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  • I have been hacked as well a £50 gift card to [email protected] but it was stopped by Barclaycard as it originated from Nigeria.
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    to overtype ( thus remove your own) credit card details on compromised accounts, googlepay etc

    Originally Posted by JAG viewpost.gif
    Use the test credit card numbers issued by PayPal
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    743 posts refused to remove my card details without closing my account so set to test card details. The only reason I am leaving my account open is to re-download MP3's but never placing an order with them again. Infuriatingly poor CS :(
  • I wish I had read this a month ago.
    I also rcvd an email from a couple of weeks ago regarding a change to my email. I emailed them via their website help asking them what they were doing as I had not changed anything. No response.
    I check my credit card today and they have charged my account 6 times, for the same amount of money, in the space of 4 days.
    The kicker, my credit card co. didn't even call to check if it was legit. If I'd stayed with my prev co., I know they would have called as they used to call regularly to check unusual payments.
    Surprise surprise Play are closed now, but wait until tomorrow....:mad:
  • I have used play for years - not a problem. You should be careful accusing cause it is potentially slanderous.

    I would suggest using tighter password security, change your password regularly, only access by typing in your browser and never by a link. Dont use the same password for multiple accounts such as facebook, email and play. Use at least 6 letters and 2 numbers in your password. Do not use something easy to guess like your maiden name or birthday. Try swapping i's with 1's for example; [email protected] . Make sure your secret security question (the one they ask you if you forget your password) is a secret and is unique enought that nobody else could easily guess it.

    And ultimately, if your not convinced about the security of play, which I certainly am, then go to a shop! :rotfl:
  • HolyTopper, I haven't been a victim of fraud through play, but I can certainly say it's sensible advise to overkey your card details given all the problems there have been. It seems obvious to me that security is NOT paramount at and I have personally experienced their poor customer service, so wouldn't want to leave myself open to having to sort this out if it did happen to me.

    I can't see anything related to libel or slander in this thread - it is people sharing their experiences with this company and quite rightly warning others to be careful. I've found it incredibly useful and only ever use my card for the order to go through and ALWAYS overkey it.

    I don't understand why they don't use verified by visa for every transaction, as this would help regain people's trust I think. However this thread serves to warn people to protect themselves in whatever way they can with the site - I think this is a good thing. It's not about people being too scared to shop online ("then go to a shop"), as we all use the other sites like hmv, zavvi etc, but about warning people what has happened and how to safeguard yourself with play in particular.

    I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok - they know me here! :D
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    If used verified by Visa and Mastercard for every transaction then fraud would be less likely. But they won't.

    HolyTopper1987 not everybody posted on here have had their computers compromised. It looks more likely a flaw in Play's security causing the breaches. While no doubt a few will have downoaded a virus or spyware not everyone of those that have posted will have.

    Just type fraud into Google to see many other message boards covering the same subject. Is this how you came across this thread since you only joined today and this is your first post?
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    This has just happen to me. This morning i changed my bank details to a false one by writing random numbers because they would not let me delete them. Inow just received a e mail telling me ( not from play but pretending to be) saying they could not complete my order ( I aint ordered anything) because of invalid card details ( yes they were because i only just changed them) so phoned and they have shut my account now down completely. Too nervous now to go near them.Thank you so much to the posters on here for alerting me. God forbid what could of happen if i had not done it a hour or so ago.
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  • Grapey wrote: »
    After reading about this I went to my account and changed the expiry date of my card. I tehn got an email from Play advising that payment could not be taken for my order due to the details of my card being incorrect. I hadn't placed an order and have no outstanding orders showing on my account. I thought maybe it was just an automated message because I had changed my details but checking my card account this morning I have been charged £1 for a declined transaction :mad:

    Was I just really lucky and changed my details just as someone was trying to order something on my account or has something else happened there? :confused:

    Exactly the same happened now to me. Not sure about the pound though yet. I have closed the account completly now by ringing play.
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    Inow just received a e mail telling me ( not from play but pretending to be) saying they could not complete my order ( I aint ordered anything) because of invalid card details ( yes they were because i only just changed them)

    It was probably just a template email, I doubt any fraudulent transaction was being made. You added false card details, Play's system sent out a query to check it, discovered that the card didn't exist and threw out a standard email to you. The fact that it mentioned a cancelled order shouldn't be a concern, likely just part of the template, possibly just sent the wrong tempate.
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