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  • Nationwide have paid!

    Amount Claimed £1302.72
    Amount Paid £1300.57!

    This went to the MCOL stage, they said they were going to defend.... they never did D-Day was today for Judgement and they paid Yesterday.:j

    Abbey have entered a defence :mad: at my claim for £2544.61 so waiting for court questionaire. (Watch this space)

    Just sent Natwest 2nd letter saying pay up or I'll take you to court, I've got 2 accounts they owe me £550 and £290

    Dont give up, keep claiming.

    Many thanks to Martin, your site has made this possible for thousands, the Queen should give you a Knighthood for services to the people! :money:
  • BROKE_3BROKE_3 Forumite
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    Claimed So Far...
    Halifax.........................£ 2137.00....payment In Full !
    Allders Card.................£ 96.00.......payment In Full !
    Abbey Credit Card.........£ 200.00......payment In Full !
    Abbey Bank Charges.......£ 2352.00....payment In Full !
    Just Wanted To Say A Huge Thankyou To "sir" Martin And His Team For A Fantastic Web Site Without It I Would Not Have Got This Far. I Have Re -claimed All Of This Money On His Advice, Money I Thought Had Long Gone...a Big Power To The People Moment And A Lap Of The Green Outside My House ( Kids Thought I Had Lost It!! ) Anyone Reading This, My Advice Would Be Dont Let Them Get You Down, Be Patient And If You Are At The Mcol Stage Call Their Legal Team And Ask For An Out Of Court Settlement. The Poor Girl I Spoke To Was Still Working At 7 At Night And Sounded Quite Relieved!! I Smile Each Time I See You On Gmtv Thanks Martin You Really Have Made Our Familys Life A Lot Easier.....x X X X
  • petetidballpetetidball Forumite
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    Amount claimed £1067.00
    Amount paid £1098.20

    Got letter off HSBC offering me this the day after I started the MCOL process so thats £120 I've lost, but hey! Was prepared to take about half, so it's quite nice really. :T :beer:
    :confused: Pardonez mois, mais votre cheval est dans mon cochon d'inde. :confused:
    Proud to be dealing with my debts: DFW Nerd 610
  • KiLtyKiLty Forumite
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    Bank: RBoS
    Amount claimed: £654
    Amount paid: £654

    Received full payment 5 days before their 8 weeks grace period was up

    Thanks to everyone on the site :)
  • Bank: Barclays

    Ammount Claimed: £2478.52

    Ammount Paid: £1855.00

    I sent Martins template letter requesting a refund of charges plus interest at the end of March. I received a standard letter back within 2 weeks, stating that they were sorry that I felt the need to complain and that my complaint would be passed to their customer services department. They stated that I would be receiving a response by the 8th of May.

    At the begining of May I received a letter referring to the terms and conditions of my bank account and that they felt the charges were fair. However they said as a gesture of good will and to stop any legal fees, they were willing to offer me a payment of £1855.00 as full settlement of my claim.

    I decided to accept this as it was £1855.00 better than nothing. They paid out within 7days.

    I would thoroughly recommed reclaiming your charges, as for me it has been a very simple and easy process. I only wrote one letter!

    Thank you Martin. This site is an invaluable tool for us consumers.
  • Bank: HSBC plc
    Amount Reclaimed: 1,277.42
    Amount they paid: 1,113.50
    The story: Downloaded all template forms from! Thank You Very Much, Martin and team!!! :T
    Also used interest calculator on your website.

    One claim letter sent on 20th March - received acknowledgement within two weeks of sending it.
    Full response with settlement offer from bank received yesterday, around 2 month after first letter.

    Bank is happy to refund without any conditions on my account or threatening to close it.
    Bank rejected the claim of 163.92 of interest that I charged them.

    To be honest - I am very happy with what I got back from them. I accepted the settlement offer!
    My secret tip: Good presentation of your initial claim, with copy of your bankstatements and tidy letter; I believe it helps to support you!

    Good Luck with your claims!
  • :beer: Just to say thank you for all the help I got from the moneysavingexpert website I was able to make a claim to HSBC and they agreed to settle my case. I was claiming £1,222.50, and they offered to give £1,187.00.
    :T :rotfl:
    My advice don't give up and you may get lucky!!
  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    After the huge number of successes reported, this thread has become so long that it hardly opens, so I've started a new one!
    Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
    Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
    Don't miss out on urgent MoneySaving, get my weekly e-mail at
    Debt-Free Wannabee Official Nerd Club: (Honorary) Members number 000
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