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  • Chomeur
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    It strikes me that if you have a holiday planned in a month, say, the best course of action is to try to get swine flu as soon as possible. That way you should be over it by the time of your trip. Otherwise, if you get it just before your trip, (a) you'll feel lousy and concerned about how to get treatment at the start of your holiday, (b) the airline might not let you on the flight, and (c) the authorities at your destination may put you into quarantine.

    Anyone with swine flu want to meet up for a drink?
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    SHEILA54 wrote: »

    My family are looking for a single trip travel insurance to go to Disneyland Paris at the end of August, with low claim excess of possible.

    With the swine flu crisis I have looked at a lot of policies but most say that they will not provide cover if you have undisclosed symptoms of any illness before travel.

    Where does this leave anyone who may be coming down with it but just not be aware and can anyone see through the jargon and find a company that would provide cover?

    There are 2 adults and 2 children, travelling by car, for 7 days. I have covered the accomodation so guess that this will be covered under my annual policy if anything goes wrong.


    If you havent got swine flu when you take out the insurance they insurance will cover you. The only thing thats not covered is if you want to cancel because you havent got it and are just worried. If you have it at the time of the holiday or cant fly home then the insurance will cover you just as it would for any other illness. You just need to follow the normal procedures.
  • spirella
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    hi i am trying to book the annual worldwide family policy with oul for £39 via moneysupermarket as recommeded but the only one coming up is £46.95 . have they increased the price or am i looking in the wrong place please help :confused:

    many thanks
  • ukitr
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    koolmummy wrote: »
    Not the case. If the airline refused you travel as they suspected that you were unwell with raised temperature etc, you would then need to contact your G.P ( by telephone)! - in order to obtain a medical certificate to say you were unfit to travel. You would be entitled to submit a cancellation claim.

    You should also ensure that the airline give you a letter on headed paper stating the reason why they refused you on the flight.

    This worries me. The exclusion applicable to most policies state
    "any claim which arises directly or indirectly from not being allowed to board the flight, train, sea vessel or coach for any reason whatsoever."

    Just imagine the scenario: early morning flight, refused entry to the plane and need to contact my GP before the flight departs.
  • DelBoyPhil
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    I know.. maybe a idea to get a letter from the doc day before saying that you are fine to travel? To me this seems like a loophole waiting to be used by the insurance companies
  • wannaberichbtch
    I don't think this will be a problem if you have a policy which was bought 6 months ago, but can definately see pandemic exclusions being introduced as a clause for policy's being issued, or renewed now, and it is apparent that travel insurance providers are reviewing this issue urgently. If you are buying or renewing now, or have done so recently it's important to be very clear that you are covered.
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    the best quotes i've gotten are oul and insurewithease..
    oul confirmed as not having a clause about swine flu.

    ive read and reread the clause for insurewithease and hope i am right in saying that they do not have a clause on pandemics. id rather go with them for the quidco cashback
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    Does anyone know how we stand if the destination country imposes a travel ban? Assuming the FCO doesn't add a reciprocal statement would I still be covered for cancellation?

    I'm with Sainsburys Bank Travel Insurance, and they don't appear to have a pandemic exlcusion thankfully. But under the cancellation only mention cover for when the FCO declare not to travel to the destination country, no mention of if the other country has any extra rules.
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    Your Q & A seems to mainly refer to air travel but some of us still travel by rail and or ferries. How would we be affected/covered ?
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    I'm hoping somebody in the know may help.

    My partner and I are traveling to Beijing in Sept, booked it in Jan.

    I was wondering does anybody know if any travel insurance would cover if you were Quarantined but have not contracted swine flu?
    Its seems china have taken the strictist measures and I just want to ensure we are covered in one way or another.
    I have insurance through HSBC plus account , my partner has insurance with AXA. Neither of them can answer my question. They simple have said they don't know, which seems strange.

    I believe in China if anybody siting a few rows in frount or behind anybody with swine flu or with any symtoms on board a flight can be quarantined for a week.
    Would or should any travel insurance cover this ?
    We would be devestated if we were quarantined and lost all costs.

    any advise would be appreciated.
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