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URGENT ADVICE this illegal....

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URGENT ADVICE this illegal....

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hel8itchhel8itch Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Praise, Vent & Warnings
ok i have ordered address labels in february from vista print.didnt think nomore of it.until i logged on there today to order some business cards.
when i clicked on my account it said something about a subscription costing £30
i clicked to delete it.
and carried on.
then i went to check my bank account online which i have to say i hardly ever do.
and found this

Card Purchase


17/04/2006 Card Purchase

20/03/2006 Card Purchase

15/02/2006 Card Purchase

the have been taking £9.95 a month from my account..and for what???i dont know!!
is this illegal
i have emailed them and told them to put my money straight back or ill take legal action.but am awaiting a reply.


  • AstarothAstaroth Forumite
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    Firstly, dont fire off rash emails to people/ companies saying you are going to take legal action as it will do nothing other than either get their backs up and make them unlikely to help you or secondly make you look like a fool when they demonstrate that you agreed to it.

    Looking at the VPREWARDS.COM website - it is a membership scheme to receive discounts off high street stores etc. I would assume that the original site you made your purchase off of states in its terms and conditions that it will sign you up for a trial period (which say you can cancel without penalty) and you simply didnt read the terms and conditions.

    As to legal? In english law it would be.... but their site states they are based in Bermuda and therefore governed by their law not english (which is legal)
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  • tracylawtracylaw Forumite
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    Hmmm - yes, this happened to me too, but I received an email telling me that my first payment would be debited, and that I could cancel

    I don't think my cancellation will be received in time to prevent the first month being debited, but there are a few things you could/shoud do ...

    1) Send an email to [email protected] stating your membership no, name, address, postcode and email address used for vp
    2) If your payment is via credit card - consider cancelling your credit card, or requesting a new one - this would effectively make it impossible for them to collect their fee
    3) If your payment is via your bank - cancel the DD/SO
    4) Contact your local council - Trading Standards Officer for any further advice available, to highlight the situation

    Personally, I bought some business cards, and I do remember being offered the option to join this scheme on a trial - but then forgot all about it ... the moral of the story - read everything carefully, be careful where you place your ticks, and remember to cancel where appropriate

    Hope this helps T
  • hel8itchhel8itch Forumite
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    so i take it vprewards is part of vista?
    i dont remember getting any email with offers.and i hardly ever use my bank card so dont really check on whats coming out.
  • AstarothAstaroth Forumite
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    VP = Vista Print

    Rewards = well, erm, rewards :D

    The website is fairly limited (or not working properly - not sure which) but it is a discount scheme for high street stores etc.
    All posts made are simply my own opinions and are neither professional advice nor the opinions of my employers
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  • I too have fallen prey to Vistaprint and have had 3 x £9.95 taken from my Credit Card for VPREWARDS. I have ordered business cards but at no time have I given explicit authorisation to use my credit card for a subscription to a reward scheme or to pass my details to a third party company. Indeed, having worked for MasterCard for several years, I am fairly certain that this practice falls outside the rules. I have no correspondence from anyone about this scheme and as I archive all emails am able to check back through the last six years. There is no reference to this scheme.

    I have spent several hours today looking in to this and although they may be operating legally (to be determined) I am sure that they are aware that many people are being hoodwinked about charges to their cards. If you google VPRewards you will only find people complaining that they feel they have been scammed.

    Having been on the VPRewards site today, I noticed that there are no links to any of the merchants whose logos are shown - and as a marketer I am surprised by this. I have therefore written to John Lewis, B&Q, Dixons Store Group and some of the other companies mentioned to ascertain what their affiliation with the site is.

    Has anyone ever had a reward from this organisation? Something does not stack up.

  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    I once put a quick reply to a post re vistaprint saying "be careful,some others have experienced problems"-but someone else replied that the majority hadnt had problems.There seem to be enough warnings on here to suggest there is a problem.
  • skintchickskintchick Forumite
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    I used them once and have had no problems...

    But then, I read things before I sign up to them and I check my bank balance regularly.
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  • hollydayshollydays Forumite
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    amorabrighton-keep this post updated-it might help others who find themselves in the same situation-forget the "Im allright jacks" -their posts are not in the spirit of the board.
  • I absolutely agree, it needs keeping an eye on - there seems to be enough people who have been caught unawares to suggest that this is not as transparent as it ought to be. I have tried to contact some of the merchants who's logos appear on the site to confirm their affiliation (John Lewis, Dixon's etc.) but as yet no feedback. I have also contacted the Credit Card asscociations about the legality of transferring credit card data to a third party.

    Is this a reward scheme that is actually operational?

    I have worked both in the digital media and credit card industries and have been buying online since the first days of e-commerce (I found my car, my house and even my OH on the web!) so am pretty smart when it comes to terms and conditions etc. (having commissioned lawyers to draw these up for me) - so I would be surprised if I signed up to something inadvertently but stand to be proved wrong.
  • nellis10nellis10 Forumite
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    I've just fallen foul of them and had a payment taken. Couldn't find a number for them anywhere so phoned vistaprint and got through. They said they ahd cancelled my membership and would refund the amount taken.

    Sounds as though they get a few of them as they never questioned why I wanted it cancelled or didn't put up a fight to get my refund...I staill await the refund and will let you know if I get it!
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