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Reclaimed Bank Charges SUCCESS stories



  • genesco_2genesco_2 Forumite
    36 Posts
    MBNA - £1272 plus interest
    paid in full £1826

    Sent 2 of the letters, then maid a phone call, then 28 days later got a phone call back offering the full amount plus interest.
  • genesco_2genesco_2 Forumite
    36 Posts
    MBNA - £1272 plus interest
    paid in full £1826

    Sent 2 of the letters, then made a phone call, then 28 days later got a phone call back offering the full amount plus interest.
  • Bank: NatWest
    Amount: £38
    Reclaimed: £38

    Didn't have enough funds in my account to pay a standing order for the first time in 6 years. Sent one initial letter and they agreed to refund as a "gesture of goodwill".
  • HSBC
    Claimed: £120
    They paid: £120

    Wrote two letters and upon agreeing to drop the case, was refunded my "overdraft fees" (why do ATMs let you take out more money than you have? I'm sure they never used to ...) in the amount of £120. Too easy! Thanks, MSE gang.
  • MandaMango wrote:
    Success after three letters!

    1st Letter - as template in library claiming £529
    Result - £100.00 'Goodwill Gesture'
    2nd Letter - (after keeping the goodwill gesture in my account long enough to get a tiny bit of interest from it) Bit more personal asking them to remove the 'Goodwill Gesture' and asking again for my charges to be refunded.
    Result - A letter with no offer in it (they didn't remove the money from my account)
    3rd Letter - similar to the 1st letter
    Result - a £450 refund after I have signed the letter stating that I have no other claim against the bank regarding my current account charges and they still haven't removed the £100 'Goodwill gesture!) so hopefully a total of £550.00 refunded

    Next on the list - my credit card I've had for six years from being 18!

    My advice is to keep to your guns and sit tight!!!
    Many thanks to everyone on this forum!

    Hurray! The bank have refunded me £450 today and have not taken the 'Goodwill Gesture' of £100 off my bank account! Total claimed: £529 Total refunded: £550!!!

    Stick to your guns!!
    :snow_laug [STRIKE][/STRIKE]:mad: Stick to your guns! Demand your bank charges back! :beer::snow_grin
  • HSBC -

    £1050 claimed
    £1050 refunded

    Story: Wrote the standard two letters and after my LBA, was offered £875 'as a goodwill gesture'. Wrote back to refuse, three weeks later was offered the full amount which they refunded to my bank account about 5 days later.

    Didn't even file a claim, and they didn't shut my bank account either!

    Total Debt: Owe about £19,000 on credit cards plus £24,000 which is my half of joint loans.
  • dixie_dean_2dixie_dean_2 Forumite
    1.8K Posts

    Claimed - £180
    received - £180
    Lloyds paid up on the last day of the cort deadline

    For my brother

    Claimed - £1817
    received - £1817

    HSBC paid up 3 days after court proceedings started.

    Does anyone at any of the groups involved have figures on how much the banks have had to pay back so far? Ha ha ha, it makes me so happy! But these barstewards are still making unethical billions and ripping people off so if you know ANYONE in this position, get them on to it!
    And if, you know, your history...
  • dchurch24dchurch24 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    HFC - Claimed: £500 Refunded: £1000 (just over) - early 2005.
    Sent letter asking for refund as I had discovered the unlawfulness of punitive charging. Heard nothing. After 8 weeks contacted the ombdsman who wrote to HFC asking why they hadn't replied. I promptly received a letter crediting all the charged back to the account. I said that wasn't good enough (they had forced me into a secured loan!!! to repay the outstanding amount), they kept upping their offer £100 at a time, until I only owed £100. They also corrected my credit history.

    Abbey - £1460
    Sent letter asking for a refund. Refused. Sent letter stating my intent to sue. Received letter saying "go on then" - or words to that effect. I did. Received letter from their externally appointed solicitors firm claiming that if I stopped suing their client, they wouldn't persue costs. I replied, stating that if their client paid up in full plus costs and interest, I would stop suing. They paid up. They asked for confidentiality. I asked what their client was willing to pay for that seperate commercial agreement. No reply. Started the ConsumerActionGroup website (how's that for keeping my trap shut!?)

    Abbey (partner): £2600
    Same story as above, but without the external solicitor and with a 50% offer in between them coughing the full amount + costs and interest.
    They closed her account.

    Abbey (partner): Approx £1000
    Despite a letter from their solicitor agreeing to write off the outstanding overdraft (about 150 quid - due entirely to charges while she was suing them) and closing the account, the account was still open and charges have been levied to the tune of about 1000 quid due to being 'over limit'.
    It's almost getting tiresome...but, here we go again. They are STILL sending statements and threatening letters regarding an account that THEY wanted to close (and have copies of letters closing it and agreeing to review the amount of charges on the account as they don't want to get sued again), but have STILL left open. I can feel another MoneyClaimOnLine coming on....;-), but this time it's going to get serious. Defamation for unlawfully informing a third party about the 'state' of the account, despite being put on notice under section 10 of the DPA. Also, a declaration will be sought on the issue of unlwaful charging.

    Smile: £180.
    Wrote asking for refund. Refused. Wrote stating intention to sue within 14 days. 14 days later, started proceedings. 4 days later received cheque for full amount plus interest and costs.

    Barclays: £230.
    Wrote asking for refund. Ignored. Wrote stating intention to sue within 14 days. Ignored. Phoned them (I know, I know) on 13th day. They asked where I was getting the standard letters from. I told them MY website. Phone went dead for 20 seconds. Voice came on and said "Cheque is in the post". It was. It turned up the same day as a refusal letter stating that their charges were fair and reasonable.

    Barclaycard: £520.
    Wrote asking for refund. Offered £200. Refused. Offered £450. Not yet refused due to my house having caught fire/flooded. Will reply when I get a replacement printer refusing the offer, and starting legal proceedings.

    Another bank: £160
    Wrote informing of intent to sue. Paid up immediatly and gently asked that I say nothing. As this was an early one (just after xmas 2004), and they paid up quickly, I foolishly agreed.

    To answer the last post:

    The figures on the CAG survey are at £1332446. I estimate about 13-15% (based on hits to the collection site) of claims (on the CAG site) are being recorded here. The survey has only been in operation for the last 16 weeks.
  • pulgapulga Forumite
    1 Post
    Bank: HSBC
    Amount Reclaimed: £25
    Amount they paid:£25

    paid my money back without any questions.

    my brother
    Bank: HSBC
    Amount Reclaimed: £95
    Amount they paid:£95

    Received a Refund after asking him to sign a 'awareness of bank charges letter'

  • avion660avion660 Forumite
    2 Posts
    MBNA (Virgin credit card)
    Amount Reclaimed: £25
    Amount they paid: £37

    The story: Late payment to c/c by 2 days, received £25 fine. Sent letter based on Govan solicitors website (Govan law centre) advising penalty charges unenforceable in law. Received standard fob off from Virgin but £13 payment as 'goodwill gesture'. This coincided with the OFT statement that charges above £12 would be automatically considered unfair. Wrote again (thanks to Consumer Action Group for bolstering confidence) threatening to sue them within 14 days unless fully reimbursed. For £12? Why not! Received another standard letter, with accompanying cheque for remaining £12 on day 15. On day 16 a further £12 was credited to the card. How thoughtful! Since then they have unilaterally closed the account!
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