URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal....



  • blueboys10
    I have had a reply from vprewards saying that they will put the money back on my card within 2 days, this has not happened yet. Also though I have had 2 payments for the same amount taken by clubprem.com, this seems to be a related party of vprewards, is this the case and how do you get the money (or even a reply) back fro them?
  • lintomdan
    What a bunch of chancers I just noticed 2 debits on my visa account for VPREWARDS.COM and CLUBPREM.COM for £9.95 each.
    I am usually careful about these kind of things and would normally not agree to anything suspect but they have caught me out. Just phoned them up and was told cancellation would be soon and refund after 2 days. (We will see)
    No confidence in these guys after this and feel sorry for the people who have not noticed yet. By the way spoke to my Credit card company Halifax and was told I had to contact VP first to try and resolve with them.
    What a joke?
    How can anyone trust VP to have there credit card details after this carry on?

    Scammers - What a liberty!!!!!
  • thenuttyboy
    There seems to be two membership club issues with Vistaprint - VPRewards and ClubPrem. i got emails from both and immediatley sent emails to both of them to cancel. The VPRewards one appears to have gone through okay, but not ClubPrem. My bank chased them to no avail as the payments were made via my debit card. i eventually got hold of them via a number placed on this site (0800 0288251). The woman was very helpful and promised to have it stopped and my money refunded (£40). i'll post again to confirm if i get it back. The thing to watch for is after placing an order with Vistaprint don't get drawn into filling out one of their surveys where they tempt you with money off. That's how they catch you.
  • JodiMBrown
    JodiMBrown Posts: 20 Forumite
    I too was scammed by VPRewards. I complained via email (and they promised one month's refund) so I then complained by letter. I have now received all 6 payments refunded onto my credit card.

    Moral of the story: DO read the small print in future, but IF you have been caught out, send them a letter requesting a full refund due to their intentionally misleading method of sales (but don't be too rude or threatening or they will dig their feet in). You may need to chase up a few times to get the payments (I had to do this once by email following the letter), but it is worth it.

    Good luck!
    Quidco £1203.35 :beer:
  • stevos_2
    stevos_2 Posts: 6 Forumite

    I ordered goods from Visatprint a few weeks ago at a great price - for printing you can't beat them.

    This morning I recived to emails from a Karen Heath advising £9.95 to be debited to my account for each membership!

    I tried to cancel on the website but it wouldnt send the email.

    If you call 0845 026 1100 you can cancel both of these membership automatically on the phone but I wasnt satisfied so if you ring 08456 722002 you can speak to a living breathing person who will cancel both memberships for you.

    If you use Vistaprint to order anything (which I will continue to do so) just make sure you know what boxes your tocking and dont complete any of their surveys.
  • chezza262
    chezza262 Posts: 291 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    Thanks to everyone for posting here - I was about to make a couple of orders with Vistaprint and so was a relative of mine after seeing a 'free' offer - we wont bother now there are plenty of other cheap printers out there!
  • lintomdan
    Contacted Vistaprint again because I had not recieved any payment back 2 weeks after my first call when I was told by a man that the "Membership" was cancelled and I would be refunded between 2-5 days.
    Now I am told there is no record of the first complant and I was still in this club and they had deducted 2 more payments. I told the rather abrupt lady I had not intended to join and club she said she would cancel now I then told her I wanted paid back for all the money they had taken, as it was not clear that I had joined a club(4 x $£9.95). She was not pleased sounding but said she would refund.
    Not happy at all I phoned my credit card company they said they could only do a charge back for the last 2 payments i.e. after my first comlaint. This has been completed but no sign of the fist 2 charges being refunded by VP yet.

    Scammers doggy Scammers
  • carrollcreative
    You have to cancel your card with your bank and they send the unauthorised transaction/s to their fraud department. Even if you did mistakenly agree to the VPRewards trial and you then cancelled....check by trying to log back on to VPRewards - it should say you've cancelled your membership, you should get an email stating this. owever, they still tried to take the £9.95 from my account this month, so the bank advised me to just cancel the card after I explained the problem. Inconvenient, but the only way to do it. Also, send a complaint email to VistaPrint and copy everyone you know and ask them to forward it on so no-body with use VistaPrint.

    What goes around, comes around....they'll get their comeuppance in the end.
  • Kaye
    Kaye Posts: 8 Forumite
    I noticed something dodgy last week when I saw the first debit from premclub, but didn't have chance to work out what it was or ask hubby if he'd bought anything from that company. Then today I notice the next one from vprewards has gone out and that's when I twigged it was dodgy. I looked up both websites and the next alarm bell rang when the sites seemed so difficult to get any info from - why have a website that doesn't tell you what it's all about? How do they recruit members??
    So I emailed both straight away stating that I didn't know what this was and that my account was to be cancelled and to refund me my money, then I googled the names and got this message thread. I know it's a scam or very small, small print because I am so vigilant about things like this.

    What annoys me most tho is that I have used Vistaprint for years and thought they were wonderful, good quality, good prices, easy to use etc. etc. and now they have gone and destroyed all my confidence in them by going and doing this! I have lots friends/relatives who use the site as well and now I'm going to have to warn all of them. What a stupid thing to do from a website that had already built up such a large customer base.
  • ChatwithJacqs

    I need to get in touch to cancel too!!
    Where would my account number be..i can't find it on any communication.


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