Reclaimed Bank Charges SUCCESS stories

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After the huge number of successes reported, this thread has become so long that it hardly opens, so I've started a new one!
The aim is to show others that it is possible and it works.
Please report your successes here, if possible in the format

Amount Reclaimed:
Amount they paid:
The story:
(just a few sentences, please include how far you went did you a. just write a letter, b. threaten to go to court or c. actually go to court ) Please don't use this thread for general discussion on reclaiming bank charges.
Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • Dammam
    Dammam Forumite Posts: 349 Forumite
    Bank: Lloyds
    Amount Reclaimed: £4980
    Amount they paid: £4980
    The story: Took a little persistance and patience, but finally managed to claw back all the money that left me on the brink of bankruptcy and losing my home after redundancy. Whilst life is still a bit of a struggle, I'm now debt free apart from the mortgage! Lots of great help from the consumer action group.
  • macymoo
    macymoo Forumite Posts: 268
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    First Direct
    £1350 claimed
    £1350 paid
    Easy peasy, got to online claim stage, paid up after one day !!

    £860 claimed
    £1350 paid (they read the wrong amount ) haha them !!
    Halifax were so silly they couldn't even read the claim papers properly, again got to online claim stage, took 3 weeks to respond.
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  • matildarosepink
    matildarosepink Forumite Posts: 13 Forumite
    Bank: HSBC
    Amount Claimed for: £949
    Amount Refunded: £850 within 3 weeks of the first letter being sent

    I know I'm advised to push for the whole lot, but I do think banks deserve to be refunded for what it's cost them to deal with my account (and believe me I've been terrible it at managing it myself) so I believe this is a fair split for having the account 5 years.. I paid it straight off my credit card. Incidentally, for anyone looking at claiming from Natwest, I've a friend who works in the complaints department for them, and he says they're paying up once they receive a summons. I also think if the law was on their side, they would have resisted this process by now.
  • JMio_2
    JMio_2 Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    Bank: Bank of Scotland
    Claimed: £490
    Refunded: £490

    Bank: Bank of Scotland
    Claimed: £627.27
    Refunded: £627.27

    Bank: MBNA
    Claimed: £90.00
    Refunded: £90.00

  • AndrewSmith
    AndrewSmith Forumite Posts: 2,871 Forumite
    For My Partner Kim

    Bank: HSBC
    Amount Claimed £1095
    Amount Refunded :£1250

    I argued the point for her with the bank (after her giving the written authority for me to speak on her behalf) that they were still adding charges to the account as a result of them not refunding the charges initially. It was agreed that they would pay not only the amount claimed to the date of the first letter, but also all charges up to date also.

    My tip is do not be intimidated, and don't be afraid to mention taking them to court. It certainly spurred HSBC into action for her.

    Also negotiated out of the letter the clause about not making future claims.
  • Ajax18
    Ajax18 Forumite Posts: 265 Forumite
    Bank: NatWest
    Amount claimed: 237,00
    Amount refunded: 237,00

    It went to the first stage of the Online Money Claim order. NatWest paid up within a month of my initial letter sent to the bank...
  • andyace
    andyace Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    Bank: Citicards - Creditcard
    Claimed: £650
    Paid: £650

    Repayment letter sent and partial payment offered, then LBA sent and full refund credited to account.Balance now £0 so this will be closed.
    Many thanks to the BAG forum for their help.
  • Atman_2
    Atman_2 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Bank - Halifax
    Claimed - £30
    Paid - £30

    I know this is a small amount but I wanted to try and be nice to them first. I explained that it was a one off & asked them to exercise discretion as we were good customers, well funded account, etc. etc. They agreed to refund the amount - no problem. So people PLEASE before you get medieval on their !!! try to appeal to their better nature. Even banks must have one! By the way, no I don't work for a bank!!!
  • grey_lady
    grey_lady Forumite Posts: 1,047 Forumite
    Bank: MBNA - Creditcard
    Claimed: £620
    Paid: £877 (inc £50 costs and £207 interest)

    MBNA offered me half (and in fact credited it to clear my outstanding balance) and then told me categorically over the phone a couple of times that they wouldnt give me any more than that. The same guy rang me up and offered to send me a cheque for the rest + interests and costs if id drop the case against them, which i course did.

    Now claiming £110 of Natwest
    Snootchie Bootchies!
  • moxie_2
    moxie_2 Forumite Posts: 609 Forumite
    Bank: Nationwide
    Amount claimed £949.54
    Paid: £949.54 plus £120 fees repaid

    You will win, but beware that Nationwide are closing accounts once they've paid up. I guess they don't want to have to deal with stroppy customers! Use the Bank Action Group forum at this link:
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