URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal....



  • MJMoore
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    I have to say that I've used Vista Print 3 times now, and have had no problems. I recall the rewards offer popping up, and I either said no, or closed the window (I can't recall now).

    If you can definitely say that you didn't click on anything, why not specifically ask VP to check their system, to see if there's an error.

    And no, I don't work for them.. just trying to balance all the negative posts. ;)
  • codger
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    Yes, well. . . the only problem with any endorsement / recommendation of VP now is VP itself.

    If the company had wished to respond to comments made here, then it could've done so. Instead, as peterbaker pointed out, a mysterious newbie called MA Smith pops up in the middle of the night to defend the company in terms so over-stuffed with American corporate-speak that it's laughable.

    Moral: make sure the laugh's always on VP. Not you. :rotfl:
  • Sorry, I too will have to add my voice to the chorus.

    Like many of the others on here, I am an intelligent individual who has much experience of purchasing (and scam dodging) online. I am especially cautious where schemes seem too good to be true. I remember being cautious with this one. I too have fallen foul. Cunningly (as mentioned by previous contributors) I cannot even access the VP Rewards site because I was never provided with a reference number. Of this I am confident - I save all emails.

    I intend to rectify this using a combination of the techniques listed so far. I have drafted a very polite letter drawing their attention to their apparent 'administrative error'. This will be sent registsered post letter to the UK office of the company, and I have stated that my bank will receive a copy (together with proof of posting) within ten working days unless the money is immediately refunded or unless they provide me with a copy of my explicit consent for this and any other scheme.

    I'll post the outcome.

    UPDATE (27JAN2007): Full refund is now in my bank plus I have a written reply my mail from VPrewards confirming cancellation. I will be watching for any other rewards scheme charges because the recorded letter which I sent explicitly stated that I was to be cancelled from/not enrolled in any other rewards schemes.
  • wurley
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    When I took vistaprints offer up for thier 'free' business cards there was a vprewards screen come up between designing them and paying for them. You must have clicked on the offer when the screen came up. You should be able to cancel it on the website somewhere....<LOOKING>....

    has details on how to cancel and a tel number.

    I also got some address lables at the same time which were naff.. I tried to complain via email and got a standard type reply to call them... If you do call them remember the time difference or you'll not get through.
  • For the second time I have been caught up in this scheme when ordering goods from vistaprint, however by phoning 0845 672 2002 you will get through quickly and it takes about 2 minutes to confirm your subscription to 'vprewards or adaptive affinity' is cancelled.

    As a regular customer to vistaprint take care at the end of ordering when the screen says your order has been accepted do no more than clear the screen if you click on anything else it is then you may find you have signed up for the above, which to my knowledge charges you £9.95 a month for nothing.

    Is it legal, I am not sure but for sure take care when ordering from this company, which has no baring on the goods which always arrive correctly.
  • hesjane
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    Oh flip...I thought I was internet savvy...but Vista Print have just caught me out on this one. I did click through the first part to say I would carry out the survey, but definitely opted for no thanks on the next section.

    I got an email later welcoming me to Premier Club. Oh *!"@

    I have emailed back insisting I did not agree to sign up and requesting confirmation of cancellation and that no funds will be debited from my card as I certainly did not authorise this. I will also phone the number given above tomorrow and make sure.

    The sad thing is, like many others, I have used Vista Print for a few years and been delighted with the price, quality and service. I think it very sad that they are now doing this as they will be losing customers hand over fist.
  • Hi All,
    I'd like to qualify as the biggest mug on this one. I got my crap free rubber stamp in Feb last year and since then i have been paying 9.95 a month unknowingly. As i hardly ever check the balance (there is never much in it!) of my account (one i don't use much) i didnt notice the debits until this month!!!

    I contacted Vistaprint who accordingly said they would contact Vprewards to cancel my subscription which they did and that i would be refunded the amount taken. I recieved a confirmation email yesterday, here it is:

    Dear Stuart,

    VistaPrint has informed us that you wish to discontinue your VistaPrint Rewards membership.

    The cancellation of your membership has been processed as of 18/01/2007. We will forward all of your credits to your bank within two business days. Please note that you will see your refund on one of your next two statements, depending on your billing cycle.

    If we can assist you in the future, please visit http://www.dealpass.com

    Thank you,

    Member Savings Team

    So i will wait to see what happens. I never gave my authorisation for this so accordingly have contacted my bank and relayed the info about these fraudulent charges (yes even tho Vista said it will refund the amount).

    I hope you all get your cash back.

    Oh and to all of you who are defending Vista and saying how good their products are and what a great company they are, get a life, the business cards are of crap quality and i think you should find another supplier. Im sure it speaks volumes when you hand such detritus to a business associate with your details printed on it!!!!!!!!!

    I'll post what comes of all this.

  • :beer:

    Wowzers, i got back ten months worth of payments from vprewards!!


    The speed of payment and payment seems to me to show that something not entirely legal was going on here. I think that either vistaprint or vprewards have realised the legal implications of these unauthorised debits and are refunding all payments when queried to avoid legal action.

    Anyhoo im off to the pub to speny my Moola!!!
  • fififofum
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    used them for address labels in the past but since this scam has aired (i wasnt affected) i have them as junk mail when their email arrive (EVERY DAY) must get round to unsubscribing.
    are you sitting comfortably?, then I'll begin.....
    was at 01/01/07 now 03/07/07

    overdraft was 1500 now 1360 must try harder.

    loan was 13705.24 now 9791.62 due to be paid off 01/02/2011 but gonna aim for 01/05/2009!!

    amex cc was 4210 now 3650.48 lobt at 4.9% due to be paid off in 01/02/08
    total owed was £19415.24 now its £14802.10 going down!!!:money:
    I am proud to be dealing with my debt!
    just one day at a time, dont take on ANY NEW debt.
  • Thank you UKRacer for your advice. I've just noticed that we have too been scammed for £59.70. Yes, I know the moral of the story is to read small print and check credit card statements, but we're not infallible are we? And this is a lot of people to be scammed due to 'human error'. Afterall, VP did bombard with numerous pages of text/offers/click here requests. I do feel this was all purposefully misleading in order to get people to click to sign up. Anyway, going to follow the advice of calling my credit card, and see what happens.

    Good luck everyone.
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