks Money Saving Expert and Consumer Action
    Group :T
    Just starting on the road to being Debt-Free, just hope I'm not too late!
  • Two letters taken from the web site, slightly editted to suit my circumstances and all bank charges re-inbursed.
    Worth £99

    John :T
  • Jonni2badJonni2bad Forumite
    562 Posts
    Bank: Halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: £2,835.92
    Amount they paid: £2,835.92

    Went from here to Consumer Action Group - the Halifax account was "closed" at the time of this action, so it took a while to get my list of charges.

    All money refunded after Acknowledgment of court claim.

    Still proceeding to court for removal of default notice and I WILL WIN

    Many thanks to Martin for first highlighting the CAG website - we've gone from strength to strength ever since.
  • ukmonkeyukmonkey Forumite
    3K Posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    First Direct

    Taken: £1753
    Refunded: £2235.50 (including the £120 court fee, and interest at 8% APR)

    Since my initial claim, I've also had about £160 taken and then refunded after ringing them and saying something along the lines of "are you going to pay me now, or when I sue you again?".
  • polajoopolajoo Forumite
    30 Posts
    polajoo wrote:
    Bank: halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: 1 x £30.00
    Amount they paid: 2 x £30.00 (charges due to be applied after I wrote first letter)
    The story: They paid up after first letter, and as a goodwill gesture (how kind!) refunded both £30 charges. I'm chasing them for copies of my statements going back the last six years now.

    Oh, and they also wanted me to sign a form saying
    1. this is full and final settlement in regards to those charges
    2. I accept that charges will stand in the future

    Scribbled out section two, put a signature next to section 1, sent it back, got my dosh in my account days later. Result. Thanks, MSE!

    Also just received another offer from my other bank.

    Bank: First Direct (/HSBC)
    Amount Reclaimed: £50.00
    Amount they paid: £300.00

    The story: Let me quote from their letter.
    We are confident of our position and believe that if your claim for a refund proceeded to Court, we would successfully resist any legal challenge in relation to these fees.

    first direct is, however, mindful of the management time and irrecoverable legal costs we may incur in relation to such a claim. For those commercial reasons alone, and without any admission of liability whatsoever, first direct is prepared to make a payment to you in the sum of £300.00, representing the charges applied in full and final settlement of this matter.

    Confident? Surely not, if you're giving me money at the drop of a hat...

    Go for it Money Savers! It's easier than you think! :money:
    semper in faecibvs svmvm, sole profvndvm variat
  • bakeragbakerag Forumite
    21 Posts
    I have recently succesfully made a claim against the Alliance and Leicester for bank charges (£105 including the online claim fee of £30).

    I have now had a letter saying they are going to close my account on the 1 September. Has anyone else had the same problem.
  • carebear_4carebear_4 Forumite
    21 Posts
    Was originally offered £40! But was owed £235. Then another account came to light and so total amount charged was £520. Halifax have offered £400 and I am settling for this as part was on a joint account so I would not be entitled to full return. These charges were all during time of messy divorce and I really cannot explain how good it feels to get the money back!

    This is a real success and I am so chuffed! All thanks to this fantastic website.

    Oh, and I am having all the money myself as Boyfriend said I was wasting my time with all this!!!!! Shops, here I come.
  • mechsmechs Forumite
    6 Posts
    mechs wrote:
    Bank: Halifax
    Amount Reclaimed: £2091.66
    Amount they paid: £2091.66

    Hiya, after being directed from here to the consumeractiongroup we got back all our bank charges from Halifax to the sum of £2091.66. We followed the CAG procedure and though it was nerve-wracking the waiting ... hey it was suddenly there in our account! So go for all your unlawful charges ... for if the banks had played fair and above board at the beginning they would not find themselves in the predicament they are now in!

    2nd claim won 26 July '06

    Bank: Halifax Credit Card
    Amount Reclaimed: £713.54
    Amount they paid: £713.54
  • sheann_2sheann_2 Forumite
    3 Posts
    Abbey National
    claimed £150
    they paid £150
    charges had been made for D. Debits they had paid one day before funds cleared they didn't pay up until after we had a date to go to court they had said they were defending the action and had said that if I didn't agree to accept lower amount offered they would consider closing my account (pity they hadn't checked that I had already transfered elswhere and there was only £5 in account) If I can win so can you THANKS MARTIN
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