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    Fitz it's about £30 per day here on average

    In my experience, it would be your extra wages that would make the difference from 16hrs to 21hrs. Unless you went up to 30hrs and then you'd get a 30 hour element of WTC.

    I was working 25 hours, but discovered that working an extra hour per day meant i'd be about £200 a month better off :eek: because of the WTC. So i went up to 30, of course :p

    edit - oops i was too slow :p Also, if you'd be entitled to much childcare costs with tax creds, that would be lowered the more you earn if i remember correctly. Like when i was working 16hrs i was entitled to the full 70% help. I only increased my hours when he started school.
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    Can I ask a cheeky question? :o

    If you are interested in BLW why don't you just wait a while and do it when he is ready? I think I missed why you started on purees :o

    You don't have to answer and I am not criticising.

    I think what I meant was when can I introduce finger food which is what Susan answered.

    I wasn't sure what type of weaning I wanted to do but did like the idea of BLW due to it's ease compared to purees. However, due to J feeding every 2-2.5hrs for over a week, waking earlier & earlier each morning, not being satisfied after a bottle, being a real grump all the time (not himself) and at the stage where he can sit up for a little while on his own, putting all his toys in his mouth and being 18 weeks he was past the minimum 17 weeks I decided to start weaning him.

    OH and I discusssed it & decided we would try him on some baby rice & baby cereal. Day 6 today and he's like a different person already so I don't regret my decision at all.

    A very busy Yummy Mummy to a 1 year old gorgeous boy :smileyhea

    Where does the time go? :think:
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    Sami_Bee wrote: »
    I know SB hated it but another PC member loved it, might have been Maz or one of the 'originals' that don't post anymore (:()

    Ended up with cheap one out of Asda ....much better
    chopsticks wrote: »
    Ladybird, yes, we've signed up to the one we saw on Monday. Her first day isn't until 21st April and the manager just said they'd contact us at the beginning of April to arrange a couple of settling in sessions. Does that sound normal.

    They showed us the day book that they fill in too, which looks good. Am impressed that they include all nappies, wipes, sudocrem and formula milk in the price.

    Right, off to get dressed.


    We had a few settling in days as well. You are lucky that they provide nappies etc, we had to supply bottles, formula, nappies and wipes but now Henry is 2 its only wipes and nappies and they do all food and milk.

    We pay £35.28 a day but thats from 7 - 5pm.

    Ooops i forgot .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY
    Mum to 2 lovely boys who keep me busy.
  • Morning all. Hope everyone is okay. Hope wages get sorted, birthdays are nice, work meetings sorted soon, babies are happy etc.

    Had a bad night last night. Have left message with the care coordinator. Have also emailed local pals service asking about advocacy. Found a pharmacy who will pick up and deliver prescriptions so I can start medication when I decide what is right.
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    I don't feel bad for giving her a dummy last night but i'd be bothered if she seemed to be too dependant on it. Not sure why... I think i just see too many older kids with dummies stuck in their faces at all times, and it's used as a way to shut them up whether they wanted it or not.

    For a young baby and used as a soother i don't mind her having it. But i'm a hypocrite because i feel that wy now but if it ends up making life easier i won't then make life harder :eek:
    My :eek: << was more that it took a dummy to get her off, and that's never happened before, but after many feeding attempts and her kicking off, i figured she'd chill a bit.
    She still gags when i first give her it :rotfl: and pulls her best '!!!!!!? There's no milk in this, pfft' face

    LOL - I am secretly a dummy snob too but Benjamin has one to go to sleep with. He doesn't have it during the day unless he is tired and he takes it out himself and gives it to you when you ask for it. He wouldn't take a dummy for ages but when he was 12 weeks old he discovered the wonders of a dummy and an elephant in his big boy cot (in his own room ;)) and we have never looked back. I would much prefer that he has a dummy than he suck his thumb.

    One of my RL mummy friends is a dental nurse and she regales anyone who will listen with stories of babies who have deformed palates because they sucked their thumbs.

    Benjamin will give his dummy to Santa next Christmas if we haven't got rid of it before then, he will be about 20 months then.

