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    I agree with Mickey. My last dieasel, a Rover 220 TD, had a service interval of 12K miles (with a useful 84K for timing belts). My current diesel (bought in Feb), a Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 DiD, also has a service interval of 12K (and sounds nothing like a diesel, several people I have given a lift to would not believe I was driving a diesel).

    My first diesel, a Ford Orion 1.6, non-turbo, wouldn't pull the skin off a custard, but regularly returned 70+ mpg was only serviced once from I got it with 24K on it until I sold it with 82K on it ... that was sinmply me being tightfisted.

    As I posted before, I believe the low service intervals relate more towards garages earning revenue than to necessity ... maybe someone in the trade could clarify.

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  • foxylady wrote:
    The cheapest fuel for motoring is LPG or vegetable oil.
    Buy a duel-fuel car or convert your own. Conversion
    costs from £1600, this money saved in 1-2 years depending on milage. 40p per litre.

    In the above quote there is a mention of vegetable oil, no one has picked up on it.

    I know about this because I was the first person to register to make alternative fuels in Manchester. Take 40 litres of waste cooking oil from the local cafe, add 2 litres of solvent (diesel turpintine etc) and leave to settle for a week and then decant into a fresh container, start next 40 litres of waste so you have a production line going. After second week decant modified waste cooking oil out of container through a J cloth filter and add to your tank. Hey presto free fuel. After four weeks you have 160 litres of fossil free fuel that you need to pay tax on at approx 28p per litre is £44.80 over £140.80 for diesel at Tesco. £96 times 12 is £1152.00 a year saving and all it takes is 30 mins a week and a £100 modification to your diesel car.

    Want to know more https://www.bio-power.co.uk

    There is no charge for the basic knowledge as this organization exist to replace fossil fuels.
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    This solvent-based method sounds even more simple than trans-esterification, but what can you tell us about the fuel quality - lubricity, etc and long-term effects on the engine, injectors, etc - doesn't it gunge them up?
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    scchin wrote:
    has anyone tried the electric car? only does a max of 40 miles/hr but only costs 1p/mile! or so they claim. anyone had any experiences? we are thinking of getting one!
    Do you mean an electric car or a hybrid. Get a hybrid (duel-fuelled) and then you have no restrictions on distance
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  • foxylady_4
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    Tony_H wrote:
    Everytime I have enquired about LPG I am told that it's 45% less effecient than petrol regards MPG. So I jump to the conclusion that the overall saving is only in the region of 5-10% and that before you've paid for the conversion. Have I been mis-informed?
    Yes you are mis informed! My converted Zafira does exactly the same mpg on LPG as on petrol. This only gets slightly less efficient as the engine ages.
    for more info
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    Foxy, are you stating that based on greenfuel's (doubtless biased) propaganda, or your own MPG recording?
  • nearlyrich wrote:
    Fortunately I get a company car and the lease covers the cost of maintenance but time is an issue so I will have to check that out when deciding what to have.

    If you research the latest diesel cars you will find VW engined cars run on full synthetic oil will run up to 30,000 miles between services, can anyone tell me of a petrol engined car that will do this.
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    LPG has slightly less calorific value (energy content) than petrol, so higher consumption would be expected
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    sianypooh wrote:
    I bought a Picasso 2.0 HDI 12 months ago and it's the best thing i ever did. I get double the amount of miles than i got out of my old 1.4 Petrol. Also servicing intervals are longer for diesel. BELTINNN !!!

    Also don't trust the onboard computer telling you how many MPG you are getting. Family member did some maths and proved it wrong. Citreon dealer bought the brand new car back off him no problem when he pointed it out.

    As an aside I drive a small petrol car and my oh a xantia 1.9tdi. His smells and is noisy mine isn't:D Neither of us do a huge amount of mileage so as he is changing his car soon he is going for a petrol car.
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    The issue of smell is a matter of taste - the "rotten eggs" smell of a catalysed petrol car is, IMHO, far more unpleasant than the smell of a diesel car. This does vary by car significantly though - some petrol cars aren't very smelly at all; some are absolutely awful. I had a brand new Vectra petrol which smelt abysmal for its first few years, and then improved slightly; my current Laguna petrol smells fine as (to my nose) does my wife's AX diesel.
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