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Send a card to a private parking co. this Christmas!

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    juno wrote: »
    I found some old cards in the back room, which had a damp problem. They've gone a bit mildewy and minging.

    Even better for Civil Enforcement LTD :D


    I have my rejects from last year here (the boring scenic dirgy-colour ones that you can never send to anyone, not even your Great Aunt Maud as they are such horrid cards).

    Could always buy some packs in the pound shop with spelling mistakes on like 'Hope Your having a Lovly Christmas Season'. Or what about a job lot of foreign ones from eBay, they would do!

    But don't forget the great card that anewman came up with in the posts just above, if several of us can print that off on card it would be great to think of PPCs opening those in bulk! :rotfl:
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    I wonder if there's an awful scent you can get to spray the card with, say for example eau de faeces. Not suggesting anyone sends the actual thing in the post as that would be illegal but I'm sure fragrance would be perfectly fine. Even better if it's in a nice bottle packaged to look like Hugo Boss for Men :D
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