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  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    I use and ive not had any issues with them and theres others who havent had any problems
  • whymewhyme Forumite
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    Thanks changed my d o b, 1st line of address s+e date etc....
  • ThinkingOfLinkingThinkingOfLinking Forumite
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    CAth wrote: »
    Blimey - good to know I'm not alone in this - but sorry to hear so many victims too..... just got my shipping 'confirmation' from Play... grrrrrr.

    The London address can't be more than a few miles from me - it's SO frustrating!!

    Lady I spoke to at Play was having none of it when I said I've seen lots of people complaining about breaches of security with their accounts.... kept saying how safe it all was.

    Just REALLY infuriates me that there is no way to manually remove your card details... it's ridiculous you HAVE to call. I got them to remove my account and will never being using them again now.

    I just wish there was a way of raising this issue further - the help pages on the site are completely useless for this sort of issue and the telephone operators are not capable of dealing with this - (no disrespect - they are there to deal with order queries, not fundamental issues with the site's security authentication).

    Who do you contact & where to begin...??? Especially when you consider a crime has been committed but no one wants to take responsibility for dealing with it.


    Trading Standards

    Whoever enforces the Data Protection Act of 1998


    Martin Lewis
  • competitionscafecompetitionscafe Forumite
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    Seems like this may have been going on for a while?

    Posts from 2007 and 2008 there. OP what search terms did you google to find the current spate of complaints?

    I have changed my card details, dob, exp date etc just in case.
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  • Ellie2758Ellie2758 Forumite
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    Thanks, have changed card details.
    Ellie :cool:

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  • sonicsonic Forumite
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    Just for info as I can imagine some people wondering why the Police aren't interested, the fraud rules were changed a couple of years ago and the onus is now on the banks to investigate any unrecognised charges on a bank account. With the number of internet transactions these days, this is becoming more and more frequent, and the banks have the facility to trace transactions through the banking system which the Police don't.
  • jtb2412jtb2412 Forumite
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    Thanks for this ........... have just edited my details too. Didn't realise they'd been stored which is a bit naughty of Play ! TBH I think there should be an option to close your account (which there isn't) - unless I've missed it of course?

    Hope no one else gets any problems xx
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  • GrapeyGrapey Forumite
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    After reading about this I went to my account and changed the expiry date of my card. I tehn got an email from Play advising that payment could not be taken for my order due to the details of my card being incorrect. I hadn't placed an order and have no outstanding orders showing on my account. I thought maybe it was just an automated message because I had changed my details but checking my card account this morning I have been charged £1 for a declined transaction :mad:

    Was I just really lucky and changed my details just as someone was trying to order something on my account or has something else happened there? :confused:
  • i also had an email after i changed some of my details saying that my order could not be processed due to invalid card details. I checked my account on and cannot see any outstanding orders or orders that i did not place myself. Don't know what's going on here.
  • I received the same email stating that my card details were incorrect. I think their system works on the basis that if you are entering card details then you are placing an order.
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