URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal....



  • hel8itch wrote:
    ok i have ordered address labels in february from vista print.didnt think nomore of it.until i logged on there today to order some business cards.
    when i clicked on my account it said something about a subscription costing £30
    i clicked to delete it.
    and carried on.
    then i went to check my bank account online which i have to say i hardly ever do.
    and found this

    Card Purchase


    17/04/2006 Card Purchase

    20/03/2006 Card Purchase

    15/02/2006 Card Purchase

    the have been taking £9.95 a month from my account..and for what???i dont know!!
    is this illegal
    i have emailed them and told them to put my money straight back or ill take legal action.but am awaiting a reply.

    Hi this is not illegal as this happened to me however you must cancel your account with them immediatly. Check your em's to see if there is a contact phone number. Ring it the contact point is, wait for it, in the Cayman Islands. But dont panic it is a free phone number so it wont cost you a penny. Keep any em's they sent to you as evidence that you have closed your account with them. Good Luck
  • As promised I am keeping you updated. I phoned Vista Print on monday to cancel my unwanted subscriptions. 48 hours later I received a cancellation email. On friday I had a full refund in my account. Not bad I guess, although it shouldn't have happened in the first place.
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    Thanks. Was going to order from these but won't now thanks!!!!!
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  • Hi (1st post)

    I've gone through the process of registering on this site just to pass on a great way of getting back at Vista Print for this.

    It's what I have put in action this morning. Call your credit card company and explain the fraudulent transactions you believe to have been made on your account....i.e. VPREWARDS.COM
    They will refund all funds to you and send out a declaration form for you to sign. Your funds will be back in your account within a couple of days.................and here's the best bit - It will cost VISTAPRINT for the privalledge.

    If everyone did this they would soon sort out their small print/offer/scam so that they stop losing money.:rotfl:

    I urge everyone to do this. VistaPrint want you to ring them....of course they will give you your money back because if they didn't you would go back to your credit card company and have them pay it you back which would cost VistaPrint money.

    How much does it cost them???...Well firstly they lose the initial percentage off the £9.95 per month, then they lose a further amount (Around £20 to £40 depending on their deal with Visa etc) per transaction for the credit cards administration.

    I wreckon a few hundred refunds using my method will get their attention.
  • hollydays
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    Have you actually resolved this in this way yet?
  • I am awaiting the declaration form in the post as I type. I only spoke with the Visa Fraud lady yesterday morning. She did say that she will credit my account with the 4 payments taken by VPrewards and that I must return the form to her signed as soon as I get it. Failing to sign the form would mean that the funds would get transferred back from my account to VPrewards.

    Also she blocked any further payments to VPrewards. I will post back on here after I have recieved my money back in my account.

    OK it's only £39.80 but ITS MY £38.80!!!!
  • My Cure for this problem is drastic but simple. Phone your Bank / Credit Card company cancel your card and get a replacement sent out, new issue no etc, no more unwanted debits from VPREWARDS :)
  • 0800 028 8251 is the freephone number for vista print, I called them to day and they cancelled my account straight away and told me that any moneys taken from my account would be reimbursed in 3 - 7 working days, I also replaced my card just to be safe :)
  • 28th april £9.95

    31st may £9.95

    28th june £9.95

    27th july £9.95

    29th aug £9.95

    28th sep £9.95

    25th oct £9.95

    spent an hour on saturday with the fraud dept at the bank, i think they have had enough and plan to do somthing.

    said if vprewards dont pay back in seven days they will pay up and take them court to get it back.
    from what i could make out i was not the first to complain against these scam artists.
    no wonder vistaprint are worth so much:mad: :mad:
  • Astaroth wrote:
    Firstly, dont fire off rash emails to people/ companies saying you are going to take legal action as it will do nothing other than either get their backs up and make them unlikely to help you or secondly make you look like a fool when they demonstrate that you agreed to it.

    This is probably the most accurate comment ever posted on this website.
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