URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal....



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    Thanks - was looking at vista print for hubby's business cards. Will steer clear now. ;)
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  • Thanks for the info about cancelling - I got caught out by this after ordering business cards. The cards were fine; on time, correctly spelt etc. I vaguely remember looking at a window for a rewards scheme, but nowhere did it mention money, and if they sent a follow up email about cancelling I probably didn't bother to open it!
    Just shows, read the small print etc., but in the meantime how much money are co's like this making from our mistakes?
    there should be law changes to stop this kind of scam. Now I'm waiting to see whether they will actually cancel my 'membership' or not!
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  • I'm no idiot, I've been buying and shopping over the internet for years, successfully avoided all sorts of scams, but Vistaprint rewards got me. I noticed their charges on my bank account only in the last few days. I do not remember reading any warnings about subscriptions. I remember looking at the rewards scheme briefly, but if they mentioned charges, it probably would have been in some VERY small print indeed. I certainly don't remember inputting my email twice to confirm subscription! Any follow up emails they supposedly sent didn't get through to me, probably due to their resemblance to general spam.
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    I ordered business cards from Vistaprint and was asked if I wanted to join said subscription.

    Simple click on "No Thanks" and it was gone..........
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    Quick update. The refund from VPRewards came within 4 days of me complaining to them. So I guess that's something!
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  • I have fallen into this trap too - just got my visa bill and sure enough there was £9.95 payment to VPRewards on it. I bought some postcards from VistaPrint last month and obviously clicked on a link somewhere to sign up for this in the process. I have phoned and complained and finally persuaded them to refund the money although I have to say they were very reluctant to do this until I made a fuss. Will be keeping a close eye to make sure I actually get the money back. Certainly wouldn't use vistaprint again now because I think this is very underhand - shame because I was happy with the quality of the postcards and we were going to order wedding invites through them.
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    I think this will damage their business as more people fall into it. The problem I ahve now is where do I get my business cards/notepads/return labels from now?? :rolleyes:
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  • I had entries on my credit card statement for VPrewards. I had never signed up to their membership service and had never received any emails from the company (no membership number or email to activate account - as described on their website). I tried to contact VPrewards a number of times but got no answer. In the end I contacted credit card company and they refunded me. Won't be using VistaPrint again!
  • My saga continues! Another payment taken out of my account this month and a letter from my card company saying that as it is a subscription they are unable to cancel on my behalf!!!

    AMEX have provided me with an address and phone number for Adaptive Affinity/Vistaprint Rewards in Edgware - so if anyone requires it, please let me know. I will be on the phone to them on Monday (if they answer and are not in meetings as per their answer phone message!)

    I am not sure if this is Vistaprint knowingly signing people up to a scheme without getting their express consent or whether it is poor web design/communication/understanding of legalities (DSR etc) of online retailing - but clearly they need to be made aware that they need to improve how they handle customers credit card details and pass them to affiliate companies. Like many, we were pleased with the print products but will not be buying from them again.
  • This happened to me also for 3 months-I was a bit hectic and hadnt checked my statements and one was late. I phoned vistaprint and explained that I had not clicked the box to join rewards etc etc. They were very understanding and refunded all of the payments. Ive not even had to pay for the cards I had ordered-a bit of a pain admittedly but speak to them nicely and I think they will sort it out for you. Here is the phone number.0800 028 8251. They are only open from until 1pm-5pm weekdays.
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