    Happy Birthday Izzy!! Hope you have a fantastic day full of ducks :D

    Glam - I wasn't trying to be funny, I am just nosey... :D sorry if I made you feel defensive :o

    I can't remember what else I was going to say!!
    r.mac wrote: »
    please listen to MFD - she is a wise woman :D
    Proud Mummy to the gorgeous Benjamin John born 14 March 2009, 8lbs 14oz
    A new little seedling on the way, due 30 September 2012
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    Panic.. someone remind me to go to bed early tonight. I've somehow just agreed to a serious work conversation at 9.30am tomorrow! :eek:

    Busy bee for the rest of the week then.. Boogie Babies at half one today (our first baby group!), then mad blitz of the house tonight. Work chat, Rhys' room buddy visiting and then colleague calling in tomorrow. Might see if I can find the time to make cake too then I can have tea and cake three times tomorrow! :D
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    hehe i have a RL dental nurse friend too, first thing she said when i said i was buying a dummy was - make sure it's an orthodontic one!!!

    I sucked my thumb til i was 17 :eek: I have wonky teeth but that's more due to overcrowding (had baby teeth removed cos of decay - my mother was a moron :rolleyes:) but i wouldn't say they're seriously goofy, my overbite isn't ridiculous or anything. I hate my teeth though!
  • elle i suggest a horlicks tonight knock you right out :rotfl: ... SIL has just said since she didnt get jayden a xmas present she would get him a highchair :D just saved us £20 x
    :)Still searching .....:)
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    redmel1621 wrote: »
    I don't get it, why does everyone feel :o or go :eek: when they say they have given their baby a dummy:confused: There is nothing wrong with them, and is apparantly proven to reduce the risk of cot death if you do give your baby a dummy while they fall asleep.

    I swear by them ds1 had one and ds3 has one and after my experience of ds2 with no dummy I would literally strap one to the face of this next baby and any after that. I would much rather see a baby with a dummy than a 10yr old with sticking out teeth caused by thumb sucking, or a teenager walking around actually sucking their thumb (yes I know both people:rolleyes:)

    Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant, but I just find it frustrating that parents feel bad about doing anything that 'they' consider 'wrong' :cool:
    Mel x
    :T nowt wrong with babies having a dummy, sometimes I curse Edgar for not liking them - silly boy :p
    elle_gee wrote: »

    Also may go down to the local Ford dealer and find out how much my car is worth for part exchange.. :o After mentioning 3dr vs 5dr cars last night, I quickly looked online and found a perfect car for not much more than mine is worth (same age, better spec than mine but mine has less miles) so I'm contemplating a speedy (rash?) purchase :eek: Have txt my Dad for his opinion.. good ol' Dad ;)

    Hope everyone has a good day and gets about safely xx
    1st person I consulted when I looked at getting my 1st car was Daddy :)

    Choppy glad your day at work went well, I love the suggested alternative on JL funky!
    3onitsway wrote: »

    I think Sami is right, as always! :p
    I think this may just find it's way into my sig :D

    Fitzio - my CM charged £25 for a full day and £15 for 1/2 she provided food nappies etc all I sent was botty cream, sun cream, dummies and if he'd still had them bottles with milk in:)
    The hours thing you have to work more than 16hrs to get WTCs I think it doesnt matter how many over that you do as long as its less than the next cut off which is somethng like 30 IIRC

    The very best is sometimes what nature gives us for free.
    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
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    MFD - Sorry. Didnt mean it to come across defensive, in fact I don't know why I was trying to explain myself! :o

    dummies - I always said I didnt want J to have one cos my sister had one for years. but at 4am one morning after hours of screaming I gave it to him and he calmed down. Doesn't have one anymore unless he is overtired and he uses it for comfort but even now he takes it out his mouth and chews on the handle instead! :rolleyes:

    anyone got the hauck stroller thsts in ASDA baby event?

    my Silver Cross is pooped and I CBA to clean the M&P one I bought 2nd hand. I was looking at th £99 Quinny but OH put his foot down & said we can't afford it :(
    A very busy Yummy Mummy to a 1 year old gorgeous boy :smileyhea

    Where does the time go? :think:
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