URGENT ADVICE PLEASE..is this illegal....



  • Kaye
    Kaye Posts: 8 Forumite
    Hi, thought I should post this because the title of the original thread does not automatically draw people that have used Vistprint in the past year that may have been caught out by this scam:


    Basically you need to look out for debits from your account/credit card from VPREWARDS.COM and/or CLUBPREM.COM for amounts of £9.95 each. Vistaprint seems to be signing people up to these subscriptions without their knowledge or in a very small, smallprint. All a bit sneaky and disappointing from a company that I have used regularly for a few years and, until now, always been happy with.

    Hope this gets sorted for everyone affected :o
  • Dizzydee
    Dizzydee Posts: 113 Forumite
    I have used this company for a while with no probs. Then somehow I got caught in this scam too! I must have ticked a box not reading the small print. I emailed them after noticing that 2 lots of £9.95 had been taken from my bank account. Vistaprint appologised and refunded my money, no questions asked. Yes it is a scam - but you can get your money back easily.
  • Corrie_2
    I have received adverts for Vistaprint in parcels from Amazon - having read lots about the Vista Print scam I emailed Amazon to tell them about it - their response was that they have no connection with VistaPrint! They actually said "At the moment, please be assured that Amazon.co.uk has not
    association with Vista print and the tag that you have seen have
    been generated by the software. We are also very concerned about the implications of this message and the misappropriated use of our name, and we are currently investigating this situation." This week I received a book from Amazon with a card in the parcel offering free business cards by contacting a website address ...vista.../amazon.. How can they pretend to have no connection - what is Amazon doing having details with a dodgy company?
  • Corrie_2
    also look at
    where there are currently 91 messages about this, mostly from people who have suffered from this scam
  • mikey_p_2
    I've just called them Jacqs on 0800 028 8251, you then need to go to option 3...and wait until they answer - I didn't need an account number, just the email address I used on their site.

    I spoke to some dimwit there (it took him four attempts to understand my email address even though I spelt it out), then he asked me what my name was about 6 times as this wasn't the same one on their records, before he eventually agreed on the name I had given him in the first place.

    That said, he did say membership would be cancelled and also that I would be refunded in full, without any questions or fuss. That certainly seems reasonable though if they do it so readily they must know they are in the wrong.

    I'll keep you posted if nothing happens, cos then I will go nuclear on their scamming !!!!

    I won't use Vistaprint again though.
  • 1970rafboy
    What a Bl**dy Cheek. I bought business cards from Vista Print last June using a little used credit card of mine. This card is little used so is paid by direct debit. Now I find that some scam company called VPRewards has been deducting £9.95 a month since then. I contacted them last month to be told that it would be sorted and refunded, . They happilly cancelled my membership of VPrewards but only after deducting another £9.95 in April. I have just contacted Vistaprint on 084567220020 to be told by a very nonchalant Rachel that it will be sorted within 10 days. watch this space cos by my reckoning of the chat threads they scammed more than £160k recently. Stick to your word Rachel and pay me my money.
  • racer256
    racer256 Posts: 580 Forumite
    Thank you, I have just ordered business cards from Vistaprint!!! I will be watching my bank statements.
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  • redcky
    We have recently used vista print for buisness cards which we are very happy with but have noticed our last 2 bank statements have been debited 9.95 for v p rewards which we did not subscribe to we have tried to contact both companies by email and phone each time no reply can anyone help with phone number that answers thankyou redcky
  • RojoChica
    Can't believe I've been scammed too! I just got my visa bill and saw two £9.95 had been taken out from vprewards.com and clubprem.com - so I called the 0845 number to see who they were - but couldn't get through to anyone.

    Googled them - found this thread - can't believe I haven't seen it before!

    I've used VistaPrint loads and thought they were really good and I've recommended them to loads of people too, which really makes me mad!

    I just called the 0800 number listed here (thanks for that!) - told my membership would be cancelled immediately and my money refunded.

    Received 2 emails saying that this is the case and that I'll get my money back in "two or three billing cycles" and another email asking me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey (!!!) I think I'll wait to see what happens before I do that!

    I'll also keep you posted ....
  • Poppycat
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    I stay well clear of them just from what I have read.
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