Diesel vs Petrol



  • gravitytolls
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    I love my diesel engine - and the miles and miles of good value it gives me
    I ave a dodgy H, so sometimes I will sound dead common, on occasion dead stupid and rarely, pig ignorant. Sometimes I may be these things, but I will always blame it on my dodgy H.

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  • andy88_2
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    MarkyMarkD wrote:
    I haven't seen that programme yet (although my wife probably video'd it for me) but I have to suspect that their figures are under-stating the diesel cost savings.
    I agree. I reckon diesel saves about 3 pence per mile on fuel; abroad it averages over 4p.
  • fatboyonadiet
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    I've worked it out and doing 10,000 miles a year it takes about 3 years for a deisel car to pay back for itself, but that's not taking into account the fact that it will be worth slightly more when you sell it
    2p off is still 2p off!
  • MarkyMarkD
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    My figures take account of a 4p differential, so I expect that theirs took account of at least this much.
  • fredy34
    fredy34 Posts: 245 Forumite
    Ive been looking at changing to diesel. I have to say i have been less than impressed with the savings that are now available.

    If you look at vw golfs for example. The price of a decent diesel is astronomical. You will pay £10000 for a 2002 130bhp diesel engine (with probably 75k on the clock) versus £7000 for a 150bhp petrol engine (with 40k on the clock).

    These 2 cars have similar performance (i know ive driven many miles in both and currently own the petrol one)

    Its going to take some milage to save this money back!

    why has the price of diesel gone up by more than petrol?
  • Highland_Lass_2
    Highland_Lass_2 Posts: 1,418 Forumite
    We have changed in the last 2 months to diesel after always having petrol. Wish we'd done it years ago. Before changing we had a Renault Laguna - averaging 32 mpg and now have a Renault Megane - averaging 60 mpg. Also saved on the road tax cos it was only £85 (I think) for the year.
    If I had known then what I know now . . .
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  • Poppy9
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    We have changed in the last 2 months to diesel after always having petrol

    Make sure you don't put petrol in the car though as my friend did last week. A full tank worth!:eek:
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  • Highland_Lass_2
    Highland_Lass_2 Posts: 1,418 Forumite
    I have to keep reminding myself it's diesel and not petrol.
    If I had known then what I know now . . .
    :A Official Boots Tart (I seem to be retired just now though) :A
  • monkfish_3
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    change the oil and filter reguarly on a diesel and your fine, my audi a4 has done quarter of a million miles no probs

    and for performance and mpg look no futher than a skoda fabia vrs (diesel) awesome car, more torque than porsche boxter
  • steve!_10
    steve!_10 Posts: 111 Forumite
    I'm down with the diesel thing, but I'm wary of them. When I first moved away from home I was all into saving money so I was well pleased with a Citroën ZX diesel because it never seemed to run out of fuel. Sadly it was soooooooo slow, and being a baby (I'm 22) I started to hate it. I think it pretty much ruined a relationship because I knew that in order to see the girl I was seeing I would have to drive it. The nookie just wasn't worth driving my granddadmobile for 10 minutes!

    Now I have a Corrado I tend to drive anywhere (funny that), and I can't be arsed with diesels anymore because the savings don't add up to me (I do ~3,000 miles a year). Although I have to say an Alfa GT/156/159 with a diesel engine could pull me away from petrol if I'm not careful. When I'm a millionaire, maybe.
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