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  • poet123
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    Well. we are just back from our cruise......and swine flu was not our problem, chicken pox was!!! eldest son caught it a week into our cruise and was quarantined for 5 days!......just goes to show, you can plan for what seems likely and still end up caught out.
  • Debbie101271
    Hi I am looking for a single trip European family travel Insurance but cant seem to find 1 that includes Pandemics, can any help with any suggestions?
  • tilda1

    Sorry if I am asking this question in the wrong forum,but I have just returned from a nightmare coach tour holiday to Germany.
    70% of the passengers were infected with an acute attack of viral gastroenteritis, the symptoms of which were projectile vomiting and severe diarrhoea.The response both from the coach company and hotel management was negative.There was no night porter on duty and no access to water or indeed any reasonablle form of help.We were dissuaded from bringing in a doctor to the hotel and the emphasis was on ensuring the coach returned to England on schedule as it had to return the following morning with a new group of customers to the same virally contaminated hotel. (Feel sorry for those unknowing customers who were brought there yesterday). We were advised that coach would not be making any unscheduled stops for people who were getting sick. Response to date from coach company is a defensive one. Any ideas on appropriate response, apart from not travelling with this company again.
    Many thanks,

  • dacouch
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    Do you have travel Insurance and if so did you arrange it independently of the tour operator?
  • tilda1
    Yes,we did have independently arranged insurance and would have used it if necessary. However, the entire group was discouraged from bringing in a doctor. The coach driver used fear tactics by stating that a doctor would quarantine us all in the hotel and that the hotel would be closed down. A lot of the group was elderly and too polite to challenge the coach driver and hence suffered as a result. The most damning indictment of both the coach company and the hotel was that a new group of holidaymakers was picked up by the same coach and brought to the same hotel on the following day. (Bearing in mind that 12 hours previously, people were so ill on this coach).
  • 3_cheeky_princesses
    Can i ask which coach company it is so i can avoid :eek: We were looking at coach holidays for October time.
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  • dacouch
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    The coach company have hampered you by not allowing a doctor to diagnose you.

    Give the travel insurers a ring as there may be some things you can claim for.

    It normally also includes Legal Expense Cover that allows you to sue the tour operator if you have injuries / illnesses. (If the travel insurance was through the tour operator they normally exclude suing the tour operator).

    Name the tour operator / hotel etc on here, if the next batch of holiday makers experience problems it will come up when they google it. This may enable the holiday makers to get together to take it further eg a group action against the tour operator or reporting to BBC Watchdog
  • milka5000
    I happen to have the opposite problem.

    My mum started having flu like symptoms yesterday and she was due to fly this evening. Unfortunately the symptoms got worse and with high fever, the shivers, lots of coughing and all her muscles hurting she clearly cannot travel.

    However, the airline (British Airways) is saying that she needs to send a doctors note to say she is unfit to travel because it is short notice to re-schedule the flight!

    I don't have a problem with that, although it will be difficult to get a doctor to her urgently.

    From what I have been reading, airlines supposedly send away people with swine flu symptoms. (which are the same with any flu really)

    What the airline told me is that if she somehow was draged/lifted/taken to the airport with her flu symptoms they would allow her to fly!!!
    When I aksed what about the other passengers, she said that you could catch the flu at the supermarket therefore there's no problem with allowing her to fly!

    Have things changed? Do they allow people with flu like symptoms like those travel these days?

    Many thanks!
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