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    I've PM'd Glad to close this one, though this was easiest way to start new thread how we planned :)
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    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
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    ooooh news from me. I think I have found a nice part-time CM for Fergie (probably 2 afternoons a week for the last couple of weeks of PG and at least first few months of Kester being here.)

    It is a bit of a non-essential since I will be here, but I feel I'm a bit limited by my bump and would like to rest more. He loves practise walking with me holding hands, but my back is complaining a lot!

    I also felt that I asked a lot of DH and my parents when Fergie was new and I'd like to not be too demanding, and feel this will help.

    Anyhow, she seems lovely. Very friendly and her little girl is a few months older than Fergie so I think he will learn heaps from her.

    We are going to her house next tuesday evening. :)

    And can I also say how much I love this thread and all of you on it. You mean a lot to me and make parenthood a happy place to be, with a loving community around us :A

    :hello:Jonathan 'Fergie' Fergus William, born 05/03/09, 7lb 4.4oz:hello:
    :)Benjamin 'Kezzie' Kester Jacob, born 18/03/10, 7lb 5oz:)
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    Weezl, we've moved to a new thread! Do you want to C&P that into the new one?
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    jillie1974 wrote: »
    we defo need a list i thought you had older children and icertainly didnt know you had a little girl called annabel...:o

    lol! I think she came out already approaching her 30th birthday. I sometimes think she's the adult and I'm the baby! :D

    Even when they are 7 walking doesnt get any quicker, just the questions get harder to answer, like why is that lady wearing a scarf over her whole face, why does that man look like hes pregnant ... etc ...

    :rotfl: I'll ahve to think up some answers just in case. Right now she's so nosey - we had to stand for ages watching a doggy walk past us then she started waving at thin air :rotfl::p She's just so pleased with herself It makes me glow inside.
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    Been doing loads of steaming, and my sinuses feel a bit clearer today. Managed to get half an essay written this afternoon.

    Charlotte seems a bit brighter today too, so she must be getting over it as well.

    I like the thread as it is :o
    hello :wave: I was just thinking of you and Charlotte. Hope you are both feeling brighter.
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    r.mac, you are so wise and wonderful, that post was lovely and so insightful!
    I can't promise that all my replies will illicit this response :p
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