URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal....



  • This has happened to me as well :( I have written an email to them to send me my account details (since I never got an email in the first place with login, etc). I have also asked them to cancel my account with immediate effect.

    I guess it will be better to ring them up so I will do that on Monday when they open and get it confirmed then.

    @ angelatgraceland - any advice on how to approach them or what to say so that I can get them to to refund me rather than go through my bank ?

    thanks ! :)
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    I jsut phoned them and said I hadn't signed up to anything and could they refund and cancel my subscription with immediate effect. He said no problema dn my account would be credited within 3-4 days which it was.

    it seems to me there is a "glitch" in their website and most people are being automatically signed up. They know this and are refunding no questions asked.
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  • brilliant ! Thanks nellis10 ! Will give them a call and let you all know how I got on. I'm normally pretty thorough at checking these things and I don't recall seeing the option.
  • Ok just spoke to them and all went well. Just informed them I had not signed up or was aware I had signed up to the VP rewards scheme and that I wanted to cancel with immediate effect with a full refund. The guy I spoke to was very polite and confirmed all this and also informed me an email will be send out to confirm it. Roll on the next 3-4 days when i get £49.75 back ! :)
  • yet another one who did the same - me

    i joined with 2 accounts and 2 cards as i ordered for myself and my brother in law, just realised for last 2/3 months both accounts had money taken from them (£9.95 a month on each account)
    i telephoned them just now and was told accounts will be cancelled and full refunds given, i didnt know about this until i searched, i see lots of people are having these issues, if only i founds out before (as they say)
  • Hi, first post on here! I was searching for info on VP rewards and this forum popped up, and I wanted to add my two-pennorth and say thanks to people for passing on some very helpful info.

    What cheeses me off, is that I knew I'd signed up for this accidentally, and knew I didn't want it, and emailed the cancellation address before the 'free trial' period ended. And they still took money out of my account every month (insert usual excuse for not checking bank statements here).

    I've re-emailed them, and will be calling them on Monday. It's so stupid, though. I need cards printing several times a year, and all they've done is make sure they've lost any future business from me. Grrrr.
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    Why doesnt everyone who has had a problem email BBC watchdog.There is a facility for doing this on the site.
  • Hello all, 1st post - I just discovered VPREWARD.COM on my bank statement tonght too! Posted for help on rpoints.com then googled it and this thread popped up! I find it strange becuase the card I use is a Debit card that I keep a very small amount of money in used only for internet purchases, so I never really check the balance. Since June Ive had 3 payment come off, some months it hasn't becuase there is no money in the account, but no one has ever chased me for moeny, I was never emailed a LOGIN ID, absolutley nothing. will be phoning first thing Monday...but will talk nicely as I want my £30 back!...will tell you the outcome!
  • I notice a number of people are buying business cards which is causing problems. May I offer this help. It is better and cheaper to print your own. You can get Samples, help, and Advice from Avery 0800 80 50 20 or https://www.avery.co.uk I did this and received a cd to set your computer up and a decent sample of cards. You set it all up as per instructions and print your own. If you save them, you just put a sheet in of 10 cards and you are set up again.
  • I have just sorted out a credit from Visat Print for £9.95, having subscibed to something I did not want to.

    Today I checked my credit card statement on line and discovered that yesterday (16th October) I was debited £9.95 by an on line company called CLUBPREM.COM, again it was for £9.95. I have never authorised such a payment.

    I contacted my bank, HSBC and they credited me with the latest deduction of £9.95. However, I have had to cancel my current card and await a new one. HSBC did not seem aware that this type of thing was going on, even though I was talking to someone in the Fraud Department.

    I quoted your website and its reports. THE man I spoke to said he would point this out to THE RELEVANT DEPARTMENT!

    I shall never buy from Vista Print again, but I NOW wonder how CLUBPREM.COM got my card details. I am very careful where I use it and certainly never ask for my card details to be stored for a future transcation.
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