Diesel vs Petrol

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Due to an accident I was forced to change from a 1.8 Auto using £3120 of petrol per year. My fuel costs alone have been reduced by a massive £2080 per year as I have changed to a Diesel vehicle.

If you do more than 6000 miles per year you should be looking at a Diesel to make substancial savings.



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    I have just changed back to diesel after having a petrol Primera 1.8 for the past 2 years. I'd always had diesel until then and have always loved it. The only downside is that parts are usually more expensive, but diesels are more reliable so this shouldn't be a big problem.
  • I'm changing to Disel too. My C320 Merc does 27 mpg on motorways and 14 in city. The new one would do around 50 on motorway & 28 in city. Just can't wait to start that saving.

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  • The cheapest fuel for motoring is LPG or vegetable oil.
    Buy a duel-fuel car or convert your own. Conversion
    costs from £1600, this money saved in 1-2 years depending on milage. 40p per litre.

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    Thing is, diesel cars generally do cost more.

    If your buying 2nd hand though, it's easily justified anyway :)

    Also, if one is a true driver and just loves driving, a petrol car is generally more fun to drive.
  • It's a no brainer if you have a company car.
    The last petrol car I had was three years ago - Galaxy 2.3 - 27 mpg no matter how lightly you drove it. :(
    Had Galaxy diesel's (130PS) since and they have averaged 46 mpg+ & on a steady run I have had 53 mpg + - amazing! :D
  • MarkyMarkD
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    Thing is, diesel cars generally do cost more.

    If your buying 2nd hand though, it's easily justified anyway :)

    Also, if one is a true driver and just loves driving, a petrol car is generally more fun to drive.

    I think it depends on style of driving and what you call fun.

    I'd far rather drive on a country road in a turbo-diesel and overtake people with the benefit of turbo boost whilst still getting lots of MPG, than have to change down 2 gears and use loads of revs (and fuel) to do the same far more slowly in a petrol car. But that's just my opinion! And I've actually got a petrol car at the moment because (a) it was cheap and (b) I do a low mileage (But I had 3 turbo-diesels before that). My wife's car's a diesel though and I am not lost to the diesel cause.
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    We have 2 cars, a small petrol and a family turbo diesel estate.

    We get almost twice the mileage from the big diesel than we do the small petrol. ::)

    When small car is up for change, it will deffo be another diesel we get to replace.
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    ...continuing on, why is Diesel about 6p a litre (in places) more than unleaded ?? Government don't miss a trick do they.

    In France, Diesel is a fraction of the cost of petrol, why can't that be so here !?
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    I have decided to go for diesel for my new company car. I get a set amount for mileage (11p) and I am sure I can get more miles out of a diesel engine and therefore my private miles will be less expensive. I am extensively testing the BMW 1 series this weekend followed by a couple of others I fancy. I was under the impresssion that the company car tax was going to be increased on diesels but it doesn't come in till Jan 2006 and it is only on newly registered cars after that date.
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    Unfortunately, this is one of the side-effects of diesel:


    "The most likely culprit are PM10s, microscopically small particles given off by diesel engines, coal burning, mining, construction and quarrying."
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